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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Lagasse's Stadium (The Palazzo)

5 Stars Squid January 04, 2015

After reading some of the other reviews here I was quite hesitant to keep my reservation here. However, I'm glad I did. We are here last night for UFC 182 and the Steelers, Ravens game. First I'll say the $100 cover for two people is nothing compared to $1500 for two UFC tickets that get you decent seats where you do not have to watch the huge monitors anyway. All our food and drinks we ordered were also great. Your food bill is counted against your cover fee..so what's the big deal? We ate and drank $80 of our $100 cover fee. So basically I had to cough up $20 to sit there for three hours in comfortable seats watching numerous big flatscreen TV's. I think that's quite a deal. Our server Kyla was also great. We will be back for sure.

1 Star Talitha August 28, 2014

We stopped to eat lunch here during one of the less important College Bowls and were told that if we didn't want to pay the exorbitant cover, we had to sit at the bar. We didn't mind sitting up at the bar at all. My fancy drink was bland and flat. My chili cheese fries were even more bland. My boyfriend's garlic parm fries had a bit more flavour at least, but they were raw! It was one of the worst meals I've ever had. Certainly not up to Vegas standards, especially on the Strip.

3 Stars DoubleD December 28, 2013

Three stars only. Best to go for the early games (10am) when many football games are on tv. Boring if only one game is on at night (Sunday or Monday). Food is decent as are drinks. Only worth going one time. Plenty of other options.

1 Star Jane Public February 19, 2013

You have to spend a minimum of 50-100 dollars to just eat or see a game there per person. Food was sub par fried bar food.

3 Stars Salvegas24 November 04, 2012

Great food. Fair service. Average experience. I stopped by after seeing Mystere. It was later and it was opening night for the NBA season. The Lakers were on every screen with a few screens tuned into the World Series of Poker final. I entered from the street level and felt completely lost. I circled the restaurant, ran into a waitress, and asked how I get a seat. She told me to see the hostess by the Palazzo entrance. Finally, I got a seat in the "stadium" section which is a series of couches set up in a stadium seating style. The couches looked a little worn as did the restaurant in general. Even though this was a sports bar because it has Emeril's name on it, I expected a little bit more. Watching a game was interesting. The jumbo screen was very cool but if I was there to watch several games, the surrounded screens were far too small to see from the middle or back couches. The restaurant does have a slew of other screens by smaller tables but sitting in the stadium is much cooler. I ordered a pulled pork sandwich which was fantastic as were the fries and fried pickles. While the waitress was really nice, it took forever to get refills on my diet coke or to get the check. I would be interested in going back on an NFL Sunday because the place is really neat and the food was fantastic but, unfortunately, my experience lacked something to be desired.

1 Star Hanif June 21, 2012

Weak- walked around an empty restaurant with reserved signs on over half the tables. Couldn't find anyone interested in helping us get a seat. Asked for a game to be out on and the guys answer was if you know the channel it's on I'll find it- I'm not from Vegas how would I know what channel it's on? Food was average- cheese whiz on the nachos- yuck!

4 Stars J Stotts August 11, 2011

Good food, nice atmosphere. Mostly good service.

1 Star FV February 27, 2011

Disappointed to say the least!! Our waitress was nice and attentive, yet that was about the only good thing we experienced. We asked to watch a hockey game and the bar tender didn't seem to k ow how to keep our monitor on a set channel. Every so often he would change it and claim we still had what we had requested. On top of everything, the place decided to host a local college's event yet somehow thought it would be fine to blast their presentation throughout the place at full volume with little consideration for other patrons wanting to watch sports. Will not go back!

5 Stars Lori June 07, 2010

Good food and a great place to watch a game.

5 Stars RobC May 10, 2010

This place was awesome. Not muck more to say.

4 Stars Corey B April 22, 2010

Lagasse stadium is a great place to catch a game. We were there to watch the Masters and really enjoyed all the large screens you could watch it on. There literally was an angle anywhere you turned in your chair to see the event.

One thing I learned, is that if you sit in the stadium seating, it is required that you spend fifty bucks per person while you are there, which is reasonable if you are going to watch a big game.

The food was better then expected for a sports bar place. I noticed that there are nice places to sit at outside as well which make it just a fantastic venue for sports. You can also make sports bets here. Our server was very nice and and treated us well.

4 Stars Eric April 13, 2010

During my January 2010 CES trip, I headed to Lagasse Stadium on a Saturday night to watch some NFL playoff games.

A neat combination of bar, restaurant, and sports book. When I arrived, the Jets/Bengals game was in the fourth quarter, and the place was PACKED. Standing room only.

Fortunately, even when standing, you can always see a TV, as there are 190 TVs in that place!! By the first quarter of the Cowboys/Eagles game, I was able to get a seat at the front bar.

Had several beers and a pork sandwich, served by a gorgeous bartender wearing a way-too-small for her football jersey.

Spent some time gambling with the Palazzo's "pocketcasino" device. Not a perfect system, but pretty neat. You buy in and they assign you a small electronic device, slightly larger than an iPhone. (It's actually a customized HP iPaq.)

You log in with your Club Grazie ID and a PIN you choose at the betting window. Then, you can place standard over/under, money line or spread bets on the current game.

Once the game starts, you can also make prop bets. You can choose to wager whether the current drive will result in a first down, or not.

You can wager as to the overall result of the current drive -- FG attempt, touchdown, punt, or turnover.

When a FG is about to be attempted, you can wager make or miss.

In the first half, you can make halftime spread, money line, and O/U bets.

As I said, it's not a perfect system. You have to pretty quick with your bets, as there is a limited window between when the odds are fixed and the next play begins. When play is active, all bets are suspended. So you have to have fast fingers.

The devices also eat through battery life quickly. During the course of the game, I had to return to the sports book twice to have the battery replaced. And I had to return a third time when the device locked up and needed to be rebooted.

They have a dedicated window for pocketcasino (at least at Lagasse Stadium), which is nice. I never had to wait too long. The initial signup requires a little paperwork, however, so it isn't quite as simple as placing a cash bet.

I bought in with $300 and was up and down over the course of the Cowboys game. Eventually, I cashed out with $200.

5 Stars Seahwks February 23, 2010

Great bar. Got a Skybox for the Canada/US hockey game and even though the great nation of Canada lost we had an amazing time.

4 Stars Dazza December 08, 2009

Great food and great athmophere for watching a game

4 Stars John November 10, 2009

We discovered this walking around. Stopped in and made a reservation because as luck would have it, the last game of the world series would be on. To sit on the premium stadium seats the deal was $50 a head to be spent on food and drink. At $30 for a bucket of beers it wasn't hard. Still the food and atmosphere was great. Sunday stopped back by and it was packed for football, so make a reservation.