Restaurant Ratings & Reviews La Cave Wine and Food Hideaway (Wynn Las Vegas)

5 Stars Pokerbucketlist March 30, 2015

Great little spot. Small plate items and wine flights. Upscale but cozy and welcoming. With all the huge restaurants around, it's nice to go to a small intimate place once in a while. This is a good place if you a drink and a light meal but not get too full.

5 Stars Navin R October 11, 2012

We ate early on a Friday for dinner, just outside the door on the patio. Despite 98-degree heat, it was comfortable--the patio was covered and misters from the roof were cooling. The food was excellent--we ordered four plates, which was plenty. Drinks were great as well. Our server provided excellent attention. Unusual for Wynn, the bill for two was less than $100 (not including tip). I'll go back for sure!

5 Stars Scott June 01, 2012

Truly epic small plate cuisine. Loved Jaleo at Cosmo, but loved La Cave much more. Some traditional tapas faves - patatas bravas, dates wrapped in bacon - but a little different and a lot tastier. One of my my best meals in Vegas.

4 Stars Hunter September 18, 2011

Popped in for a drink on my last trip. As always, a winner.

5 Stars Brandon August 23, 2011

Disclaimer: my wife and I were drunk off our ass when we sat down to eat here. So drunk food can seem to taste the best for some reason. Regardless, we loved this place. Good service and terrific food.

5 Stars Anonymous July 16, 2011

Great food. Nice bartenders. This may sound strange, but they have a great beer list. So if you are going with a group and not in the mood for vino, fret not.

5 Stars Los Zorros July 04, 2011

Brilliant. Went twice it was so good. This is a small plates place. Not too formal but smart. Open kitchen seating or tables near the kitchen, or at the back in the main restaurant. This place has atmosphere and is great for a couple or a group. Really found it different from many of the pretentious offerings in the Wynncore hotels. Good was quality and good wine samplings. Try it !

4 Stars Hunter January 14, 2011

Vegas Internet Mafia Payola Disclaimer: The bill was covered by Wynn Resorts. It had no impact on my review.

"The N9NE guy is opening a restaurant at Wynn? Really?"

That was my response, months ago, when we first discovered that Michael Morton was opening a wine bar in part of the space that made up the Terrace Pointe Cafe. Sounded like a bit of a strange match but as renderings started to leak, the picture came into focus... plus, let's be honest - Terrace Pointe is half-empty almost all of the time.

La Cave Wine and Food Hideaway opened at Wynn Las Vegas in early December and so far it seems to have garnered some positive press, even if it's not totally universal.

I, along with my guest, a one Mr. Monster, were able to sample their wares on the evening of December 8th, 2010. My review in one sentence? I found La Cave to be an excellent addition to the Wynncore F&B lineup - something unlike anything else on property.

La Cave is setup with three main rooms: you enter to find a bar and open kitchen in the first chamber, pass through to a dining room and another large bar and then finally find an adjunct 'garden room' type space with glass overlooking the pool. There's also an outdoor patio that includes full service if you should care to dine outside (or maybe you just want to smoke).

The food is all of the 'small plates' variety, tapas-esque. One of my favorite benefits of this style is that it enables the guest to try things. I'm often guilty of ordering multiple appetizers or even entrees at more traditional restaurants, just because I want to sample things. Well, La Cave makes that easy.

Determined to mix things up, we made a few selections from different parts of the menu - it's broken up into categories like 'sea', 'farm', 'oven' (pizza), and 'garden'. After mixing in a few suggestions from the waiter, we ended up with several rotations of piping hot goodies.

Some of my favorites included the bacon wrapped dates (required for any tapas place but still quite good), the baked clams (seasoned with parmesan and zesty), the sea scallops (perfect) and the chorizo and sausage flatbread (I love chorizo and was glad to see it make an appearance). Not everything was a hit: I didn't really care for the lump crab lettuce cups. Not that they were terrible, just very boring.

Of course, the other attraction is the wine. As you'd expect, there's a huge array of choices by the bottle but they also have a large selection of half-bottles and solid options by the glass. I think it's safe to say they can handle pretty much anything in this department. In addition to wine, there's also a ton of different beers. Chuck sampled some kind of strawberry beer that, while interesting, I would never order myself (and you'll have to wait for his review but I don't think he'd get it again either).

La Cave packs 'em in tight, New York City style - it was quite busy while we were there and there's not a lot of room to move around. That gives the small-ish dining rooms quite an energy, which, when combined with the garden room and patio, means that you can get a crowded, social experience or a layback, hang out vibe.

Service was generally good. One of our dishes took so long to come out that when it was discovered, mass apologies were triggered (the dish then magically appeared). Otherwise, we weren't left alone for too long and the food pretty much just kept coming. In talking with the folks at the next table (who were curious about all the photo taking of the various dishes), they also seemed to enjoy their meal.

La Cave is tasty, informal, reasonably priced, social and fun. It's a great addition to the Wynn Las Vegas lineup.

4 Stars atdleft December 08, 2010

Earlier this week, I decided I might as well try out Wynn's new tapas bar for late lunch/early dinner. And hey, why not? It's already getting plenty of buzz, and I was already getting mighty hungry.

And thank goodness curiosity got the best of me! I started off with the Buttermilk Bleu Cheese plate, and a lovely wedge of this stinky goodness arrived alongside toasted mini baguette slices and fig jam. For some reason the bread was at room temperature, but that was quickly forgiven when I dove into the heavenly cheese paired with that divine fig jam! (Hopefully in the future, they'll make fresh batches of toasted baguette.)

From there, it was onto my pizza... err, "flatbread". I ordered a flatbread with roasted tomatoes, micro mozzarella, and capers, which is essentially a pizza margherita shaped more rectangularly, and with the basil swapped out in favor of the capers. But whatever one wants to call it, one can't deny it's tasty! The roasted tomatoes were sweet and tangy, and the salty capers provided the perfect balance and contrast. The mozzarella melted beautifully, and the crust was soft and pillowy. This definitely makes my "Top 10 Pizzas in Vegas" list!

And of course, what good meal is complete without dessert? I couldn't help myself, I HAD to try the "American Chocolate Cake". And trust me, if you're the kind of American who can never get enough chocolate, you'll LOVE this cake! Actually, there's a thin layer of cake hidden somewhere in the midst of a beautiful mold of chocolate mousse covered in chocolate ganache. Oh, and there's a thin chocolate wafer cookie on the bottom. And oh my, this was so perfectly sweet and smooth and creamy that I had to hold myself back from licking the plate!

All in all, my first impression of La Cave was quite strong. Again, my one small quibble was over the toasted baguette, and that can easily be fixed. Otherwise, the food was terrific, service was strong, and I'll likely be back soon to take full advantage of their wine list!