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Hard Rock Las Vegas

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Hard Rock Las Vegas

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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Mr. Lucky's (Hard Rock Las Vegas)

0 Stars Jane Public January 22, 2015

Hit and miss w/ service. There veggie burgers fall apart too easily.large variety of food on menu to appeal to anyone's appetite drunk or sober. The young hostess just let folks stand up front and not be sated for quite awhile, when asked to be seated she acted surprised as if no one ever asked her such things. My server was a nice older lady but I had to wait a while and flag her down twice for things. Granted there is a rather larger convention here at HRH but the resterant need not be understaffed.

4 Stars Dan February 10, 2012

The nachos at 1am after traveling all day hit the spot!

3 Stars Andrew November 10, 2011

Average diner won't blow you away, but the food is reasonably priced.

4 Stars adz January 16, 2011

Have eaten here a couple of times on various trips... The Steak and Shrimp Special is very good.. Service is quick..

5 Stars Mike December 25, 2010

Great food, excellent service. Ask for the special it's not on the menu

3 Stars Cody April 30, 2010

Had the special. It was hot, filled me up, and was priced right. Nothing fancy here but it's all good. A great late night pick me up.

5 Stars Anonymous January 09, 2010

One of the best coffee places!!! Omg!

3 Stars Wheels02 November 04, 2009

Good food, good price. I got the reg burger, she got 9.99 steak... She said could be better but it was all you eat steak for the $9.99 so there you go. As far as noise not too bad, service was ok.

0 Stars mike_ch October 12, 2008

Yes, they do have $9.99 prime rib from 4p-4a. Yes, it is cheaper than even a burger. On the other hand, it was undercooked and as rubbery as a tire.

Staff feigned interest but I got the impression they didn't really care. Business was pretty dead on a weekend evening.

The room itself is right off the casino, meaning it's just as noisy and overdone in red-pink tint as the casino is. If I really want to eat at this resort again, I'll try the cafe at the corner of the site outside the front door. This was pretty bad.

0 Stars YoungGun August 21, 2003

The food was really, really good for a coffee shop. I had the steak and shrimp special and was very impressed. My friend and his girl had the buffalo wings and reported them to be the spiciest thing they've ever eaten. The mashed potatoes are interesting since you get melted butter on the side. I liked this since I hate gravy, but it is easy to over do it on the butter. Hostesses are all really attractive, but most of the servers are guys. It can be loud since it is open to the casino. The noise didn't really bother me though. Overall a good experience.

0 Stars roberti805 May 31, 2003

Great food, I am never disappointed here, they also have great specials (besides the steak and shrimo) at certain days and hours-just ask your server.

0 Stars dimsum April 18, 2003

Bring your earplugs everybody!
I went to Mr. Lucky 24/7 for the 2nd time on April 17th 2003.
I probably got there at 1pm and was greeted by a brunette in a short black skirt.And I do mean short. Girls, if you're going out for a quick bite with your man you might want to skip this place if you don't like him staring at the hostess.)

This restaurant is VERY VERY loud so if you're looking in sit down and talk don't go here!

I came here because they have a special and you get a lot for your money.
Alright folks...For $7.77 you can get a salad of your choosing, 3 grilled shrimp, a 12 oz steak, and potatoes of your choosing (mashed, baked, or french fries.)

The waiter must have felt bad because he was busy and it took him a while to take our order so here gave us free drinks.

Good place to go for a quick, cheap meal.
(Maybe I should also add that I went in EVERY casino on the Strip and Downtown and this one was by far the smokiest! Yuck)
(Typical of a trendy restaurant)