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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Lemongrass (ARIA)

3 Stars 360 Vegas Mark June 04, 2014

This was my first experience with Thai food and we were really excited for it. Perhaps not being familiar with the cuisine ultimately caused the less than ideal meal choices we made but I was overall disappointed. Not to the extent that I won't try again but beware those who have textural issues with food. Some "withouts" and it will be good-to-go.

4 Stars John turturo March 20, 2013

Great food lot of choices service is average .

5 Stars Craig September 30, 2012

Maybe the best Thai food I've had a must do experience

5 Stars Dodie November 03, 2011

We ate here in June 2011 and can't wait to go back! Service was quick and friendly. Food was great. We had the pot stickers which had an excellent dipping sauce. Then I had Tom Yum soup and husband had a scallop dish. Both excellent! Then we finished with mango sticky rice-my fav!!! Approx $60 including tax and tip. Worth every penny. Don't miss it!

4 Stars StudiodeKadent October 07, 2011

A very competent Thai restaurant. Their duck panang curry is especially good because the duck is fried crispy before they place it into the sauce... [lustful growl]. They also have a great duck/pork ramen. Warning: the food is quite spicy so its probably safest to under-estimate how hot you want the dish.

2 Stars Jane Public March 08, 2011

Service is slow and place was not even half full. First time I ordered my dish was screwed up, I sent it back twice because waiter's English sucked. I will go back for drinks but as far as the resterant portion it was a nightmare last time and I would not even bother.

4 Stars Brandon February 16, 2011

I liked my soup and noodle dish. Wife had chicken fried rice. Another pretty good deal at aria

4 Stars T. Nguyen October 11, 2010

Spicy .. Pricy... But great!!

4 Stars Karen October 04, 2010

Homestyle tofu was fantastic.

1 Star Don B September 21, 2010

Not very good.
We started with an appetizer plate that was terrible. Deep fried and tasteless patties of something.
The green curry was acceptable, if over spiced, A shrimp dish was at least tasty.
Service, however, could not be faulted except for the main dishes coming out too soon to the appetizers being served.

0 Stars Jamie July 06, 2010

This place should not be listed under Thai food first off, the menu was mixed with Chinese and Vietnamese dishes which we were not looking for, but the disappointment only began there. The service was absolutely terrible. Our waiter was like a ghost we only caught glimpses of here & there. When the food finally came it was mediocre at best, and not very authentic. Also we only received 1 of the 2 entrees we ordered initially, so by the time the 2nd got there 25 minutes later we refused it and asked to speak to the manager. After waiting 20 more minutes for the manager we got fed up and just left. Dont waste your vacation time here, if you really want good Thai food go to Satay Bistro & Bar. Its a little further out of the way but well worth it!

3 Stars agave July 03, 2010

food was OK, ordered 7's on a hot scale of 1-10, was mild at best, but tasty.Pud Thai was weak, Service was good, above average. Nice wine selection, decent value overall....

5 Stars Rev Ross April 16, 2010

Amazing food and service! Beautiful surroundings with a great menu. Would recommend to all especially those who like a bit of thai you won't be disappointed!

5 Stars Cathy April 04, 2010

Loved Lemongrass!

3 Stars sbpewsaw March 31, 2010

Lemongrass is billed as the strip's first Thai restaurant at a major resort casino. The restaurant's location is ideal, tucked away from the main casino located adjacent to the high limit baccarat casino, Club Prive (high end gaming), the Sky Suites lobby, and Blossom (chinese restaurant). The decor of the restaurant is decidedly modern, with warm earth tones and decorative pipes serving as walls.

I found the food to be (not to my surprise) very americanized with the exception of the duck and yellow curry, which my party decided to order spicy. The menu allows you to pick your spicy-ness on a scale of 1-10. Because of this, I believe that the higher you go on the hot scale, the more Thai the food will taste. The pineapple fried rice and drunken noodle were bland, and were served in extremely small portions. The orange chicken however was probably the best orange chicken I have ever eaten as the chicken meat was still juicy on the inside.

All in all, I would recommend Lemongrass as a good place to eat Thai food if you care more about overall ambiance than authenticity of the food. Its location next to the Sky Suites lobby makes it convenient if you are staying on that side of Aria. As another added bonus, the restaurant is open for lunch at 11 am and is open late till 2 am so if your craving Thai food to cure your hangover, Lemongrass is the place to go.