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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Planet Hollywood (Caesars Palace)

4 Stars Marah March 15, 2013

You pay for the atmosphere and title of food. Average fod, average drinks. Meh.

3 Stars Andrea June 05, 2011

You're pretty much just paying for the atmosphere. Food was "meh". Our server didn't quite belong. It was like he should've been at an Italian restaurant; he wasn't very personable in order to work at a fun place like PH. I think if you go just for drinks & appetizers, you'd be fine...

4 Stars Len October 09, 2010

Had a good time! Purchased a discount meal ticket prior to viewing reviews and got pretty bummed about going. The food was not five star (as expected), but the atmosphere was fun and service was great!

1 Star Pat September 27, 2010

Food and service rubbish! Go anywhere else.

1 Star Pete August 15, 2010

Restaurant looked good from outside so went to front counter to get seated, there were two members of staff just ignoring us gossiping about a customers iphone after finally getting there attention we didn't even get a seat in the restaurant which looked empty, they seated us in the entrance watchin shoppers walk past.we sat for ages without any service so just gave up and walked out. Wot a dump never again!!!

1 Star Catherine L. S July 17, 2010

I would give this restaurant a negative review but there's no upside down star :) where do I start: food SUCKS!!! I had the beef brocolli and it was too salty it was literaly swimming in soysauce. My husband got the teriyaki rib and same thing salty and seems like it was boiled first then the sauce was poured in was not good. Everything else was not even average. The service was so poor we didn't bother tipping the waiter. Would not recommend to my enemy.

4 Stars Anonymous December 31, 2009

Great food!!

1 Star Heath November 15, 2009

Not great. Movie atmoshere is cool, food is uncool. The place was pretty empty. I figured out why over the next 45 minutes. I'm not sure what to recommend from the menu so I'll recommend eating elsewhere. There are too many great restaurants in Caesars alone, not to mention within a 15 minute walk, to ever eat at this restaurant.

2 Stars MandevilleMike October 06, 2009

Food was ok. Atmosphere great.

1 Star Jonathan Phillips - Danbury - Essex - UK September 08, 2009

Worst meal I have ever had. The burger was tasteless. You have been warned!!!

2 Stars Terri July 18, 2009

The food was average, the price is high for the food.

3 Stars Lisaloo May 08, 2009

I like planet Hollywood resturants however I simply ordered the wrong dish. I had a chicken pasta dish and the pasta was horrible but my partner had a burger and it was really good. Fun place to eat.