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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Old Homestead (Caesars Palace)

5 Stars Glenn January 09, 2014

OMG! Best steak I have ever eaten. It's pricey but well worth it for a special evening. The service was incredible!

5 Stars Jared May 16, 2012

the food was pricey & amazing. from table bread to the steaks, i never ate such tastey food. the chefs got it right.

1 Star Ed March 07, 2012

Went on a Friday the 2nd of march. Food average, prices out of this world. Got a better, tastier steak at outback and much better service. Save your money and go any other steak house which will provide a better service, better steak at a better price.

1 Star Ed P. February 06, 2012

We went to Old Homestead on Jan 30, and I was so looking forward to it, especially because of how renowned its NYC parent is. Geez, was I disappointed. The service was great, but the food absolutely sucked. The cook(s), for whatever reason couldn't properly cook mine or my wife's filet ... medium-well, which isn't that hard to do. They tried three times and never got the stakes past medium rare, but the burned the outside of steaks to hell. Needless to say, the steaks were completely ruined at that point. And when the concierge came to our table, he only asked if our food was okay. When we said it wasn't, his reply was, "Yeah, I saw you send it back." When our waitress came to the table a couple of minutes later and asked if the manager had come over, we said no, but that the concierge had. Our waitress then informed us that it wasn't the concierge at all, but rather the manager (he never introduced himself as the manager). Of course, he never came back over to the table or attempted to rectify the problem in any way whatsoever. This place sucks and I'll never go back, nor will I recommend it to anyone ... accept to recommend they not go. The Old Homestead in Ceasars replaces another steakhouse that was called Neros. While Neros was nothing to write home about, it was lightyears better than Old Homestead. Avoid this dump like the plague.