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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Hooters (Hooters)

4 Stars Kevin in KC January 16, 2014

Just like your local Hooters except with video poker at the bar. Actually really enjoyed playing VP with my wings.

3 Stars Chantel April 15, 2012

Service was great wings were great. The chicken quasadia was good but had too much chicken.

4 Stars Mr CMZ February 17, 2011

Hooters = best wings on the planet. Hot wings with the curly fries and cheese sauce... Nice.

3 Stars Bw May 05, 2010

I've always said people don't go to hooters for the food, but since I've heard good things about their wings, I gave it a try. I ordered medium wings, but they were practically flavorless, and even worse, they were breaded. A bottle of hot sauce and a couple fat tire drafts helped me finish them. The view and beer makes it worth a visit, but the wings are no better than frozen Tyson chicken.

2 Stars Anonymous January 09, 2010

Hooter's has awesome TV's, but it's Hooter's.

5 Stars Antin675 January 21, 2009

The girls are Hot and the wings are hotter!