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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Ports O' Call (Gold Coast)

2 Stars NATO April 04, 2011

Ate here for Sunday brunch. Price is cheap. Came over from rio because of the long line Food is mediocre. However terrible experience with the stir fry station. The Asian workers did not want to offer the service and did it with atttude. Will not return.

5 Stars Jeff in OKC August 24, 2010

Had lunch here several times, the latest being today. Food & service are always good. Usually $9 per head with players card make this the buffet I enjoy because I don't have to stuff myself to feel like I got my moneys worth. High quality in a nice, clean environment. One of the best values in Las Vegas.

5 Stars Kara C. April 06, 2010

Ate breakfast, March 2009.

Huge and varied buffet. Long line for the omlette station. Fried burritos (think school lunches) for breakfast are available, but freshly made, not-fried breakfast burritos, unless you DIY them. Cheesecake for breakfast? Sure, why not!

No fresh bananas for cereals, though.

Good service, which I define as keeping my drink filled.

2 Stars Anna March 04, 2010

Not bad!

3 Stars John January 13, 2010

Pretty good!

2 Stars Todd January 04, 2010

Meh..not great, not bad.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 23, 2006

This Buffet for the price was the best we've had in Vegas. The variety was excellent and the "hot" foods were always hot and the "cold" foods were cold, if you know what I mean.
Drink service was the best, better then we've experienced elsewhere in Vegas. We experienced all three meals here and all were above average. Granted it's not as good of quality as the Buffets at the Belagio or the Paris but then again it's nowhere near the price either.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 17, 2005

This place has relly improved. Quality and service can match most any of the good bufetts. Great valus.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 14, 2005

I love the Gold Coast buffet. It's quality food at a low price. It is similar to the Orleans in setup, with multiple islands with Asian, BBQ, seafood, Italian, etc. Try the Mongolian stir fry - great. There is something for everyone here. I also began to realize after eating in other buffets that the dining area is much quiter than anywhere else I've had a buffet. It's a nice place to relax and eat in pleasant surroundings. Free shuttle from the Barbary Coast every 20 minutes.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User August 21, 2005

We love this place..we make it a point to head to the Gold Coast everytime we hit Las Vegas. The food quality and value are excellent. A well hidden gem!

0 Stars bnsf600 June 11, 2003

All of my plates were taken away promptly and my glass was
always being refilled. This is the best buffet in terms
of price being met with quantity of food. They have
mexican, chinese, italian, seafood, desserts and a huge
salad bar. Breakfast is only $5 and dinner is $10. I admit
that it is off strip and most people don't want to drive
around, but this place is great. I eat here everytime I
visit vegas. Sometimes I eat breakfast and sometimes I
eat dinner here.

0 Stars suesheeme April 14, 2003

This was an extensive buffet with no line during lunch and a great value overall. Would definitely eat there again. The salad bar made it easy to enjoy a healthy lunch, while my boyfriend enjoyed more fatty foods like fresh sweet & sour pork with rice, fried catfish, and egg rolls. I dove into the cookies to finish. For breakfast, however, you'll find it most worthwhile to take the free shuttle to the Orleans, a sister casino, for an amazing spread of everything you could want first thing in the morning.