Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Red Sushi (Golden Nugget)

4 Stars NoDeuces September 26, 2012

Until someone proves me wrong, this is the best Sushi downtown. A little loud on the casino floor but still very good. Get a Landry's select card.

4 Stars Amanda July 10, 2011

Got a couple of rolls to take up to the room late one night and they were delicious. Can't speak of the service, but the food was good.

4 Stars David December 17, 2010

Buen restaurante, comida agradable al igual que el personal

5 Stars John June 07, 2010

Awesome sushi!

3 Stars Steven Brown April 26, 2010

If you're staying Downtown and have a craving for Japanese, this place may do the trick or it may not. There are plenty of other spots in Las Vegas for sushi and Japanese food that do it much better and for the same price. I've eaten there twice (May of 2008 and November of 2009.)and both occasions it was an average experience.

Added as part of the recently completed expansion of the Golden Nugget, Red Sushi sits in a corner open to the casino. As a result, there is not much of an atmosphere to speak of. I've only seen the place halfway full maybe once or twice in the few dozen times I've walked past it. Its' location hidden in comparison to the other restaurants at the Golden Nugget, and the area of the casino it is at is not a very high traffic area except for those who are staying in the Rush Tower.

As for the food, I'm not much into sushi (where I come from, that's called bait), so I've stuck with the regular menu. My first visit, I had one of their combination entrees, the New York Steak and Chicken Katsu. The dish did not blow me away and was a bit less than I expected. The portion size of each item was more along the lines of an appetizer than a split entree. The second visit, I was looking for a light dinner, so I ordered off of the appetizer menu. I order the Gyoza and the Beef Takaki. Much like with my previous visit, the food was a bit middle of the road and did not blow me away. It was good, but my local Japanese place does better than this.

The bar menu is decent, albeit a bit short and full of the usual suspects. I've stuck to ordering sake, and while the prices may seem high for a glass (average is $15), the pour is very generous. Had either visit not been at a point in my trip where I didn't feel like drinking too much at a meal, I probably could have easily racked up a sizable tab just on sake.

Red Sushi is average at best, and is probably only worth dining there if the other places at the Golden Nugget have long waits.

0 Stars Steven S. September 11, 2009

Excellent sushi and very friendly staff.