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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Picasso (Bellagio)

5 Stars dan negron January 09, 2014

remarkable, exceptional, extraordinary, amazing, astonishing, astounding, sensational, stunning, incredible, unbelievable.

5 Stars Carol Miknenas May 29, 2013

The restaurant inside was fairly dark but as we ate on the terrace outside, it was perfect. Wonderful views of fountains together with exceptional food, wine and service. This is the best restaurant I have been to and highly recommend it.

4 Stars Foodfight May 08, 2013

Was here celebrating a wedding anniversary. Scored a nice table by the windows. Great fountain view. Went the the prix fixe menu which offers 2 apps and a main course. Everything was very good although nothing blew me away. Service was outstanding and there were plenty of 'extras' in the form of dessert sweets, an opening palatte prepper, and mini-muffins in the way out. An enjoyable evening.

5 Stars Stuart Poyner May 06, 2013

Ate on the terrace. The inside restaurant looked a little dark. Service was professional, for example when the fountains blasted a particularly high plume the waiter rushed over with a cloth to protect the wine from being diluted with lake water! Food was exceptional. Limited menu choice, but enough variety to suit most tastes. Expensive but worth it.

5 Stars Bob November 24, 2011

I cannot understand the negative reviews. Had a perfect tasting menu that left me happy and stuffed. Splurged for premium wine paring (twice the price) with generous pours and excellent sommelier. Killer desert paired with 18 year old Pedro Ximinez sherry. Easily worth the price. Great views of Bellagio fountains, as well as old rich men sitting with their escorts by the windows!

5 Stars Bob October 30, 2011

If you (and your stomach) like being pampered, you'll love it here.

5 Stars atdleft December 08, 2010

I went into Picasso not quite knowing what to expect. There is occasional criticism over the "antiquated" menu, often challenged by praise of the quality of the ingredients and precision of the cooking. So once and for all, I had to try it all for myself.

So I did.

I started with a pomegranate martini. The martini was superb. I could taste the earthy tang and sweetness of the pomegranate. All in all, my cocktail was quite refreshing.

Then from here, it was onto the full menu degustation. Oh yes, I was all in for all five courses, plus amuse bouche and petit fours!

I began with the amuse, which was a luscious potato soup with potato "micro chips", alongside a skewer with quail egg and smoked salmon. The flavors were perfectly balanced here, despite all components being so rich. I was pleasantly surprised.

From there, it was onto the bread basket! And yes, I tried the baguette, the walnut raisin bread, and the olive loaf. All were fantastic! The walnut raisin bread was subtly sweet and soft, while the baguette had a crunchy crust and fluffy, soft texture inside. And the olive loaf was slightly fruity.

The official first course soon arrived, which was the Maine Lobster salad. The lobster's own natural sweetness shone through, and the apple champagne vinaigrette only enhanced this. The micro greens added a crisp component here, and the tartness and acidity of the cherry tomatoes helped in balancing the rich sweetness of the Maine Lobster.

Next were the pan seared scallops. These also had great natural sweetness, and the potato mousseline and jus de veau helped to balance this.

Following this was the sauteed steak of foie gras. I otherwise never eat foie gras for moral reasons, but last night I decided to make an exception for this dinner. And wow, now I understand why it's so appealing. When cooked well, it can be quite rich. And the poached pear and huckleberry jam added some fruity sweetness that went harmoniously with the foie gras.

The sauteed filet of turbot came next. It was done perfectly. It still tasted quite fresh and light, with only the hollandaise adding some richness and creamy heft to this and the beautifully done green asparagus.

Then finally, it was dessert time! I wanted to try the reserva cream sherry, and it went down beautifully. Yes, I admit I have quite the soft spot for sherry! And thankfully, it played well alongside the warm chocolate fondant and walnut ice cream I ordered. The fondant was essentially a molten chocolate cake, and the rich, smooth, not too sweet but still satisfying, chocolate flavor was just perfect. The ice cream added a surprising nutty note to this sweet treat.

Oh, but wait, I was not finished yet! Before I had to go, the petit fours arrived! I especially enjoyed the mini pumpkin pie and the mini chocolate bar, but all were beyond belief in "delicious factor".

All in all, my experience here was exquisite! The surroundings were breathtaking, especially with the fountains just outside. The service was impeccable and quite polite. And to my biggest surprise, Picasso did not feel anachronistic in any way. If anything, it was more timeless to me... Oh yes, and the paintings were pretty as well. ;-)

5 Stars Rikki August 04, 2010

Most amazing meal I ever ate! The pea and mint soup was ladled tableside out of a copper tureen, the fallow deer tenderloin was deliciously different, and the desserts were works of art. Beautiful room, smooth service, I most assuredly will return in May. Chef Serrano has to be one of the top five chefs in Las Vegas currently. If you appreciate fine dining, you simply must eat here!!!

5 Stars Manimal August 03, 2010

May 2009 - perfect meal to celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday. Service was excellent. My only complaint was that even making the reservation 4 months in advance we still had to haggle for 10 minutes to get a table with a view (and the place was half empty)

5 Stars Todd May 18, 2010

An absolute jewel in the desert.

5 Stars Susan April 04, 2010

Julian Serrano is a master craftsman!

5 Stars Yo mama March 15, 2010

It was so cheap. I loved it

4 Stars Ed Greenberg March 06, 2010

Perfectly fine and perfectly overpriced.

5 Stars Menyber.com August 16, 2009

Para mi, uno de los mejores restaurantes del mundo, lo recomiendo!!

5 Stars Mike Cannon October 21, 2008

Perfect service, amazing food and an amazing room. Try the tasting menu.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 09, 2005

Picasso was truly the low point in what was otherwise a wonderful trip. Food was bland, and the service was not even close to what one would expect from this type of restaurant. I don't mind paying for an expensive meal, but I walked out feeling "ripped off." The atmosphere is nice, but it sure didn't make up for the food.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 25, 2005

I was part of a group that dined at Picasso in early May of 2005. Quite frankly, this was a very disappointing meal. Soup, appetizer, and entree were uninspired and disappointing. The dessert was the only thing reasonable, and even that was average for a restaurant of this caliber. Even the service was poor, as the waiter did not seem to be interested as to how disappointed we were. We ate at several other restaurants during our stay that were far better.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 29, 2004

You will have a hard time beating the combination of the food and service in this establishment. I would rate this as the best dining establishment within the city of Las Vegas. My hat goes off to Julian Serrano!

0 Stars RateVegas User September 03, 2002

Ate there last week and dinner was fantastic. Service was terrific.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 17, 2001

Overpriced snobbery, staff do alot of buttkissing but then Im sure they are doing strange things with your food. Never eat there again! Who cares about the artwork, those pictures arent serving my food! I believe the high prices are just to pay for the artwork, because it isnt the food that qualifies for the price that comes with it! Snobbbbbbbbsssss!

0 Stars RateVegas User December 10, 2001

Absolutely a dining jewel. In my opinion, this one stays at the top because of the actual physical presence of the owner/chef, Julian Serrano. Expensive, but worth it for a true special occasion. The least impressive thing about the beautiul setting was the Picassos themselves. It should be clear to anyone viewing them that in his later life he was getting paid ridiculous sums to "phone it in," and that's exactly what he did. Go for the food.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 06, 2001

Service was a little too friendly, yet once we got past that, we appreciated how personal & cordial it was. The food is world class. The ambiance was one of the finest I have experienced in my lifetime. Where else can one eat and be surrounded by breathtaking masterpieces? The room complements the art work.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 22, 2001

Food, service, ambience tops. 3 hour experience. Both had the wine-matched-to-course experiences. Having eaten in a variety of top restuarants worldwide, we found this experience to be among the best.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 04, 2000

Picasso is a very posh restaurant with real paintings from the master on the walls. I guess it's sort of like Renoir over at the Mirage.

Who knows if the paintings will leave when Mr. Wynn does though.