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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Mad Onion (Hooters)

3 Stars Rob June 16, 2012

They gave us 2 free steak dinners. Our steaks were over cooked. Not the greatest but what do you want for free. Our waiter could have cared less if we were there. Never came back to check on us. If he has a problem with waiting on people with free steak dinners he needs to take that up with them

4 Stars Jim l March 08, 2012

Had prime rib every time in Las Vegas great price and tasty and $1.50 for a beer with your meal it's a great stop

1 Star Mike September 26, 2011

Fast service in the am's but the food is way too greasy

1 Star Erick January 22, 2011

Slow service after 1am, took over 1 hr waiting for food and bill and it wast even busy

2 Stars Ekimpaige December 20, 2010

Service was fast, and attentive. Food was edible, but the prime rib was fatty, and didn't seem to have much flavor, the chicken and ribs plate was a little better, the ribs had a lot of meat on them but the chicken was very bland. Overall, if it is late and your starving, it will fill you up, but for the price there are much better options on the strip.

5 Stars Katie July 24, 2010

Great, fine cuisine!

1 Star Eric From frickin vegas July 10, 2010

Based in the Hooters Casino, there's one basic requirement we were looking for, busty young airheads in tight fitting shirts and skimpy daisy dukes. Instead we got some pissed off dude in a bus boys outfit.

Oh, and the food was a step down from Denny's, yes, that bad.