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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Olives (Bellagio)

5 Stars Joe K March 07, 2013

A truly remarkable experience. We were treated like kings from start to finish. Had the Salmon with a risotto that was incredible. Great views of the Strip and fountains. Highly recommended!

4 Stars Amanda paull September 09, 2012

Great service from Paul- and the food was spectacular- ESP the carpaccio. Ask for the terrace seating for great views of the strip and front row seat to the Bellagio fountains.

5 Stars Brandon July 18, 2012

Very good. Service was good. Food was good. Nothing I can complain about.

4 Stars Dave C July 07, 2012

The food and atmosphere were really nice. I really enjoyed their flatbread pizzas.

5 Stars Toots June 21, 2012

This is our favorite place to eat on the strip! The views of the fountains are awesome and the food is always superb. The vodka infused pineapple martini and the flatbreads are a must when dining here!

5 Stars EMH April 19, 2012

Our favorite place to eat in Vegas, we make sure to hit it at least once a visit. Great food, even better service and an excellent value relative to other higher end choices. Definitely worth the wait for a table on the water.

4 Stars TD November 29, 2011

Wonderful location and great food and drink!

5 Stars Jeff F November 13, 2011

An amazing place to enjoy the fountains. Call for a reservation and make sure you sit outside. It was a little chilly, but the heaters were helpful. The martinis were wonderful. The beef carpaccio was magnificent. A little pricey, but worth it.

3 Stars Bob October 30, 2011

Good food, pleasant but slow service.

1 Star Jayne G September 20, 2011

Truly awful. The restaurant was full with a good atmosphere. It went down from there. The crispy tempura prawns were flabby and tasteless. Our other starter, fried squid, was equally disappointing. I ordered rib eye steak cooked medium for my main. It was served raw. My husband's lobster pasta was stodgy. I complained to the manager who thought that providing two disasters was acceptable but offered to recook my main. I left as I couldn't be bothered to wait when my husband had finished. Avoid if possible. How difficulties it to cook a steak?

5 Stars Jim C August 21, 2011

This place is amazing! How is it possible to have a better place in the world? Sitting at a great spot eating and drinking great food, watching a world wonder the Bellagio fountains, and to your left the eiffel tower and straight back the largest man made project in north american history city center. A must when you are in vegas. Ask for the patio as it is the best place in the world.

4 Stars David August 06, 2011

A must if you are in vegas. Cocktails were amazing! Service was very good. Had an app, salad an split an entree with my wife while we sat on the patio and watched the bellagio water show.

4 Stars Prairie sailor July 12, 2011

Nice. Views inside are limited.

1 Star atdleft December 08, 2010

Stay, stay, stay away from this place! Sure, the views outside are gorgeous. However, the food inside is dull and thoughtless. My pasta was nearly inedible. The cannoli shell tasted stale. Not even the olives were interesting here!

Seriously, there are so many better restaurants all around to try. Olives simply is not worth your time, and this turista trap is certainly not worth your hard-earned money!

3 Stars Mike_Ch November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving special. The dining room atmosphere and fountains balcony is great, but food seemed to be middling quality ingredients that were well presented in order to boost prices. But again, this was a holiday dinner, can't speak for their regular menu.

4 Stars Salvegas24 November 07, 2010

My wife and I have made Olives a regular dining experience on our vacations. We always make reservations, arrive early, and request to sit on the patio. The food is amazing, great service, and the fountain show not only makes for great ambience but has given us some of our favorite Vegas memories. The staff has also done an outstanding job in accommodating my wife's numerous allergies with ease.

5 Stars LAURENCE AUNG October 26, 2010

Absolutely loved the food and services.

5 Stars Dean October 06, 2010

Never go to LV without a meal at this restaurant.
Consistently good, with a great view of the fountain show.
Try the flatbread and carppacio.

5 Stars Jaymes September 26, 2010

One of the best restaurants in the city. Unbeatable views and food and service to match. I've eaten here twice now, and I'll be back next time I'm in Vegas. A lot of times I feel that at restaurants where the view is the star the food is second rate, but not here. Sitting on the patio provides breath-taking views of the lake and fountain show. Don't miss the beef carpaccio appetizer and for dessert try the souffle. Last time I was there i tried to think which is better the food or the view. I think its a tie, sometimes I was so entranced by the watershow I forgot about my plate, but many other times I couldn't turn away from my meal to watch the fountains. Absolutely fantastic restaurant. Great for a romantic evening.

5 Stars Mario and Dorothy From Canada July 14, 2010

My wife's favorite restaurant in las Vegas.
Great food and service.

The Menu hasn't changed much in four years but why mess with a good thing.

Make a reservation or don't bother...

Get there early and request a patio table.
If your lucky enough to sit on the patio it will be a dinner to remember!

It's well worth the wait!

Mario and Dorothy

4 Stars Rick Thames July 08, 2010

Had two distinctly different experiences here. In 2008, we were rushed through our lunchtime meal ( they actually brought the main WHILST we were still eating our starter!). In 2009 it was a more sedate affair, thankfully. On both occasions the food was of a high quality. will let you know how 2010 rates in six weeks

4 Stars Bob June 12, 2010

Four stars is perfect for Olives. Very good restaurant, great service/staff, but compared to so many high quality places within a short distance it almost feels "chain-y". Buggest danger us while waiting for a table my wife always ends up buying something across the way at Tiffany, makes the meal a poor overall dollar value! Seriously though, very good but not at the top compared to other on the strip places.

4 Stars Austin April 27, 2010

The food at Olives is pretty good, service was attentive, and the presentation is fitting for a restaurant at the Bellagio. Really, though, what draws me back here over and over again is the outdoor seating. There are maybe 10 tables on the patio that overlook Lake Bellagio, and if you go there in the evening after the sun has set, you have an unparalleled seat for the fountain shows, one of my favorite free attractions in Vegas.

One other thing. When I was there back in November of 2009, they served a bread basket with a "chocolate roll." It was a little bread roll made with cocoa powder, I think, and maybe a light sugar glaze. It was unbelievably good, even with the olive tampanade that came with the break basket. Strange how olives and chocolate went together, but there you have it. =)

4 Stars donnymac66 April 15, 2010

Olives was never really on my radar of places I wanted to go but some of my friends really wanted to try it. It was a Saturday night and they were going to O and I found a $10 craps table that was smoking hot and we had a 9:15 reservation. After they dragged me away from the craps table with a banana chip we were able to score a patio table. In my opinion this is the only place to sit here. It was a crisp January night but the heaters made it comfortable without a jacket.

The service was prompt and knowledgeable. We were served some great olive bread to start thaw was delicious. I had a Caesar salad to start that was crisp with a great garlicky dressing. For my entree I had the salmon special as recommended by our server and it was cooked very well.

Overall I really enjoyed Olives, but I think it was the setting on the patio with the fountains of Bellagio in the background that was really the star of this meal.

5 Stars Eric April 13, 2010

On a trip a couple of years ago, my wife ate our last dinner of the trip at Olives. I've wanted to try this place for a long time and it did NOT disappoint. We had a table inside, as it was just a bit too cool to sit on the patio (this was in December).

We didn't have a table directly adjacent to the window, but we were close enough to enjoy the fountain show several times throughout the course of our meal.

The food was excellent, starting off with the freely provided bread with olive tapanade. Wine list was extensive; to their credit, they have a good amount of beers on tap as well.

5 Stars Caryn April 13, 2010

Amazing food and atmosphere. We had 5pm reservations on a Sunday for 5 people, checked in at 4:45 and got the last outside table available. I would recommend waiting for an outside table if you can, inside seemed loud and dark when we walked through on the way out.

5 Stars RG2 April 08, 2010

OMG..I love Olives. I had the Kobe beef fillets and barely needed to chew them, it was that tender. The food presentation is top notch. Everything we and our dining companions ordered was delicious, the service was amazing and the drinks were better than expected. Try a fresh mojito. I have never been disappointed here.

0 Stars Michelle March 30, 2010

Great food, great service and a wonderful view of the fountains.

5 Stars Dr. Dukes March 10, 2010

This was my 2nd time at Olives and the food and service were superb as usual!! Try the amazing Maytag martini. savor the olive plate and breads they give to all tables esp the kalamata olive spread. The salmon was also excellent.

4 Stars Naboozal February 01, 2010

Good bread and olive spreads. Fig and prosciutto flat bread decent but hard to eat. Eggplant ravioli was outstanding but very heavy. Service was good. It was raining or would have liked to sit outside.

4 Stars Mario M. January 24, 2010

Good food..nice place..Did not sit on the patio, but overall good place to dine at.

4 Stars John November 10, 2009

Anniversary trip. Had eaten at Todd English at Disney last year so wanted to stick with it. Made reservations early. Checked in early that evening to request outside table. This certainly made the difference. The table was along the edge, there were propane heaters taking the edge off of a slight chill. The seats offered stunning views of the water show. The mood set , the food was excellent and reasonably priced and service was good. Worth a try.

5 Stars Jason November 02, 2009

Great food

3 Stars Phil Guest October 25, 2009

Arguably overrated, Olives has a hit and miss menu that's definitely overpriced. It's OK but not the best Vegas has to offer at the price.

5 Stars Thomas October 08, 2009

Great food. Great atmosphere. We sat on the patio prior to seeing "O". Had reservations for 5:15pm and got the last table on the patio. Was able to see the fountain show several times. Great food.

4 Stars LilyThePink May 19, 2009

We wanted to sit on the patio so planned for this. Make your reservation earlier than you actually want -when you arrive they will tell you to come back in an hour if you want the patio.Go to the casino or the shops or as we did - the Petrossian Bar - nice atmosphere with piano player- then come back to Olives. Enjoyed it - must agree it is a little overpriced. Had front seats on the patio - got a little wet when it got breezy lol

5 Stars Big Time April 16, 2009

My fiancé and I really enjoyed this place when we went in december, the food and service were fantastic, we are going back this summer and I hope to get seats outide along the fountain show... That seems like it would be awesome... Prices are reasonably cheaper during lunch

3 Stars tjmann February 15, 2009

Good service, great bread and atmosphere. The pasta was quite good but I could have done just as well at home.

4 Stars Lordy January 11, 2009

Had lunch here on Friday 9th Jan 2009. The choice for a lunch menu was very good and there was a good choice of wine available as well. We got to sit outside overlooking the fountains and it was quite a calm and relaxing place to eat considering you are in a busy Vegas hotel. I had the lovely tomatoe soup for a starter( very well done) and had the pepperoni flatbread as my main, washed down with a Chardonnay. It isn't the cheapest place to lunch but you are in one of the worlds most famous hotels and sat in abide setting. The staff were very good and I will eat here again on my next Vegas trip......

3 Stars Chia January 06, 2009

Super service, good food but very expensive! An over all positive dining experience but perhaps not quite worth $400 for five of us. Now I would go again if I could sit outside overlooking the fountain show, that would be worth the money in my opinion.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 19, 2005

I had a spectacular time at Olives. Heard a lot about this place and it indeed exceeded expectations. Most hospitable staff, from hostess to server. Genuinely caring service without being overbearing. We just loved the Veal Chop, Grouper, Lobster. Sommelier suggested a great Pinot Noir to accompany our meals. We even got to see the Bellagio Water show. I will be back to Olives.

0 Stars Linda M July 14, 2003

This is our second time for eating at Olives, I had the ricotta raviloi, it was very good, service at this restaurant was very good, but several of us felt it was over-priced.
The price for wine that I normally get at other restaurants (not in Vegas) was less than half price for the same bottle. This time we ate dinner there, last time it was lunch.
I would have to say, if you want to eat there, sit out on the patio and go for lunch, then it's more of an experience with the fountains going, and the lunch prices are a bit fairer.

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

Olives is especially fun if you can sit out on the patio... They have an intersting menu... Some American twists on European dishes. Good stuff.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 15, 2002

My husband and I went here for our anniversary dinner on May 2, 2002 and it was by far, the best meal we ever had. It was a great experience over all.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 10, 2001

Very good food and friendly service, but a bit overpriced. You will be paying four-star prices for a three-star restaurant.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 27, 2001

Went there for lunch and had the best food of my trip to Vegas. The breads and olive spread at the beginning of the meal threatened to fill the table up before the meal. They were too good to pass up. Next time, dinner, maybe on the patio for a great view of the fountain.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 03, 2000

Very good restaurant. My girlfriend and I had a great time eating at Olives. The service was awesome and the food was the best that that we had the whole time we spent in Vegas. i would highly recomend this restaurant.