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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Medley Buffet (Aliante)

1 Star Cathie March 30, 2013

Arrived at 2:45 on Friday for the lunch buffet. An employee advised that we will be asked to leave at 3:40 so they can set up for dinner scheduled for 4pm. Since when does an "all you can eat buffet" put restrictions or limitations on time allotted?!! Furthermore, the food isn't that good! It's bland, lacks variety, and isn't cooked fresh daily. I'm appalled that as an Aliante resident, a taxpayer, & frequent customer of this local casino that they would implement a cost-imposed tactic to get their patrons to pay more. Especially, when most of their clientele consist of senior citizens. I'm insulted & flabbergasted that the management would take advantage of their loyal patrons. This is unfair & outlandish! Therefore, instead of driving within a mile radius, I'll drive 15 miles!!!

4 Stars Mick May 22, 2012

Just got back and have to say this is ausum 4.99 great price for great food, the service is great too. Would recommend this buffet to every one.

2 Stars VGS BND June 03, 2009

The buffet was excellent (and inexpensive) when they first opened, but has gone way downhill since. It's cheap, but there are definately better for the money.

2 Stars James Livingston January 07, 2009

Nice appearance. Food taste was "blah". Grossly overpriced. Probably will not return.