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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Holstein's (Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

4 Stars Kevin in KC March 05, 2014

Great food and beer selection. Service just ok, but I'll definitely return.

4 Stars DoubleD December 28, 2013

This place has become a final stop for me before the flight home. Have a drink at the bar, order take out burger and fries, head back to room at Aria or MO, and devour that delicious burger as I take in the view of this amazing city. Burgers never disappoint and bartender is always attractive and attentive.

5 Stars Aaron_B December 13, 2013

Nice atmosphere, good service, and great food! I recommend the Nom Nom burger as well as the shakes.

4 Stars Hank and Jr December 05, 2013

Good sandwiches and burgers, worth a trip

3 Stars Coasterphil November 20, 2013

Nom nom burger and red velvet/black cow shakes were great. Memphis burger was not good and the fries were flat out horrible. Friendly service and fun atmosphere, but with so many places offering a similar menu it's hard to justify going back when the fries were so bad and only 1 of the burgers was great.

4 Stars Salvegas24 August 11, 2013


On our last night in Vegas, we were looking for a quick bite. After walking through the Bellagio Conservatory, we stopped into The Cosmopolitan and decided to try Holsteins. I read some mixed reviews and I could understand why. The place is a bit overpriced but we enjoyed our experience. We split a farmhouse salad as an app. It was very fresh with lots of vegetables and a great yogurt dressing. We both had burgers. I had the Gold Standard and my wife had the classic. Loved my burger. While it wasn't as good as the Burger Bar or BurGR it was competitive with both. The fries were weak and I didn't have a shake but will when I go back. Other than the burgers taking a little longer than they should have and the prices too high, I'd recommend Holsteins.

3 Stars Debbie July 12, 2013

We ate at Holstein's twice while we were in Vegas. The first time I had the slider trio and the burgers were really dry. My husband had the classic and said it was really good. The downfall of this place was the waitstaff. Our waiter was so busy flirting with all his other tables he totally ignored us. It took longer to get his attention for the check than for the entire meal!

3 Stars Heather May 21, 2013

On our visit ended with very mixed reviews. I ordered the Rising Sun burger with onion rings and my husband got the Longhorn. My burger was delicious and prepared perfectly. My husband (who loves brisket) could barely eat his burger. The brisket had a odd flavor and was cold. The highlight of the meal was the onion rings.

3 Stars Alan Key April 05, 2013

I went here for lunch on 31st March 2013 because I had heard good reviews on Five Hundy. This burger and shake bar looked good, it was clean and the staff were attentive. It was easy to seat our group of 7 even at midday. The 'black and white' shake tasted good. The big let down for me though was the burger. I chose the 'longhorn' burger and it was the only food in Vegas I had to stop eating because of the taste (rather than being full). The beef brisket was sliced finely and looked good but had a strange off taste to it, not like the smokey flavour I expected. My girlfriend had the 'radicchio steak salad'. She wasn't asked how she liked her steak cooked and it came out cold (like it was straight from the chiller) and rare. She gave it to me knowing I like rare steak but even I couldn't eat a whole slice. It might be that we had just made poor choices. One of my group ordered tuna sliders which he liked and another chose mini hotdogs which were fine. The fries were great. If I went again I'd like to try their basic burger. One of my group was put off their meal by a comic-style painting on the wall of a cow crying about his dead friend who was in a burger. I thought it was funny but did nothing to encourage sales of meat.

4 Stars Lsbanjo February 08, 2013

Good for burgers! The "Gold Standard" burger was excellent. If you dont mind paying $17 for burger and fries, it is a cool restaraunt.

4 Stars Melinda January 04, 2013

I got the mini burgers & they were very dry. My husband's burger was nice & juicy. Great onion rings. Excellent & vast selection of craft beers.

4 Stars Pokerbucketlist November 03, 2012

Cool place. Nice menu and great beer selection. I had the Obama burger with fries and it was very good. Only thing keeping it from getting 5 was the fact I ordered it well done and it was very pink in the middle.

4 Stars Mac78130 November 02, 2012

Great service, fun staff. Best burger was the Longhorn. Beef patty topped with brisket!

3 Stars Chris October 18, 2012

Had the Brown Cow Float (who said delicious cant be fun?) fried pickles and the Longhorn burger with sweet potato fries. Restaurant has an really cool vibe to it and the service was attentive without being intrusive. Happy with everything but the burger wasn't great if I'm being honest, but was acceptable. For the price point I wanted a bit more flavour though. Would go back and try again though, or just for the fried pickles which I really enjoyed

1 Star Jane Public June 26, 2012

Some bouncer told me you could not bring in bottled water or drinks from another area of the casino. The bottle was unopened. He was quite adamant about it.also what bouncer wears tennis shoes in a burger joint? Why do they have a DJ here as well, it's not a strip or night club? Sweet potatoe fries are weak this time, almost mushy,also the bun was way too weak defiantly not made for a large amount if weight. Waitress made me put my own food in carry out, I was still hungry but I have only been here for 10 min and so disenchanted by staff n service it was time to blow outta this joint....

3 Stars ten2vegas June 11, 2012

I had the Drunken Monkey shake and the Gold Standard burger. They were both good, not excellent, just good. My fries could have been better though. An ok experience and I'd go back but I did have better burgers at other places this trip.

4 Stars Ute June 07, 2012

Yummy! The cheesesteak egg rolls keep us coming back. Enjoyed the Chicken Carbonara sandwich as well. Usually we get one of the many delicious burger options but changed it up this time and were not disappointed! The shoestring fries were perfectly crispy. Beer and drink selections are great. We did not have room for a s'mores milkshake made with marshmallow vodka - had one last trip and may have to save room for one next visit. Seating at the bar and bar lounge area is seat yourself so we did not have to wait for a table.

4 Stars Craig May 18, 2012

Milkshake was good. Service fast and friendly. Decent food, but not memorable.

4 Stars MrEinLA May 17, 2012

Great staff and amazing drinks (try the Shakes), but the food is hit and miss. The Philly Cheese Steak Egg rolls are awesome, but the Truffle Lobster Man n Cheese was missing both truffles and lobster (but the Mac m Cheese part was good). Still a great place for a late nigh dinner

5 Stars Bob Smith May 06, 2012

My wife & I met 5 friends here for dinner. No-one left disappointed. As others have said, the deep fried pickles are an awesome appetizer, and the burgers are as good as any you'll find in the ubiquitous gourmet burger joints in Vegas. Very upbeat atmosphere, attentive staff, and great food. Hard to beat that combination. Highly recommended.

5 Stars Mike Cannon April 25, 2012

Great experience here.... Started with the fried pickles, which were hot, crunchy and whole spears. The burgers were better than BLT burger and strip burger for sure. The shakes steal the sure to grab one.

5 Stars Chris April 19, 2012

Great food and service, would definitely recommend if you're looking for a decently priced but delicious burger in Vegas.

5 Stars Desmond Shaw March 12, 2012

A new Vegas tradition for my friends and I...always fantastic food and pretty reasonable for the strip!

4 Stars Lisa February 02, 2012

The food was very good but the service was super slow. I had a burger and it was cooked to perfection. I wish I would have gotten an amazing milkshake, next time!

4 Stars Brandon November 16, 2011

Good service. Meatball sliders. Salad were excellent. Lobster rolls were kinda a joke. 18 bucks for maybe 1 claw total of meat split between 2 rolls. Milkshake was also very good.

5 Stars Brad October 29, 2011

Gold Standard burger will be with a doubt be the best burger you have ever eaten. Amazing.

4 Stars Hunter October 23, 2011

Great meal. The Philly cheese steak spring rolls were amazing. My Lonestar burger was topped with some really great brisket. The Mac and cheese was superb. Service was great. Overall, very pleased.

5 Stars Michele D October 09, 2011

Love this place! Great for a full meal or quick bite. Highly recommend the Philly cheesesteak egg rolls. Excellent cocktails and vast beer selection too.

3 Stars MIchael October 05, 2011

Reminds me of BLT burger. It is OK if you are into burgers, and the food certainly does not suck (try the philly cheez steak egg rolls), but when we are dining in Vegas, it will be hard for this place to make it on our radar. Also there is a reason why the beer they had was on special for $3.00; it tasted like piss.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark August 25, 2011

Have you ever eaten at a place drunk and thought the food was amazing only to go back sober and be disappointed? Not the case here. Excellent sober & drunk. Burgers & buffalo wings are tasty and they have Shiner Bock on tap.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark August 23, 2011

This place is amazing! True, I was hammered but they had Shiner Bock on draft. Enough said.

3 Stars K Wojtowicz August 23, 2011

This ended up being a late night choice to force food into my overly intoxicated husband, so I don't think I really had a chance to sit down and enjoy it. Service was friendly, but a little slow. Burger was large (8 oz), cooked correctly and the accommodated a special topping request. Large drink menu and I'd like to try a milkshake with alcohol next time. My initial impression was that BLT Burger is better, but I'd like to try it again to be able to judge more fairly.

1 Star JayMo June 24, 2011

Was looking forward to trying a few things during my stay, but had to stop after first disappointing visit. Tried the New Dehli chicken, which was dry and pretty poorly constructed. $15 burgers should be better than fast good fare, this was not!

4 Stars sageblue June 15, 2011

The Gold Standard is one of the best burgers I have ever had, and my shake was awfully tasty. The steak cut fries weren't as crispy as I'd like, and the server was a bit surly, but it made for good late-night eats.

1 Star Richard June 01, 2011

The weak runt of all dining options. So many burger places are doing it better. When the only thing you look forward to somewhere is the waitress outfits, you should not be at a burger joint.

2 Stars Sarah May 17, 2011

Two of the three things our party ordered were very mediocre. The hamachi in the taco part of the "tacos and tequila" was raw, yet warm which made it a pasty texture. The chopped salad was not good either. The turkey burger was good and fries were the best part of the meal. Overall not impressed.

3 Stars Oxford April 29, 2011

I was sooo looking forward to the lobster rolls, what a joke! Two teeny little buns with so little unrecoginizable lobster I had to take "thel lobster" out of the one just to have one semi-decent roll. Skinny fries were good, service like everywhere else in The Cosmopolitan leaves much to be desired! Try thelobster rolls at First Food in the Palazzo, they're yummy!

4 Stars Debora April 21, 2011

Although very good, definitely not better then BLT.

3 Stars Dorian April 04, 2011

I loved the atmosphere at Holsteins. Upbeat with terrific attentive service. The food is on par with Burger Bar but in a more comfortable inviting space. Unique drinks, every beer you could ever possibly want and some creative appetizers. We started with the fried pickles that come with an herb dipping sauce and charcuterie. Hot and delicious and very fattening. I enjoyed the Gold Standard Burger, cooked medium well. The roasted tomato confit made the burger. This gourmet burger offering is a nice addition to the Las Vegas market and it blows out LBT Burger at the Mirage.

5 Stars James March 17, 2011

Best burger by far. Already planning to go back in April when I visit.

4 Stars Desmond Shaw January 25, 2011

I think Burger Bar has some serious competition now! Had the "Longhorn" burger which has BBQ and beef tender and amazing! Plus your fries are included with your burger, unlike burger bar where they charge you 4 bucks extra...this place is loud on a Friday night but good service and an overall great experience!

3 Stars Vegasbab January 23, 2011

I've eaten here twice. Shakes are amazing & while pricey, you basically get two. Kinda like Blue Martini's martinis. Aside from the shakes, the food is good, but for a burger, I'd rather eat at Burger Bar. Granted, Holstein's has some really unique & fun burgers that you won't get elsewhere. Had the lobster Mac n cheese, burger with tempura advocado, quesedilla & shakes. They also have a good beer selection. Be warned: The later you eat there, the louder the music, like club level loud

5 Stars Audrey Jeane December 31, 2010

Outstanding food. The Gold Standard Burger was perfect and sweet potato fries are sone of the best in town! Try the Drunken Monkey- as excellent as the name!

4 Stars Hunter December 16, 2010

Really tasty burger stuffed with duck confit. Mmmmm. I'd prefer this to a place like BLT. The Oreo shake was also quite good - not too thick.