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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Il Mulino (Caesars Palace)

4 Stars Melinda January 04, 2013

Food was delicious. The service started well & ended poorly. Really expected better at a high end restaurant.

4 Stars Gerry Connelly June 30, 2011

Food was great, however they gouged us on bottled water. I even wrote a Complaint letter to which they did not reply. For that reason I would not recommend them. It is disappointing that with such great food they take advantage of their customers.

3 Stars Jon March 08, 2010

Don't get me wrong, the food at il mulino is not the problem as their variety of dishes have exquisite flavors to them. However, drowning their customers in bottled water seem to be their specialty. Here is the il mulino strategy: firstly the waiter is going tostart bringing a variety of Italian appetizers on the house , however these specialties are all things that tend to make one thirsty. Secondly they ask you if you would like a bottle of water, as you are thirsty you say yes to this bottle of $8 panna water. Then once you get the bottle, the water is served to you at the discretion of the waiters. ( which in this case is every time you take the smallest sip ) At the end of your meal, you happen to have gone through many bottles of this water and see the total money spent on water could have went to a nice bottle of wine. Just warning you as I have been to the il mulino in Miami and procedures seem to be nationwide.

5 Stars Kristy June 20, 2009

Outstanding meal!!! Very expensive but worth it.