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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Julian Serrano (ARIA)

5 Stars toastcmu August 16, 2014

The mix paella was perfect at lunch - seafood, meat, rice, sausage - an overload of flavors for your mouth! I'd eat here again in a heartbeat! Service was excellent, and being in the lobby, I think the decor is one of the nicer areas of Aria

5 Stars John Miller August 07, 2014

Sensational place. We had lunch which included the Ahi Tempura. Everything so well done. Fantastic service. I think since it's at Aria,the higher prices are expected. We definitely plan to go back

4 Stars Ian May 16, 2014

Good quality food. Lots of variety. Nice atmosphere and attentive staff.

5 Stars Bob October 22, 2013

Can't understand the negative reviews. Had a nice late lunch. Ceviche tasty. Serrano ham delicious. Beef and pork meatballs tender. Oxtail melted in my mouth. Great wine selection. Finished off with flan. Will make it a regular lunch stop at future visits.

4 Stars Mike February 04, 2013

Very good. Plenty of choices. Slightly overpriced for the amount of food. One dish was just barely not hot enough. I would recommend due to variety of choices and service.

5 Stars Óscar Castellanos November 05, 2012

Excelente comida y mejor atenci├│n, gran velada

5 Stars gina May 16, 2012

Julian Serrano submitted a recipe to Signature Tastes of Las Vegas that looks divine. To get a copy of this new book, go to http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/signature-tastes-of-las-vegas-steven-w-siler/1110499720

5 Stars StudiodeKadent October 07, 2011

Probably ARIA's best or equal best restaurant. The food is truly phenomenal, and the prices are actually quite low. The result is remarkable value for money. Thick slices of Iberian pork shoulder, risotto so cheesy that it practically clogs your arteries after one bite, and their Paella Valenciana...

Really, this is an amazing Spanish restuarant. And you can get the full menu even at lunchtime! I highly recommend this place.

5 Stars Kim August 28, 2011

Absolutely the best tapas experience anywhere! Incredible meal.

0 Stars Paul June 27, 2011

Taco bell is better!

0 Stars Ken & Lorraine June 11, 2011

The pervious review was a June 2011 trip

1 Star Ken & Lorraine June 11, 2011

This was our first Tapas experience . One of the first thing they did was boast about the fact that they made their on Sangria. Really! you mean you chopped up apples and put it in wine all by yourselves (as Huel Houser would say) that's amazing!!! The food arrived to the table by who we assumed was the person who prepared the dish. They would stand there briefly to see your reaction. This went on for every dish, I thought of the scene from the Big Labowskie when the Dude was in Maude's house listening to her giggling friend and said " Who the F_ _ _ k is this guy and what's his problem". We spent over $80 , didn't even get desert and we where still hungry. The food was good the staff was courteous but, it was just ridiculously over priced.

1 Star Patrick March 12, 2011

Went back because I'm stupid. What in god's name is the problem with the service at this slag joint. Brutally bad service. Horrible. Did I mention that the service is terrible? If I didn't, it sucks. Food is killer. No joke. The food is amazing. If they changed out the staff with the staff at any waffle house it would be a great change.

5 Stars Brandon February 16, 2011

The sandwiches are just crazy good and at 10 bucks might be the best deal in Vegas considering the quality and taste. We were not crazy about the rice dish. But all in all it's a awesome place at aria

1 Star Michelo Strassi January 15, 2011

I ask, was the mushroom soup simply heated from a can?

3 Stars Alex January 05, 2011

We have order bAss it was really good . Octopus was nice too, the rest was not special and the asperagus was awfull

3 Stars Karen November 17, 2010

Had tapas here last Friday night. Restaurant very busy but seated quickly. Service very slow except when we asked for the check! Tried mushroom risotto, Spanish tortilla, lamb chop & Angus steak. I personally found all the dishes far too salty. Disappointed.

5 Stars Marc September 26, 2010

We did not have reservations and walked in at about 6:30 on a Saturday night. We were seated immediately and within 15 minutes all the tables were full. Our waiter took our drink order minutes upon our arrival and explained the menu. We ordered a red and white sangria which were both very refreshing. We ordered about 9 tapas dishes between the two of us. The waiter had them brought out in groups two so we could take our time with each of them. The portions were small so we got to try a little bit of everything. We really liked the pan seared scallops, gambas, patatas bravas, the lobster pineapple skewer. We didn't feel rushed at all and our waiter was very informed on the menu and very friendly. He replaced our Fiji water with a brand new bottle when he accidentally poured tap water into my glass even though we told him it was alright and didn't need a new bottle. The mango sorbet with chocolate cake was good also. We decided to split one dessert since we were getting full but one person could probably finish it themselves.

4 Stars Scott J June 14, 2010

High quality tapas, good atmosphere, but the service is very rushed. Many dishes arrived within a minute or two, and at the same time. Better than too slow though.

2 Stars Gillian June 08, 2010

Disappointed.... I've received better service at McDonald's. The food was obviously way better than a quaterpounder, but it was delivered with the care and concern that I would expect from Aria's buffet. No effort was made to offer me wine pairing choices, let alone ask if I'd like another beverage when mine was empty. I ordered a total of 5 dishes beginning at 7:30 pm & they were thrown at our table so quickly that we were through at 8:00 pm. I enjoy good food & wine. When I go to a restaurant I'm looking to have an experience. Especially at a celebrity chef restaraunt. Especially in Vegas. Or, at the very least just to be given the opportunity to enjoy a good meal.... I'd have more sympathy if the place was slammed, but there were more than a few tables open; there's no excuse for this level of ineptitude.... Yikes!

2 Stars Patrick June 08, 2010

Brilliant food. Cannot emphasize this enough. The service is horrible. Turn and burn operation right up until you need the check and then be prepared to wait for 20 minutes. All I want is an engaged and intelligent staff especially at a tapas restaurant. You need to be able to read a table and sadly, this place has little ability to do that.

5 Stars Thomas June 02, 2010

Tapas were great. Had a bucket of steamed mussels to share. The serving was huge for $9. Sandwiches were great to share also. I would go back for dinner

5 Stars Todd May 22, 2010

Met Julian Serrano here! Came over and shook my hand at the table. What a gentleman.

4 Stars Chris Yeh April 27, 2010

Tapas! Plenty of bar seating for the single diner. Get one of the seats on the edges so you can watch people cooking food. The small plate concept allows you to make your own tasting menu of a sorts. Great fun and good food!

5 Stars Cathy April 04, 2010

Marvelous in every way! This is an outstanding temple of gastronomy. Try the molecular raspberry.

5 Stars Cathy April 04, 2010

Marvelous in every way! This is an outstanding temple of gastronomy. Try the molecular raspberry.

4 Stars ALSanDiego March 25, 2010

Tapas shmapas. Like a good resort tapas spot should be, smart portions the food ranges from great (stuffed peppers) to wishing it was great (pan manchengo).

++ Great prices on by the glass wines

+++ Beautiful environ, elegant.

--- LOUD if busy

If you're at ARIA I'd say this is worth checking out.

5 Stars atdleft March 25, 2010

Tucked in a corner of the grand casino at Aria, the heart of MGM Mirage's brand new CityCenter project, is Julian Serrano. Yes, it's Spanish. Yes, it's tapas. And yes, the food here is fantastic!

Start off with something like the stuffed piquillo peppers. The goat cheese inside is creamy and tangy. The pepper outside is cooked just right. And oh my, the savory tomato sauce pulls it all together and makes it extra delicious!

And if that isn't amazing enough, order the mushroom and manchego risotto. Maybe you've had good risotto dishes before, but this takes risotto to another level with tasty mild mushrooms and tangy manchego cheese. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that the risotto is cooked to al dente perfection... Perfect to absorb that lovely sauce.

Go ahead, order a sangria. It's quite refreshing... And fruity, too!

And while we're talking sweet stuff, it's time to talk about flan. Honestly, the flan itself doesn't really have a strong flavor profile... But thankfully, the strawberry compote on top and light caramel sauce on bottom enliven this plate! And when all three combine, that's when the magic happens on this plate.

And just days after Cafe Ba Ba Reeba closed further up The Strip, it was truly heartwarming to go to Aria today and find all these fabulous tapas dishes at Julian Serrano. Maybe it didn't work out at first, but it ultimately looks like good Spanish cuisine is back on The Strip and will be here to stay.

And by the way, don't hesitate to come and enjoy this place! MGM Mirage did something truly revolutionary on The Strip in taking CityCenter in such a green direction, and the rest of Las Vegas really is following. All of the CityCenter hotels (Aria, Vdara, and Mandarin Oriental) have achieved LEED Gold Certification in sustainable design, as well as the adjacent Crystals shopping mall.

So if that isn't enough to bring you here, I don't know what is. ;-)

5 Stars Jon March 06, 2010

This seems to be one of the simplest & greatest concept of restaurant I have seen on my trip. I ate lunch here with my family and was astounded by the variety of tapas ( small sized plates with huge flavor ) and got to try many things on the menu. The staff was friendly and very good at explaining their concept of tapas. If your in the area around lunchtime, I would try it . Especially if your not in the mood for a meal that will bloat you and make you feel uncomfortable the rest of your day. As for family friendly , they don't have a kids menu or anything like that but a lot of unique food idea's kids may enjoy. I reccomend the rasberry tuna, sounds different but the flavor is mindbogling

5 Stars Hunter February 23, 2010

Second meal here, this time dinner. Loved it just as much as the first time. I would recommend this place big time. Mmmmmm...

0 Stars HomerS February 18, 2010

We ate at bar. I wish they had a better beer selection but all the tapas were quite tasty. The sauces made the dishes special - even made the boiled potatoes delicious. Prices not outrageous compared to some

5 Stars Claudia December 28, 2009

Try the sangria. Amazing!

5 Stars Hunter December 21, 2009

Fantastic tapas - the best meal I had on my trip. Right off the lobby so it's a bit loud in most of the dining room. Open for lunch!