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Hard Rock Las Vegas

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Hard Rock Las Vegas

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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews NOBU (Hard Rock Las Vegas)

4 Stars John January 08, 2013

A wonderful dinner. We went with the Chef's tasting menu and it was quite good, but certainly not cheap. A splurge rather than everyday meal, even in Vegas.

3 Stars Bob August 13, 2012

Good sushi. Very expensive. Young crowd. Other Nobu restaurants are better.

3 Stars Graham Lionel March 06, 2012

I've had much better sushi, and for a fraction of the price of Nobu. The service is great, everyone is very friendly, but the food is not worth the price.

5 Stars Mario October 01, 2011

Simply love this place! Had a party of five and ate family style. The food runners were so educated with the food and how to approach the food. Everything tasted fresh and clean no wonder this place gets a good rating. The waiter was busy with his other tables but was still attentive and always refilled my water so I knew he was on his A game. I will definitely recommend this place and come back again when I'm in Vegas.

5 Stars C M Piscitelli July 28, 2011

The Las Vegas version of one of NYC's best does not disappoint. The signature dish, Black Cod with Miso, Is a must-do. Sushi is fresh and excellent. Try the Creamy, Spicy, Shrimp Tempura...also a crowd pleaser. Nobu is a masterful Chef and his work shines in Sin City.

5 Stars John February 17, 2011

Oh my gosh- Nobu is bliss. This is the best Japanese restaurant in the U.S. bar none. I can't wait to go back!

4 Stars Dorian October 22, 2010

Nobu was a terrific experience. Top notch personalized service and dinner with a flair. Ask for the chefs suggestions. He's from the south pacific and has a few recipes up his sleeve that will leave you breathless. Ask for the whole crispy Yellowtail Snapper in Miso butter sauce. OMG! The black cod in butter leaf lettuce with phyllo pastry is the best thing on the menu. The sushi is top notch and the best you will have. Desserts were spectacular and beautiful. I left with a full belly and enjoyed every morsel. Highly recommended, Nobu was a treat.

3 Stars New orleans August 31, 2010

Very overpriced sushi but was really good but don't plan on getting full for anything less than 125 a person

2 Stars Reviewer July 22, 2010

Nobu is pricey. Spent over $100 on single diner and was still hungry. The foods really good though but could've easily sat there and ate up to a grand to get full.

5 Stars Trey January 02, 2010

Earns every right to its Michelin Star. Delicious!

5 Stars Christine A. November 09, 2009

Absolutely stellar. Taste rules the worldly Nobu. He is a master chef!

0 Stars M Walter April 12, 2007

Nobu gets it right. Not only is this the best sushi in Vegas, it's up there for the best Sushi in the USA. There is nothing that I can criticize about this place. I've been there four or five times, and every time I'm quite satisfied and have fond memories of my visits. Food, service and atmosphere all right very high for Nobu LV.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 28, 2005

THE BEST sushi in Vegas. Period. No more to be said. Go there - You won't be sorry!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 28, 2005

Nobu is all-out the best restaurant in Vegas. Celebrity sightings are plenty, food is good. And the chef comes around to see how his diners are enjoying the meals. Easily on my Top-10 Vegas List.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 25, 2004

nobu sucks!!!!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 23, 2004

If NOBU means "bad service" in Japanese then they got it right. We waited 30 min. for our table and were seated in front of the kitchen. Our server had a lot of attitude and our food came out at different times!! The only time we got anything quickly was when they brought us the check, before dessert, which was never offered, probably to give our table to some other unlucky group who had been waiting for their table just like us!!
Nobu -NO WAY!!!!