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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Monte Carlo Buffet (Monte Carlo)

1 Star @Ncastle11 April 28, 2015

Skip it if you can. We cashed in a my Vegas reward and regretted it.
It was fine as buffet goes, but all the cut meat was tasteless and tough. Limited dinner selection.
We never met our assigned waitress, which made for an awkward decision when deciding what to leave for a tip.
As it stands now, my wife and I have decided to skip buffets from now on thanks to this experience.

3 Stars @IndyJeffrey November 26, 2013

If you have a free or discounted coupon go, but it's a bit pricy for the quality and/or variety. I went for breakfast and they have the standard fare, waffles, omelette station, etc. I like that I can get my own coffee without having to wait for a server. Quite a bit crowded with tour group, but that was bad timing on my part rather than a knock on place.

5 Stars Joann Juarez August 29, 2013

Went here for Sunday brunch!! Everything was great!!!

2 Stars Vegas vacationer May 27, 2013

This buffet is not worth the price. It was mediocre to say the least. The best part was watching a woman fill up and clean out her personal water bottles at the pop station. If you are looking for a good breakfast buffet go across the street to the MGM.

1 Star Chris June 23, 2012

For someone who isn't too picky, this buffet was awful for the price. I kept trying something different expecting it to be better, it wasn't. Stay away!

3 Stars Cody May 19, 2012

Had breakfast. Not a large selection but what was there was tasty and well prepared. Eggs to order and all you can drink mimosas?? Enough said.

5 Stars Trever September 11, 2011

Stayed at the Monte Carlo for four days. We ate the breakfast buffet three times because it was included in our package. The buffet was excellent and the waiters went out of their way to get you what you ask for. The mimosas were only $2.00 more for all can drink.

5 Stars Lisa September 04, 2011

The best breakfast buffet on the strip!!! Champagne brunch on the weekends for an extra 2$.. Good variety of food. Awesome service!!!

1 Star Johanna August 20, 2011

Now I know what prison food must be like. Save your money !!!

1 Star Rickf July 09, 2011

Horrible selection. Rude staff. Save your money and go somewhere else. I have had better meals in the hospital. Went at 2:00 on a Saturday and it was 75% breakfast (even though they charge you the lunch price).

5 Stars Will April 08, 2011

We had the breakfast buffet and it was fantastic! Great service, friendly staff & the price was reasonable. The food selection was fantastic! No question I would come back here again.

3 Stars Cody March 24, 2011

This was a very nice place. Not a large selection but what was there was tasty and well prepared. Eggs to order and an excellent dessert bar. Very glad we stopped in.

3 Stars Sanriobaby June 08, 2010

After reading the reveiws, my hubby and I flipped a coin and wound up here for dinner. The selection was smaller than expected,and the food was okay, nothing horrible but not spectacular either. The prime rib although bland, was cooked to a perfect med rare. The desserts were a hit and miss too. I must say that the staff was super friendly and our server was VERY attentive, we never had to ask for a refill even once! Overall, unless we were offered to dine here for free, I probably wouldn't spend the money to eat here again.

4 Stars Vgonzlz May 25, 2010

When we checked in we asked for coupons and got a 2 for 1 for the buffet. We had lunch there and it was really good, not too big of a variety but what they did have was very tasty.

4 Stars Eric April 13, 2010

Tried this buffet for breakfast in January 2010. Pretty reasonably priced (~$12). Service was quick, food was hot and tasty, and I got in and out of there pretty quickly, which is what I was looking for. No complaints.

1 Star Allen April 06, 2010

Just awful! Avoid this place. Bad food and even worse service. After being seated, I waited more than 10 minutes withou a server to take my drink order before finally giving up and tracking down a hostess. Still had to wait another 5 minutes for a server. Finally had a chance to sample the food. It was terrible. I sampled a lot of different stuff and flavors ranged from tasteless to stale. Avoid this place

3 Stars Barry March 29, 2010

As far as buffets go, it was okay. I only ate there for breakfast. Selection was so so, the quality of the food I would say was above average. I would recommend it only as a convenience. Nothing spectacular.

4 Stars QM March 19, 2010

Not bad for what your paying for.. Go throw $20 on black and eat for free ;)

0 Stars user June 17, 2009

This buffet Is AWFULL!!! They don't care about people at all!!! Home Town buffet is probably better than this ...:(( Don't waste your money, go to M RESORT buffet in Henderson. This is the place to eat!!!

0 Stars mike_ch September 26, 2008

The creatively named "Buffet" at Monte Carlo is about $14 for lunch, the same price as Excalibur's Round Table Buffet and Luxor's MORE. With Excalibur, you get a poor layout and drinks you have to refill yourself. With Luxor, you get a dark basement dining room and tiny glasses. Fortunately, the Monte Carlo buffet has large glasses that are refilled for you, so it's an easy victory, right?

Not quite. Like all buffets built by prior Mandalay Resorts ownership, this buffet has a huge dining room and a small food service area. Luxor does this (actually, their food service area is kind of huge, but a lot of it is shut down most of the time.) and Excalibur basically does this by doubling the entrance trench with a buffet line, the result is always the same: dodging others and crowding. Furthermore, the steak is top round instead of prime rib like at Luxor. However, the top round was really good IMO. There also wasn't any turkey. Dessert was good and included creme brulee and tasty cheesecakes along with cupcakes and cookies, The Asian foods are there, as is a seafood section but that's not really my interest so I passed it over. I felt the Mexican station seemed to be missing. So the food is good, but limited, and the space is crowded. And for only $5 more you can get the really high end stuff by walking past CityCenter to Bellagio. So, while I'd say this is better than MGM Grand and Excalibur, it's about level with Luxor and as a solo person I'd just spend a few more bucks and get something really good elsewhere.

0 Stars phil pfister March 01, 2007

dinner buffet was awful. food was limited and bland. Our waitress was very poor. Will not eat there again.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 16, 2006

The breafast buffett is very good for the price. We really enjoy the omelet station. Kind of busy after 9 am- but the servers are good.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 17, 2005

How can people even begin to complain about this buffet, especially if they prefer the Bellegio over MC?

First, they are in an entirely different class. I guess us average mundane people just expect less.

Anyway---my experience at the Monte Carlo buffet was nothing short of spectacular. There was a great amount of food to choose from and my plate was always steaming hot. Drinks were refilled immediatly and empty plates removed promptly. The line to be seated also goes fast.

Very good buffet but if you're expecting a large amount of seafood or exotic foods such as boar etc...then hightail your butt over to the Bellagio and pay twenty-five bucks a head.

0 Stars Paul July 02, 2003

An excellent champagne brunch. The food is delicious and the service couldn't have been better. My champagne glass was refilled as fast as I good drink it. Drunk before noon, you gotta love Vegas. The carrot cake was awesome.

0 Stars bnsf600 June 08, 2003

The food was above average and the fruit/salad were both
very fresh. The selection of salad items was above average
and they had the standard choices for dinner as I recall.
It's a nice buffet, but I would not drive in 110 degree
temperatures to visit the buffet as I would for the Bellagio
buffet. Quick refills of drinks and plates taken away

0 Stars roberti805 May 31, 2003

Went for breakfast and they were serving the usual breakfast buffet fare, was good and reasonably priced.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 24, 2002

Breakfast was good. We ate there 3 times and no line before 9:00 A.M..

0 Stars RateVegas User September 08, 2002

Excellent buffet. Could be a little more spread out as to not knock elbows with others. Other than that, I loved it!

0 Stars RateVegas User September 26, 2001

One the best mid price range

0 Stars RateVegas User January 22, 2001

Average at best. In no hurry to return.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 04, 2001

This place sucks my hairy white ass.
The food was wretched, the selection pathetic, and the
desire to return non-existent.
Wish I had just waited in line for Bellaggio Buffet (sigh...)

0 Stars RateVegas User July 10, 2000

Just returned from another pleasant stay at MC. It's not flashy, but reliable and good. Nice pool area. Nice people. Good value, fun buffet. Can't wait to get back.