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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Michael Mina (Bellagio)

5 Stars Talitha August 28, 2014

This is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. I wish it wasn't tucked away so well so more people could experience it. We enjoyed the pre-show tasting meal here with the wine pairing. We felt it was a good value. The service here was awesome--definitely set the bar high! The thing that is truly unique about this restaurant is the fine balance between fine dining and down-to-earth realness. It's a great representation of the man himself. It's cool to read a menu and know what all the ingredients are, but feel that you're still getting a gourmet meal. My boyfriend is a butcher and I have to say that we both felt that we had the best filet mignon (in a restaurant) ever at Michael Mina.

5 Stars JakeZ June 14, 2012

Excellent food & service.

3 Stars Will Smith April 24, 2011

I went to this place with my wife and 2 kids. It kinda needs a little work on the service part but other than that food was great

5 Stars Bob June 12, 2010

My review: go there! One of the finest restaurants in town. I go back often.

5 Stars Alexandra Hembolt February 21, 2009

A stunning, extraordinary achievement in fine American cuisine. Excellent

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 17, 2006

Horrible! Went there March 19th 2006. We had previously been to Aqua in San Francisco and had high expectations. The food wasnt anything special and the service was really, really bad.
Just not worth it at all.

0 Stars macfrodge November 03, 2005

Had dinner with 12 people recently and the level of service was impeccable. Granted, it was a bit over the top but we found it to be unobtrusive. The Chilean Sea Bass was exquisite - I believe "melts in your mouth" was the most commonly used description. I also had a signature trio for an appetizer (scallops and ceviche prepared in 3 different ways) - the presentation and taste was out of this world. Highly recommend this restaurant - but bring your wallets.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 13, 2004

Big whoop. Vastly overpriced and overenamored with itself. I enjoyed my meal there, but have enjoyed some Vegas buffets more. There were a lot of staff rushing around trying to make you feel like they were attentive, but it was just ridiculous. I laughed out loud a few times at the ostentatious displays of "service", like when they whisked away the napkin on my plate as I sat, and placed a completely different one on my lap. I suppose I should have been impressed, but I just wanted to say, "What's the point?" The other was the overly showy way of pouring my mixed drink right at the table. I suppose the point was to show me how much booze I was getting or something, but again it was just display. I've eaten at many an upscale restaurant, and can see the differnce between theatrics and actual service. Steer clear unless you REALLY enjoy paying to much.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 08, 2002

Had my birthday dinner there this year... great food, friendly and accomodating service. I enjoyed my tangy seared ahi creation immensely.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 01, 2001

Food was different, creative and excellent. The staff was wonderful and always there for anything you needed.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 15, 2000

The seafood was satisfactory to excellent for the 4 of us. The appetizers were very creative and well prepared. Desserts were first rate.

The service staff was hurried and should have been better informed regarding the preparation of the entrees