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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews MGM Grand Buffet (MGM Grand)

1 Star AC March 12, 2015

Free breakfast for two courtesy of myVegas: great! Food poisoning: bad! Ruined my entire Vegas trip. Just stay away.

1 Star @tigewells January 18, 2015

Not worth the money! $30 each for breakfast. Food was bland and tasted as if it was sitting out for a while. Server was friendly but it did not make up for the poor food.

2 Stars Salvegas24 August 11, 2013

MGM Grand Buffet

The service was good but everything else was mediocre at best. Of the buffets we've been to, this would be close to the bottom of the list.

2 Stars Stuart Poyner May 06, 2013

Nothing special.

3 Stars Wilhelmina February 07, 2013

My fiancé and I ate breakfast, it was tasty, nothing fancy but a well cooked meal with a lot of variety.

1 Star 360 Vegas Mark September 07, 2012

The worst buffet I've had in Vegas, maybe in my life. Poor selection, flavorless food, boring space. The best part of the meal was the few minutes before I started eating when I thought eating here was a good idea. Food literally made us vomit later that evening.

2 Stars Mike April 19, 2012

Went because we had a Hotel voucher. Still little pricy for what it was. Food was average, nothing was great but not terrible-nothing stood out and I had a lot of different foods which was the good part. Went for lunch and they had a good selection of different types of food. Worse part was service. There was no line place was empty and still took 10 mins to get our drinks, never saw the waitress again. Needed to bug 2 other waitresses to get a drink, we gave up and left. Defiantly disappointed had better service at the Excalibur which is sad, expected better from the MGM.

3 Stars Anto28 September 11, 2011

Average buffet. Highlight was eating right next to Lewis Black.

3 Stars Gerry August 27, 2011

Good selection of food which was fresh and plentiful. Desserts are excellent. Drinks are extra but reasonable.

4 Stars Kalise August 20, 2011

By far my best Buffett experience on the Strip. Buying you tickets at the ATM in front makes it very fast and easy. Came here for a Saturday brunch. Paid for the bottomless mimosas and the service was amazing - our mimosas never were less than half full. A lot of food choices and as a vegetarian I have to say it is the most vegetarian friendly buffet I've ever been to.

2 Stars Tim May 04, 2011

There was food. None of it that good. Didnt dare touch the pre cooked eggs. Opted for fried eggs. Wont go back again

4 Stars Goon29 October 29, 2010

Above average buffet with quite a good selection. Service was fine but nothing to write home about. Keep your eyes open for room deals that include this buffet, you get 3 free meals each day out of them!

3 Stars Eric Vanhoesen October 25, 2010

Quality has suffered lately. Fewer choices than there used to be.

0 Stars D September 09, 2010

Good selection but food was dry and not the greatest tasting either. The desserts were the best part of the buffet and were hands down great but for the other stuff alright but not for $28 !

1 Star Robin August 18, 2010

Lots to choose from but everything was sub par. Food was dry from being under warming lights. Better off spending your money elsewhere.

4 Stars Cody June 20, 2010

Easy pay ATM style machine in front made paying a cinch and cut the waiting time in half compared to other buffets I've been to. All you can drink mimosas was a nice add-on. Staff was great and the food was excellent. Multible omlette stations allowed for faster service. Went in for brunch so we had a great breakfast and lunch selection. Did a little of both. The dessert table was terrific. A little overpriced but hey,,it's Vegas Baby!! Overall very satisfied and will come back.

4 Stars Sanriobaby June 08, 2010

The selection here was nice, and there was alot to choose from, but nothing compared to Wynn/Bellagio. Staff was really nice and our server was great too. The food was good, some great, others so-so, but hands down, the desserts were to DIE for and this is why I gave it 4 stars! My husband and I were comped for this meal, so we must note that despite the fact we liked our meal overall, we strongly feel it's overpriced. We did suggest that they offer a desserts-only buffet b/c ALL of them were so good!

5 Stars Dodie June 07, 2010

Great breakfast! More options than I could try.

5 Stars Sarah June 04, 2010


0 Stars Johanna May 20, 2010

Only ate breakfast here but always good love the fresh fruit. Servers realy good, please tip them! We saw alot of people not leaving them anything! Great coffee.

3 Stars RobC May 10, 2010

Did the all day buffet here. It was good. Not the best. But worth the money.

3 Stars Vito April 24, 2010

We ate here for lunch and food was ok small menu and food quality was not worth the $22 for lunch

4 Stars Caryn April 13, 2010

Great Saturday brunch, attentive server, good variety.

4 Stars Darrenuk April 09, 2010

Great breakfast buffet.

4 Stars Big daddy March 30, 2010

Food was good but the dessert bar was awesome

4 Stars Sarah Louise March 29, 2010

Loved it!!

2 Stars Russell Sauve March 26, 2010

When I was a kid and a teenager I'd read about Vegas an the books made it sound like Vegas buffets were in the original garden of Eden. Te walls were covered in shrimp and crab legs and steak was cut fresh off a live cow and cooked right in front of you. Then I went to te MGM buffet. I felt ripped off. No steak. No shrimp. No crab. Very Limited Optiond. Will not go back. But they did have a really good sugar free cheesecake. Hmmmm,,...

3 Stars Roseerose March 16, 2010

It was okay. Not so much selection to choose from than other buffets

4 Stars Anna March 01, 2010

One of the best out there!

4 Stars Drew January 04, 2010

One of the best.

0 Stars Cammie December 21, 2009

We were there in may food was terrible and way over priced.

3 Stars VegasFunFacts October 30, 2009

Not the best on the strip, but decent. Somewhere in the middle as far as quality goes

5 Stars Andrew hinchliffe October 29, 2009

We stopped in the MGM in October 2009 , so we tried the buffet for convience. We found the choice and quialty of food to be excellant. I would challange anyone to be left feeling hungry after the breakfast.

5 Stars Robert b April 19, 2009

Great buffet loved the crab legs excelent! Make sure to check out the all day special pay one price eat all day.

2 Stars Mike_Ch December 07, 2008

Two years after my last review, the place hasn't changed much. Covered in depth in this month's StripWalk. Some odd cuisine choices, like nachos and condiments at dinner that don't have a Mexican section to compliment. At $27 each, the price of dinner is robbery for what you get.

4 Stars Barry D. Epps October 26, 2008

This probably had some of the best food on the strip ... and we ate at several upscale places! The staff were very friendly and helpful! They had a GREAT breakfast!

0 Stars Neal Wright July 11, 2008

I was shocked to find this buffet rated "just average" because I found this buffet to be wonderful the staff was fairly nice and the selection was to die for. My family and I had breakfast here in June 25, 2008 and it was really excellent. I remeber having three plates full because I simply could not choose from their stunning variety of entrees including everything from chef-prepared omeletes to delectable pastries of all shapes sizes and flavors.

0 Stars mike_ch December 29, 2006

We're approaching New Years' Eve as I write this, so the Strip is coming crowded with bodies and traffic is quickly becoming a regular painful affair. With so many visitors in town, the MGM Grand's cavernous spaces seem almost like a good idea. Very few hotels in town can efficiently process so many people.

But somehow along the way they got the buffet completely wrong. Let me just get the comparison out of the way first: this buffet is better than Excalibur's, but it's not as good as Luxor's.

Design: At a late lunch, this buffet was running at 70% capacity. Which is busy, but ought not to be enough to cause a meltdown. But it did. Let's begin with the long aisle near the entrance. Similar to a setup at Excalibur, this encourages guests to walk into the buffet, take a plate, and begin piling items. But at Excalibur you get these items and are seated but here you begin by walking into the dining room and being given a table, so the design doesn't work. Furthermore, the aisle is a trench between two long tables of items, so people shift back and forth across the aisle and depending on traffic and people darting around sometimes the whole area has a long line while other times it doesn't.

Food: Mashed potatoes are nowhere near the carving station. They are in the aisle, near the vegetables. So once you get through the carving table line, you'll have to get into the line for the aisle if you want a side of mashed. Turkey and chicken tasted stale, mashed potatoes were only okay. Pizza was available in the aisle but both pepperoni and deluxe were completely gone and the people manning the aisle didn't care at all to replenish it. Desserts were average, I recommend the key lime pie if you find yourself here.

Serivce: The waitress, to her credit, knew she wouldn't be able to get back to me for a long time so she left me with 2 soft drinks. But there's empty tables all around me and she's in "overworked mode." And finally, although it was a late lunch and almost dinner, large signs for breakfast were still up. The Asian section had no sign that said Asian/Sushi, but one that said "Pancake & Waffle toppings." An empty table was labeled "Toaster section." So a new visitor didn't know what was where until they did a lot of walking around and took stock for themselves.

Overall: This would not be acceptable at a Steve Wynn operation, nor Harrah's, nor Boyd, and it likely would be frowned upon by Station Casino standards. Like at Excalibur, some manager somewhere is not doing their job. But, unlike Excalibur, you're being served drinks, albeit at a much higher price.

With so many buffets around this hotel, why go to this one? Don't.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 04, 2006

Pick your favorite meal of the day. You like breakfast? Go there. You like lunch? Go there. You like dinner? Go there. The most solid buffet we were able to find. And although the Bellagio buffet is the most classy and fancy, this is the most solid everyday eats you could have on vacation (especially if you have no clue what you are in the mood for, but you are hungry as hell).

The dinner steaks they cook for you are awesome as is the taco bar, the carving station is hard to beat and the salads are fantastic and many choices too! Beware of the cheese blintzes: they are the tastiest treat in all of Vegas, but oh does my belly feel full!

It isn't the cheapest buffet in town, but certainly one you won't walk away from disappointed.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 30, 2005

I has the breakfast buffet twice during my stay. Great service, and the quality of the food was better than expected. Definitely worth the $14 charge.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 17, 2005

Love this place. If you're a meat and potatoes person than this is the buffet for you. Food is delicious, always hot. We had line passes, so luckily we didn't have to wait. Would love to go back but there are so many other places to try, but wouldn't hesitate to come to the MGM buffet again!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 29, 2004

We had Thanksgiving dinner at the MGMG Grand Buffet and were impressed to meet their new chef-Chef Matt. he has made some great improvements since our last trip there. The variety, quality and presentation of the food was incredible as was the service of the wait staff!

0 Stars sweetie51759 March 06, 2004

The food was good, but it's a little pricy for supper.

0 Stars swanboy333 February 23, 2004

If you eat at this buffet, eat the breakfast. It is great. I love it. Food was eveything you would ever want for breakfast and the some. Service was great. Very nice people.

0 Stars Wired February 13, 2004

I was very surprised at the quality of the food (11.99) at this buffet. My experiences were both during breakfast, but the fruit was very sweet and colorful, better than I can get at home in the supermarkets, the ham was quite good. Bacon was a little too greasy. The chicken breast with country gravy was very tasty and everyone else (6 others) with us quite enjoyed their meals. Our first server was quite good, the second one we had put in a bare minimum effort so that was a little disappointing consdiering all she had to do was get us drinks and take empty plates. Regardless, I woudln't hesistate to come back here again. It literally changed my opinion of the "Vegas buffet".

0 Stars sweetnest August 19, 2003

The food is always good. Not exceptional, but very good. Nice variety, and the desserts are quite gormet for the price. You get a good "bang for your buck" at this buffet.

0 Stars bnsf600 June 08, 2003

The food selection was above average, but you had to
peel your own shrimp. Good choices for salad along with
good dessert selections. I liked the service very much
as the plates were taken away quickly and your glass
was always filled. There are better buffets out there,
but if you are staying at the hotel and don't want to
leave, then this is a good place to eat where you can
eat in casual clothes.

0 Stars roberti805 May 31, 2003

For such a large hotel/casino you would think that they would have a better buffet. The food was okay but there are better at other MGM/Mirage properties.

0 Stars dimsum April 18, 2003

I was going to eat here but the line was incredibly long. I snuck by to look at the selection and was glad I didn't wait. It all looked very average.
Pass this one up.

0 Stars sunny729 March 30, 2003

The food was rather good and the service is very friendly. The line can get a little long but it moves fast and the price was ok for the type of food that is served.

0 Stars billkat March 20, 2003

very poor buffet (dinner)dont bother ...go to the bellagio well worth the extra

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

Strictly average mid-level buffet. Nothing to rave over but there were no real dark spots either... Large variety of food and most of it looked edible.

0 Stars RateVegas User October 20, 2002

Avoid this buffet. There are much better choices. If you closed your eyes, everything would taste the same. I can't think of anything that was worthy of mention.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 28, 2001

Yes, the lines were long.. but fast. We eventually got smart and moved into the VIP lines, no one questioned it. My kids were like 2 pigs in mud in that place. They ran around trying to eat one of each. The food was exceptionally good, the shrimp was great,(I had 2 big plates of it)! The staff was talkative and courteous. We ate there 6 times during our stay of a week.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 16, 2001

Food here was better than average and definitely better that most strip buffets. There was a selection of different types of food including seafood. Lines were always long a certian times of the day. This was on the regular, so the food must be pretty good.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 17, 2001

Obscenely priced!

0 Stars RateVegas User May 17, 2001

Paid way too much for this less than average buffet

0 Stars RateVegas User May 17, 2001

WAY over priced and very poor selection.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 17, 2001

Very lacking in variety and quality.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 14, 2000

Average buffet. About the same size as the one at the Mirage or Bellagio, but nowhere near the selection or quality of food. Not badly priced however.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 23, 2000

Lines were very long, but fast moving...Food was good, but we stayed there for 5 days and only ate there 2 times.