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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Lanai Express (Fremont)

3 Stars Derrick May 13, 2013

Good for a fast bite. Didn't try the Chinese dishes but had the late night bacon/eggs special. Wife had the chili dog. Both left satisfied.

2 Stars Adam August 17, 2011

Maybe because it was after 11pm, but the food tasted like, well it wasn't good. This is a Panda Express kind of place. They have .99 shrimp cocktails. That was probably the best part of the meal. If you are looking for shrimp, a short walk to the Golden Gate would be better.

2 Stars Ryan April 05, 2011

Ok for a quick bite to eat but there are so many better options.

5 Stars Brian February 17, 2011

Very, very tasty!

2 Stars Stacy April 04, 2010

Chef was very quick and knowledgable to his craft.

0 Stars dlmoe June 04, 2004

If you go for the shrimp cocktail, don't waste your money. You wouldn't be happy if it was free. Ordered two, ate part of one, threw the other away. You get baby shrimp that are smaller than popcorn size in a cup that has so much cocktail sauce that if is like a soup. This place shouldn't be advertised as having a shrimp cocktail.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 14, 2000

This is a fast food type eatery. It runs mostly to chinese type dishes. It;for the type food is a great little place to select something for your room or to eat in a few minutes..Inexpensive but above average...