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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Mesa Grill (Caesars Palace)

4 Stars Robert May 19, 2014

Nice lunch with Blue Corn Pancake and Barbecued Duck followed by Smoked Shrimp Tacos. Service great, portions relatively small, but fresh ingredients perfectly seasoned.

5 Stars Talitha September 22, 2013

I ate here last night late after the Elton John show. WOW! We have always given this one a pass before as everything on the menu seemed to have some sort of pepper in it. Let me tell you, even the stuff that had habanero listed was so well balanced that I don't think anyone will be sweating from any of the food here. I had the Blue Corn Lobster Tacos for an appy. Only bad thing I can say is that I wished I had more of them. Amazing! I also had a margarita. Not sure which one but it was served martini style. Again, super well balanced and brought out the sweetness of the lobster. They used high quality tequila. It tasted like what I drank in Cabo. I had the grilled chicken for a main course with the tamale. The tamale was so rich, fluffy and buttery with a hint of sweetness to the corn. The sauce on the chicken was amazing. Some might think it's too acidic or garlicky, but those happen to be two of my favourite flavours. Throw in a gentle kick of the red pepper and I literally said "mmm" with every bite. I will be back over and over and am looking forward to trying the NYC location as well.

5 Stars Dave C October 13, 2012

Ate here twice this trip. Lunch (Tiger Tamale appetizer) and dinner (spice rubbed pork with sw corn and green chili mashed potatoes).

5 Stars Garry July 22, 2012

Had a wonderful meal 6/14/12. Had the NY Strip. Very good, we could have shared! Be sure to make reservations early in the day, long wait if you don't...

5 Stars Dave C July 07, 2012

Best meal I have ever had! Can't wait to be back in Vegas in October so that I can partake again. Chili rubbed pork was to die for.

5 Stars Brenda May 17, 2012

I was sooooo excited to go to Mesa Grille, and I was NOT disappointed! Pear Cactus Margarita(s)...yummalicious....Tiger Shrimp Corn Tamale...mouthwatering...Ancho Chile Seared Scallop Salad...incredible!

5 Stars Navin R May 09, 2012

This was my third experience at Mesa, and it was the best. Apparently this place has improved with age. Not to suggest that it wasn't great before, but this time it was fantastic. The food was extremely well prepared, and the service was perfect.

5 Stars John Pricewas December 14, 2011

Was there to see Rod Stewart and arrived early on purpose so we could eat at Mesa. The worst I can say is that we waited all of FIVE minuets while the table was set. The service was exceptional, attentive when required but not overbearing. The food matched the service . I had a fantastic steak and my wife had the lamb. Fork tender does not come close, the texture was closer to warm butter the sides were great. The server knew we going to see Rod and timed things so we had plenty of time to arrive, due to the fact I use a Cain and am old and don't move as fast as I once did. We will most defiantly eat here the next time we are in Vegas highly recommend.

5 Stars John September 04, 2011

BBQ'ed Lamb Cobb Salad is freaking fantastic!

4 Stars Jay D August 05, 2011

It should be well known by now that when you go to MESA you should get the pork tenderloin. It is simply fantastic. Be sure to ask the knowledgable sommelier about a good wine pairing. Don't go here for a steak - they're good but not great. Bobby Flay is all about the flay-va. You want a value steak, go to Circus Circus (seriously). Brunch at MESA is also superb. If you just want to sample the place go for a burger. Yes it's expensive, so expect that. I go every visit, cuz it's just that good.

5 Stars Scott July 26, 2011

Great food. One of the best margaritas i've ever had. Pricey, but hey this is Vegas what did you expect?

3 Stars Tony Tinoco July 21, 2011

The tiger shrimp and the corn pancake was great unfortunately my warm chicken dinner did not do it for me. The over powering BBQ sauce with the two other. You couldn't enjoy the flavor at all but I would pop in again just for the appetizers

5 Stars ChelsJ22 April 14, 2011

Best meal in Vegas: Coffee rubbed filet minion, mashed potatoes with green queso and roasted corn. I can't even tell you how perfect everything was! Worth the money 100%.

4 Stars Michelle March 26, 2011

I think it's all in what you order. We always try to eat something we've never had before. Had poached egg for brunch first time and another dish here which was very good. Ate duck second time and though it was very flavorful we weren't fans, so much so that the food stayed on our plates. Texture and taste played a role. Had a nice appetizer, i believe it was a beef tartar in a tortilla taco. However saw lots of orders for his cheese burger and pork sandwich. I think we just ordered wrong. Still love Bobby Flay.

5 Stars Mr. Chau Ming January 06, 2011

Super good food. Whole family loves dis plase, I suggest to Mr. Bobbie Flay to add cats to the menu, tasty paws I likey, likey.

5 Stars Trevor C January 06, 2011

We travel frequently to Vegas and try out new restaurants each time. This is one stop that we make every single time. The staff are usually very friendly, the food is nearly always top notch and the prices are very reasonable. Definitely a fan of the pork sandwich at lunch! One of our favorite eateries in Vegas!

2 Stars atdleft December 08, 2010

I've tried and retried Mesa Grill, hoping that Bobby Flay's Vegas outpost would serve me the kind of delectable comida I see on his Food Network shows. I've figured it was at least worth a try, even with all the recent controversy over the real level of quality of the food.
And sorry, but I'm still wondering how this place got a Michelin star three years ago.

The roasted pumpkin soup tasted OK, but I couldn't taste any spice from the supposed "ancho" in it. What happened to the ancho pumpkin seeds?

Same goes for the cornmeal crusted chile relleno. It wasn't inedible, but it certainly wasn't spectacular either. And where was the sweet red pepper in the "sweet red pepper sauce"? Again, where was the spice?

Oh, and the queso fundido I tried last time nearly bored me to death. I can't really think of anything else to say about it.

And the chocolate corn bread pudding? Don't ask, unless you really want me to tell.
Who knows, maybe Bobby Flay still does kick@ss food on TV and in New York. It just seems like he's not paying enough attention to what's happening in his name in Vegas. He really needs to turn things around at this place if he ever expects to regain that Michelin star (and rightfully earn it this time) any time soon.

5 Stars Tara October 24, 2010

Great food, flavorful and different. Staff was friendly. I would recommend it.

4 Stars Restaurant Rat September 17, 2010

Sat at bar. Terrific service and fabulous food. View into sports book area is only downer. Well worth the trip.

5 Stars June August 13, 2010


5 Stars Heath June 28, 2010

Another great visit!! Go here!!!

0 Stars Bw May 05, 2010

No complaints! As a Bobby Flay fan, I had to try this place, Had the chile rellano as an appetizer and the pork tenderloin entree. Everything was delicious with a perfect level of "kick"

4 Stars Mike P April 06, 2010

I really enjoyed this restaurant it is a great value for lunch especially. I decided to try three apps. I had the tuna, the black bean soup and beef. I did not find anything wrong. Everything was seasoned perfectly as I like highly seasoned food. It does not stack up with some of the higher end restaurants but for a four star restaurant, deffinately with a try.

5 Stars Jaclyn April 04, 2010

This was an impulse meal after coming off the escalator to Caesar’s and I am so glad we gave in! I am not a celebrity chef groupie but after dining here I see why Bobby Flay is BOBBY FLAY.

Our server was attentive and enthusiastic about the food and obviously proud of the restaurant. Neither of us are fans of tequila, but if we were, this would be the place. I had one of their signature mojitos and husband had what he reports as the best Irish coffee of his life. The bread-basket had several artisan choices that complemented the flavors to come. We shared the blue corn pancake with BBQ duck appetizer. We are huge duck fans and this dish could have been a main course – the flavors were so complex and lasting. For the main course, I had the Yukatan chicken tacos with a spicy peanut sauce I could have eaten a vat of, and husband had the 16-spice chicken salad that was so delicious he was reluctant to give me a taste!

We did the dessert tasting which was extravagant, but totally worth it. It included the warm chocolate cake, profiteroles, and cornbread pudding. There is no question the quality was worth the price. This was arguably the best meal of the trip and Mesa is defiantly worth returning to on our next visit.

3 Stars ALSan Diego March 25, 2010

Are you ready for a throwdown!? Yes you are.

Would reccomend the brunch here, which is a good way to sample the menu before commiting to dinner. Ancho chili powder isn't everywhere as anyone who's read a Bobby Flay cookbook would imagine.. the food is mild. BBQ Lamb Salad was sensational, so were all the egg dishes in our party. **The hamburger is fantastic here, but ask for the horseradish sauce on the side**
Soups and apps were a let down. The corn chowder is still good, but its best enjoyed against another plate with some kick-- it's beautifully simple, just a bit bland for my taste.

Mesa might not be the cuisine star it once was, but it won't dissapoint fans of the TV Chef.

Great service. Immaculate restaurant.

Worth a try.

4 Stars Cody February 15, 2010

Excellent menue, service was beyond compare. The best margaritta I've ever tasted and a very friendly atmosphere especially at happy hour. Will return again and again.

5 Stars Greg February 02, 2010

Amazing steak.

4 Stars Anon January 20, 2010

Went for brunch in Aug 2009 with some friends. The place was quite busy and were were happy we had reservations--though we nearly didn't make it in time as we had some trouble locating the restaurant (bad directions from some Caesars employees didn't help either). Overall we had an enjoyable brunch. Good margaritas...diverse selection of food.... We started with a tartar which was quite good. And I had a sweet potato-chicken hash which was wonderful--and there was more of it than I could eat. We spent quite a bit of time on the strip afterwards trying to walk off our meals! Prices were reasonable for brunch, but, I glanced at the dinner menu, and felt the prices were probably somewhat unreasonable for dinner. Wait staff was helpful, but service was a tad slow, probably because they were so busy. Still we had an enjoyable time!

5 Stars Naboozal January 11, 2010

Best meal in Vegas! Must order the new Mexican rubbed pork tenderloin. Add a margarita and you will be in heaven!

5 Stars Howard December 31, 2009

Bobby Flay is the master!!

1 Star Holden December 06, 2009

As another person said "very over rated". Three of us order steaks and all tasted and had the texture of a very cheap steak house. The place is nice so maybe this is why people give it great reviews but the food is only worth a 1/4 of the fat price. I must say though they have outstanding margaritas, but at a $15 price tag.

5 Stars Heath November 15, 2009

Another great visit!! Consider the roasted corn...

1 Star Doodog October 28, 2009

Overpriced. Over rated nasty food. Service is good. Decor is good. We had 4 people with 4 seperate meals. Only one was good Coffee 4 dollars ????? Bottle of water. 8.50. Brutal

5 Stars Dom & Denise October 26, 2009

Holy spice rub, Batman! This food is amazing.

5 Stars Mel H. August 02, 2009

Completely lived up to our expectations! We went for brunch and were blown away. The egg/bacon/potato quesadilla was awesome!

5 Stars Jim G. June 13, 2009

Bobby Flay is master.

3 Stars donnymac June 07, 2009

Had brunch here on a Saturday. Food was not as good as previous visits. It was average at best. I have eaten at Mesa a few times and this was the first time that I was disappointed, hopefully it was an isolated incident. Service was great as always.

5 Stars Heath May 25, 2009

Our favorite restaurant on Earth. Period. Try the Spice rubbed pork tenderloin.

4 Stars Sean May 25, 2009

Loved it! One of the reasons we go to vegas

4 Stars Abed Nader March 21, 2009

Food and service is always great. I ate there for lunch and dinner and both were great experiences. Make sure to ask for their signiature appletinni.

4 Stars Mike Roman March 20, 2009

Always wonderful food. If you don't enjoy spicey food better pass this one. Always busy and service sometimes misses.

5 Stars Biyatekeela December 03, 2008

Perfection. My husband and I went right after we were married. Professional waitstaff, beautiful interior design. It felt as upscale as the food tasted. Any spice-lovers dream! The food was indescribable! My only complaint: I wish we had one close to home.

5 Stars Aaron October 30, 2008

Food service and spice was perfect. If you know Booby Flay's style you will learn about flavor of spice rather than heat of spice.

2 Stars Mark October 22, 2008

So-so. My wife and I went here last week for a middle of the week date night. The server seemed like he didn't know what he was doing. He kept coming back and interrupting us to tell us something he forgot (Specials, about Bobby Flay, then drink special... you get the idea.) Our app was good but my wife’s entree was just WAY to spicy. She got the pork tenderloin, it looked like it would be amazing but all you could taste was fire. It was not even described as a spicy dish, yet after I took a bite of her food I couldn't taste the next three bites of mine. This was horrible because I only had about 5 bites on my plate. $150 mis-spent.

0 Stars Juan Brenco February 13, 2007

Any review that does not start with perfect, delicious, unnmatched food quality or service has never truly dined at a first rate restaurant.

I have been to Vegas numerous times and ate at them all. This place is not pretentious, but has all the potential to be. However, from maitre 'd's to waitstaff they know how to treat customers all while providing the food that is some of the best I've had.

Lunch have a burger and it's the best one you have had. Dinner, try the steak and forget about Prime or Delmonico. Adventurous? Try the Chile Relleno with goat cheese.

I have eaten there a multitude of times and never been dissapointed. By the way Bobby Flay has a new restaurant in NYC and I still choose Mesa Grill, which is quite a statement given the number of reviews that restaurnant has had.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User October 17, 2005

So-So. I suppose it's more of a letdown in terms of a place that's much style over substance. My wife & I made reservations here about 2 months out. She loves Bobby Flay's cooking shows. The food is a bit overpriced & the portions are not equivalent to what you pay. The thing that ticked me off is when the waitress seemed upset at me that I wouldn't order a $12 margarita when all I ever drink is water. Sorry! Heck, I guess just about any place could be a heartbreaker if you look forward to it for so long. The food was tasty, just 2-3 bites & it's gone. I don't think I'll go back, unless somebody else treats.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 12, 2005

We visited for Sunday Brunch, it was very quiet which surprised us as the food was excellent and the service outstanding. I went for the Pork Sandwich (it had a much fancier name, but I forget it!) which was delicious and the Lemon Meringue Cake whcih was superb, but on the small size, though I am a pig when it comes to dessert!! Very nice setting too, cmfortable chairs and nicely designed interior. Clean restrooms too!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 21, 2004

I understand this chef is filled with himself. I understand why. I couldn't fill myself with enough of his food! Wow! Southwestern influence. Superb dining experience. More casual than some of the really high end restaurants. We went here on a "we should probably check this place out." We're sure glad we did--it was far superior to the dinner we had at Bouchon, which we had looked forward to as the highlight of our trip. Mesa Grill was the culinary highlight of this trip. I'm in Vegas a few times a year. I'll be back here!

0 Stars mesa December 18, 2004

Very good service and different dishs.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 04, 2004

Had an EXCELLENT meal there on 10/22 - wonderful surroundings, inventive menu - highly reccomended!

0 Stars Hunter October 06, 2004

An excellent dinner here during opening week. Started with the corn soup, had the coffee rubbed fillet and finished with a chocolate cake... Everything was FANTASTIC! Service was great. The bar has an extensive collection of tequilas. The menu had a lot of interesting items so I will certainly be back.