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Downtown Grand

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Downtown Grand

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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Pizza Rock (Downtown Grand)

2 Stars Joel October 21, 2015

Been here 3 times and it seems like quality declining. Beer is pricey. Get your za elsewhere

4 Stars Brando April 04, 2015

As always Pizza Rock delivered! Great slice. Great beer menu. Was able to enjoy a locally brewed Banger Brewery El Heffe (jalapeƱo wheat beer) with my pizza.

4 Stars KerennMark October 10, 2014

As it was the last time we visited, the food was amazing. The Cal Italia is worthy of the awards it won. The only reason I can't give 5 chips is because the service was VERY slow. Friendly & knowledgable, but slow...

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark October 03, 2014

Expectations were high and they were met. The standard slice rivals secret pizza @Cosmopolitan and the specialty pizzas are impressive. We had the Cal Italia which took me out of my comfort zone but rewarded me for being brave. The most unique slice I've ever had and delicious. Couldn't stop until it was all gone. Nice beer selection as well. A Fremont must.

5 Stars @IndyJeffrey June 18, 2014

So so good. Pizza for everyone who likes any style.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark June 04, 2014

A must try. A rival to secret pizza with loads more awesome options. Can't wait to go back and sample more.

5 Stars Kyle J May 11, 2014

Awesome pizza with a great beer selection!

5 Stars Hunter May 06, 2014

Truly epic pizza. We shared a Chicago cracker thin and a New York and both were amazing. Recommended.

4 Stars John Herman April 11, 2014

I had a slice of the NY style pizza. Very good crust and taste. It may have been a hair salty but I would need to try it again. Again, great crust and texture. Cheese taste was good too!

5 Stars @IndyJeffrey November 26, 2013

Wow, what a pleasant surprise. The food is great; the atmosphere is great; the service...meh. What a large variety. The Stromboli was very good. If you like pizza this is your place.