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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Pampas Brazilian Grille (Planet Hollywood)

1 Star Tom November 17, 2015

We had eaten here a few years ago for a late lunch and loved it but this was terrible. 15 minutes from sitting down to the first slice of meat. The waiter asked what temperature we wanted our beef but we never saw any medium rare only medium well to well done. Only one refill on tea. Water bottle ran dry. We took what ever came because we were hungry.
While we were looking for the waiter, I could see half the restaurant and no one , I mean no one, had food on their plate. Not one fork moved to a mouth for ten minutes.
After an hour we left hungry. No tip. We always tip.

2 Stars Heather May 21, 2013

We went to Pampas last night. I ordered the surf and turf and my husband just the meat. Although we were there over an hour, I never saw one piece of seafood come to our table. The majority of meats that did arrive were over cooked to well done. Our waiter came to our table twice to refill drinks, but not otherwise. When we told him that the seafood portion needed removed from our bill, he acted put out and said he would have to get a manager. Never got a sorry about that or anything from either one of them. Terrible customer service. Do not go here unless you have a decent coupon. It's not worth the money otherwise.

4 Stars Jay January 25, 2013

Excellent. Had a groupon but worth full price. Will go back again next time around.

4 Stars Gregory T December 18, 2012

Pretty good Brazilian style restaurant. Seating was fast, the side bar was loaded, the iced tea was good, and the meat was hot and on the spot. I wish it were a little more spiced and exotic, but still very filling. Budget $50 a person.

2 Stars Mike May 02, 2011

Way off the mark for a good Brazilian steakhouse. Food overcooked and not very good. Salad bar is very small and loaded with subpar sides that are almost all cold. Small selection and definite mall food court feel. Not impressed. far too expensive for this level of food and service. try Texas Du Brazil and feast as you would expect.

5 Stars Erika R May 01, 2011

So delicious and very good service.

4 Stars Simon hawes April 09, 2011

We had the lunch buffet it was great so much food and good food at that. But do note that same buffet goes up from 19 doll to 39 in eve.service is very good as well.

5 Stars Tom March 26, 2011

Amazing fresh off the grill. Lunch one of the best bargains in town. The salad bar was small by Vegas standards but everything was wonderful. The roast mushrooms were life changing. Meat eaters paradise each time they came to the table the meat was fresh grilled perfectly and not over spiced. The seafood was not on par with the meat selections. We ate so Much at lunch we didn't eat until midnight.

5 Stars Ceasar March 01, 2011

Food was awesome!! Our whole family came here it was like 40 of us and the food was awesome. Great service waiters were awesome. And even though everyone was full. They kept bringing more food and we kept eating. We just simply could not stop eating.

4 Stars Charles December 31, 2010

Not too bad, typical Brazilian dinner..