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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Paradise Garden Buffet (The Flamingo)

4 Stars Caro June 29, 2013

I had read the reviews for this buffet before we ate there so I was not really expecting it to be all that great. I was pleasantly surprised. Good food, large variety and price was in line with what they offered. We ate there on Friday evening, June 7, 2013 which cost a little more than the weekday fare, but the weekends include crab legs so the price raises a little for that and probably some other dishes. They were worth the money as was all the food. Desserts were abundant and delicious. Plenty to choose from and no complaints from anyone in our party. Would definitely go back again.

3 Stars Adrian October 18, 2012

Standard buffet food. Got a free pass as a comp so I decided to try it out. Decent selection, including shrimp. Overall I was satisfied with it for lunch, though I don't know that I'd actually pay to eat here. But for free, it was great.

3 Stars Tracey June 11, 2012

haha You CAN screw up bacon and eggs..the eggs were soggy as heck and bacon so over cooked it would be hard pressed to even put in a salad. HOWEVER, the made to order omelet station is great and the seafood pretty good, except no hot butter on the buffet. It's not a BAD buffet, just mediocre. Salad bar is interesting, but doesn't really provide lots of salad toppings like cheese, croutons, veggies, bacon etc....The Paris buffet is THE best for any meal, yes, there is a line up but so worth it.

4 Stars Jeff Y. January 29, 2012

This is actually our favorite breakfast buffet. Short lines. Good food. I mean really....you can't screw up bacon & eggs.

4 Stars DFVentura July 23, 2011

I know this buffet gets knocked, and I wouldn't eat dinner there, BUT when you're staying there it's very convenient & really not bad for breakfast.

2 Stars Joe C July 11, 2011

Food was subpar, there are better buffets in Las Vegas. You get what you pay for.

3 Stars Kkenn June 20, 2011

Breakfast buffet was pretty good. Ate at Paris buffet yesterday and it was awful. Flamingo was better with a great view of the waterfalls.

3 Stars Ryan April 05, 2011

Breakfast not great but not terrible

4 Stars Colleen February 03, 2011

Ate there yesterday, and it was great! Love the flamingo, and the food was decent. Just wished our daughter was with us to enjoy the candied apple!

4 Stars Sk January 23, 2011

Meh not really good food or selection.

2 Stars adz January 22, 2011

Have tried the "Sunday Brunch" for what it was worth...surprised at how few choices there were...food was ok...I was expecting more...had a $5 off coupon...which made it a bit more palatable...

4 Stars Trevor C January 06, 2011

As far as buffets go this one is pretty standard. The food is pretty decent for the average folk and the price is good. Definitely give their Sunday brunch a shot for some good bang for your buck!

2 Stars Michael Dutterer October 21, 2010

The buffet is okay for it's value. Not very expensive but nothing terrific on the buffet either. Try to avoid if possible.

3 Stars Michael July 01, 2010

Got a really bad case of food poisoning from eating at this buffet the day before I was suppose to leave. Had to be wheel chaired onto the plane since I was very dizzy, had a bad headache, etc... Luckily my parents were there with me.

Beware, there food is not cooked thoroughly.

0 Stars Gene June 07, 2010

Best thing was the cotton candy. That isn't saying much…would not recommend.

0 Stars Jack MeeOff May 31, 2010

Terrible food. I think all the Las Vegas buffets are going downhill and are using low quality food items. This place is almost as bad as the Excalibur. The breakfast buffet here is horrible. Seems the scrambled eggs were either instant or watered down. The orange juice was also watered down to the point where it tasted like orange water. If you want good food at a good price, go to Ellis Island near Bally's. They have awesome food and great service. The Flamingo really blows.

1 Star RobC May 10, 2010

Not the worst. But not good.

4 Stars Vito April 24, 2010

We ate here for dinner one night and the food was excellant. The have a wide selection anywhere from fish to prime rib to good desert. The price is a bit high but compaired to other buffets which are priced close to this one I would eat here again

1 Star Jessica April 20, 2010

Not worth time or money. Came here for breakfast and there was barely a selection. The selection they did have ( can't go wrong with standard pancakes right?) was awful. Pancakes were burned or hard... I couldn't even cut them! My bf thougt I was exaggerating til he tried. My bf only had one plate and he's a buffet person...atleast 3 normally. In addition, wait staff was rude. Spent moretime talking to each otherthen paying attention to tables and refills. Will not be wasting money for here...neither should you.

3 Stars Pete April 12, 2010

This place use to be my wifes favorite, but the food quality just isn't the same. They have been trying to change things up a bit, the desert selection has improved (they now have crepes). I'm not a big fan of the food selection though, pretty limited for the price they are charging. I wouldn't recommend as a go to place, but if you have a comp, its not all that bad.

1 Star Big daddy March 30, 2010

Not good very poor selection wait staff extrmely rude! Save yourself the trouble and eat elsewhere

1 Star Greg March 07, 2010

Overpriced and low quality. I made the mistake of going to the champage brunch an paid 20 something dollars. The selection was poor and the items they had were underwhelming. Also, one thing that was completly unexcusable was the selection of cereal. Honestly, how can you charge over 20 bux for brunch and have the gall to stock the buffet with malt-o-meal generic cereal. Head across the road to bellagio for lunch, its only a few bucks more. Heck, walk on down to harrahs for a darn fine buffet with a decent price. Please save yourself and not eat here.

3 Stars Lara November 24, 2009

We had the "champagne brunch" on 11/15/09. It was actually half way decent. The desserts were scary and old, but they had a crepe station that was pretty good. The service was slow. The orange juice was watered down. They did have a working toaster, unlike several other buffets.

1 Star Mark W from Chicago June 14, 2009

The worst buffet we have ever had in Vegas. Disclaimer, we have never been to IP or Circus Circus. They had canned pinapple (this is Vegas, bring your "A" game), flavorless bacon (I didn't know that existed) and liquid eggs. Very disappointing.

3 Stars Patrik + Kuddlezzz May 27, 2009

The food was descent, the selection of food per station was limited. The crepes were phenominal. You get what you pay for. We went there for the combination of the buffet + the Nathan Burton Comedy Magic show. Which was a pretty good deal. We recommend this to anyone who is looking to see some shows and eat buffet style for a low cost. Will take up some time so you don't gamble as much. Definately a $$ saver.

2 Stars blanca monter January 05, 2009

Although my ankle was hurt I was starving and I decided to visit Paradise Garden Buffet at Flamingo in my first visit to Las Vegas.
The hostess was very rude, she didn´t care about my situation and I left the place.
Next day in the morning I paid my buffet and with my receipt in my hand,the same lady, on December 24th 200, your hostess Rebecca, was very
rude again.
I ignored her because I wanted to enter and I didn´t want to permit that this person spoiled my visit to Las Vegas.

Thank you

Blanca Monter

3 Stars Aaron October 30, 2008

Ok but not great.

0 Stars B-rad G November 04, 2007

OMG! the absolut best there evr wuz!!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 18, 2006

TERRIBLE!!!! The crablegs were still frozen & the prime ri STEAK was a JOKE,thinner than a fatty slice of roast beef !! stayed 6/7-6/9

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 26, 2006

I was here for both lunch and dinner. Everything was fresh with a good variety. It is not a fancy gourmet buffet, but it pleases the majority. The crab legs are decent, but they are not Alaskan King Crab legs as someone else mentioned. Excellent cookies and dessert. Nice, attentive servers.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 22, 2005

The food was good and there were a lot of choices. The view of the garden and pool areas was lovely. The only big downer was that the fresh cut fruit (mostly melons) was bad yet still on the buffet. Otherwise, as good as anywhere!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 08, 2004

We ate here Oct.2004 for Breakfast and Dinner. The best part is the open, tropical atmosphere and great service. They definitely aim to please. The food was very good and had a good selection. When we went there was no lines! Its a must if you like shrimp and crab legs!

0 Stars bnsf600 June 08, 2003

I visited the buffet for breakfast and I must say that it
suprised me how good it was. The food was cooked and it
actually had taste to it (as opposed to some of those
slop buffets). Some of the best bacon I had as it was
thick and cooked just right (not burnt). The biscuits
were also good to eat with butter. It's best to get
to the buffet a little early as the line that forms can
be long.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 05, 2002


0 Stars RateVegas User April 02, 2002

OK buffet in a fabulous setting. You won't die from eating this food, but you won't rememeber it for too long, either. The setting is magnificent, with the dining room being situated with the tropical gardens - Flamingos, penguins, etc. - just outside the large picture windows. Service is good to average. The lines can be a bear, so either arrive early or nab a line pass.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 05, 2001

Had the lunch buffet here which they called "brunch" since the leftovers from breakfast were still decomposing under the heatlights. I found the selection to be poor and the baked chicken breast was probably THE most salty food I have ever tasted.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 12, 2001

Definately worth going here to sit beside the windows and watch the fish! My husband & I had the daytime buffet. His meaty choice was cold and leathery as if it had been left over from breakfast. I had a very fishy selection and loved it. The fruit and salad selection were very good. I think the rule to this place is choose carefully and if it's rubbish try the next dish. There is some lovely food amongst the not so lovley food and it's magical watching terrapins swim past you as you eat!

0 Stars RateVegas User January 22, 2001

The worst service I have ever encountered, and food was cold and tasteless.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 17, 2000

The evening buffet with the king crab legs and shrimp was very good. Visited the week of 6/12/00.