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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews JJ's Boulangerie (Paris Las Vegas)

5 Stars K January 13, 2014

Delicious crepes!

1 Star Katie February 24, 2013

Food was decent but took more than 20mins to get our food. Asked for a manger, no one came to talk to us. Finally found a manager and he was incredibly rude! The service ruined the entire dining experience!

1 Star Jane Public December 17, 2012

I used to frequent this cafe a lot over the last 5 yrs and at first the service was good from time to time, now your lucky if u r not standing inline for more then 10 minutes. The cafe register ladies are horrible and barely speak English. They have taken out a lot of there drinks they have had before and there prices on food have went up for the little they offer the consumer. What they need to do is have a better counter for ppl w/ food n drink items in there hands. If the counter ppl do not take note who is in line they will skip over u. There attitude sucks when making your purchase so don't think u will be greeted w/ a friendly French hug....

3 Stars Amanda paull September 09, 2012

Gr8 pastries. Found the staff to be....a bit impolite. Coffee is mediocre but fine. Nice ambience.

4 Stars Goon29 October 29, 2010

Very good sandwiches and pastries for a quick bite. Can get very crowded at lunchtime. If you are not alone, have someone grab a seat or you may be wandering with your food for a while.

5 Stars John July 04, 2010

Best crepes ever!

5 Stars Brooke June 03, 2010

Amazing pastries!!

2 Stars J&S April 16, 2010

Went for Friday lunch during spring break, food prep was very slow, had 2 tell them 2 keep my pizza slice warm until the salad was ready 10-15mins later. Large portions, price about right.

5 Stars Sandy January 13, 2010

Great pastries! Get a homemade crêpe. Best ever!!

3 Stars joe d May 08, 2009

pastries are very good, a little pricey. I also had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch that was good.

0 Stars Gil Wheeler August 18, 2007

Service was awful. Food was so so.

0 Stars roberti805 May 31, 2003

A little slow on the service end, but the pasties are great. They are a little pricey though.

0 Stars dimsum April 21, 2003

I came to this cafe hoping to get myself a cup of coffee and sit and watch people walk by on the fake Parisian street scene.
Boy was I disappointed.
Well, all of the pastries looked great but the coffee was self serve and tasted like bad Taster's Choice. I looked behind the counter and saw a machine that said "Cappacino" and had some stock photo of a cup of coffee. Basically the machine mixes some powder and hot water and voila! CAPPACINO.
Please avoid the coffee here.

0 Stars genadingee April 11, 2003

Great pastries! An excellent place to grab a quick blueberry muffin or croissant and a cup of coffee if you're not up for a big breakfast.