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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews The Buffet (Westgate)

1 Star Ian November 07, 2011

Really bad food. Ate breakfast here. Range of food can only be described as "odd". No sausages, but a selection of corn on the cob or roast peppers! Glasses were dirty too. Really disappointing.

1 Star David August 05, 2011

Poor. Food quality was pretty bad. Did it because we felt we had to try a buffet... We were wrong

5 Stars Jeff In OKC December 08, 2010

Stayed on a promo deal where we got a bunch of buffet tickets. Ate there something like 3 times in 2 days. Very good! Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all tasty with a good variety and friendly service.

4 Stars Rob Toppo August 28, 2010

At $20 was great value for money. Good quality food in a classy setting. You could definatley do a whole lot worse for a similar price else.

3 Stars JK July 21, 2010

A solid good. Not the best or fanciest, but perfectly OK.

1 Star Alex July 28, 2009

I did not like this place at all infact I hated it 1 the orange juise tasted dark 2 the omlet had no flvor 3 the French toast didn't taste like anything it just tasted like toast from the toaster they should have crepes try lunch or dinner

2 Stars Gabriel June 11, 2009

Spent four days and three nights at the Hilton last week and ate at the buffet the first night we were there. Never went back for the rest of the trip. I had 5 different foods on my plate and only 1 of them was any good (the sweet and sour pork). The lamb chops were badly undercooked and awful. The chicken fajitas were way too salty. The fried rice was bland and tasteless. And so on. For $20 a piece, it was a ridiculous ripoff. We ate at the Hilton's Paradise Cafe three times after the nasty buffet meal and liked it MUCH more. Eat there - skip the buffet. You'll thank me.

4 Stars 24k January 09, 2009

Newly renovated front entrace area from the sportsbook is appealing. The buffett is setup with three live action cooking stations. The first is the meat carving area. The second is the custom pasta area. Finally, there is a crepe preparation station. For the price, this buffett includes complimentary beer & wine from a mini bar area. The fried prawns are probably the most popular dish along with the large selection of fresh sushi and oysters.

0 Stars mike_ch April 12, 2007

Had a dinner 2for1. Well, the cost is appropriate. You're looking at a medium to small buffet that lacks even some of the regular buffet standards, like multiple types of pizza. Fans of Asian fare should know there's a section for Chinese-looking dishes but no sushi. Food was adequate but not crazy or anything, and the dessert selection was one step above most downtown resorts but not as good as the better ones like MSS or Golden Nugget.

Two unique things to note about this buffet: At lunch, they serve prime rib. At dinner, they serve complimentary booze.

If neither of those unique features interests you, the small room and the lack of selection may send you elsewhere, but where? Riviera? Eew. Sahara? Gag! Circus? No way! Stardust is not an option anymore. Stratosphere? Well, I'd say that's an improvement but you're going to need a car to get to it.

Not a downright BAD buffet but a solid low-end one that feels pigeonholed into a corner of the sports book. Service did their jobs but only ever seemed to pay half of their full attention to any customer.

0 Stars gecurb March 31, 2005

Had breakfast and dinner at the buffet. Food was not bad, not great. Not a great selection, but adequate for most tastes. However, the cost is less than other big hotels on the strip, so the value represented by the Hilton buffet is probably equivalent to the more expensive buffets. Service is good, and I did not have to wait too long to be seated.

0 Stars chris September 09, 2004

The Hilton is the only place we stay when in LV.....but the buffet there leaves alot to be desired. Hours old eggs benedict, greasy, chewy bacon strips, dry sausage patties were what we experienced on our last visit. The made to order omelettes, prime rib (not my first choice for breakfast), and the all you can drink champagne (Sunday Brunch) are the safest bets. Save yourself the $9 for breakfast and go to In-N-Out Burger up the street on Sahara.

0 Stars philzhere July 14, 2003

Certainly a better-than-average buffet. The weekend brunch is an excellent value.

0 Stars clanknj July 12, 2003

surprised, didn't expect much, found best value for money
of any buffet I tried...every item served was a treat!!

0 Stars RateVegas User August 24, 2002

i only went to breakfast buffet... and it was not worth $9. bad french toast, bad waffle, no bread for toast,even. service was ok, but then again, it was pretty empty and the server might have been bored. would not go there again.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 22, 2002

The food selection and quality at breakfast was horrible, especially for $9. The only, and I mean ONLY edible thing there was made-to-order omelettes. I would strongly suggest finding somewhere else to eat.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 28, 2001

Better than average. Most food items well prepared and srvice is good