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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews RM Seafood (Mandalay Bay)

2 Stars Patrick April 01, 2013

Food was good. Service was terrible. Kids everywhere. Moved into the lounge to get away from the kids. Server had no idea what she was doing.

5 Stars Steve June 02, 2012

This place was fantastic. Had the clam chowder, surf and surf and steak. All were amazing. Would definitely return.

5 Stars Mike Cannon April 25, 2012

Not sure if people walk in here expecting long John silvers, but we had a great experience. Seriously some of the freshest seafood I've ever had! Not cheap, but worth every penny. Best oysters in the city.

1 Star Lori November 23, 2011

Don't bother. Place is overcrowded and noisy. They really pack them in. I felt I got "hustled" by the water. He asked if we wanted sparkling or still water. I said still thinking it would be tap. Next thing I know they are bringing fancy bottled water that we were charged for. I saw others getting free water out of a pitcher. I didn't know I had to be on my game to combat this sneaky trick to inflate the bill. My mother ordered a Cosmo and the waiter nodded his head and asked, "Grey Goose okay?" The place was so noisy my mom just followed along with his nodding head and agreed, not knowing there would be a charge for the premium vodka. The waiter kept boasting about the special but didn't disclose the price until my mom was sold on his presentation. It was $75 and she didn't want to spend that much, especially since we were in the "casual" RM restaurant so she made a hurried decision and was disappointed with her choice. Our meals were okay but overpriced and the waiter was a salesman. My mom is a fan of Top Chef and dining at RM Seafood was her only request for the trip. The atmosphere is terrible, service is insulting and the food mediocre. Very disappointing.

5 Stars Anne July 08, 2011

Lovely, serene setting; perfect service; knowledgable, personable staff; and the food was indescribably good. We arrived 15 mins before closing, but they never rushed us ... they actually made a point of telling us to take our time and enjoy ourselves. It was my first foray into sushi, and our waiter really "hooked us up" with a variety of the best of the best. Of course it was expensive, but we knew that it would be a unique fine dining experience ... one special, indulgent dinner to cap off an incredible week in Sin City.

1 Star John C May 30, 2011

This place sucks. Wasted our money here

1 Star Los Zorros March 02, 2011

Had the worst ever dining experience. Had the tasting menu with champagne which lasted a good couple of hours. Regrettably my wife and I both went down with food poisoning at the end of the meal whilst still in the restaurant. Both at the same time. Speaking to others since our experience we have not been the only ones. A shame but won't return because of our experience.

0 Stars Kpuk July 16, 2010

had the seafood stew which had a bad mussel in it, the worst thing that has ever entered my mouth, this could just have been a one off night, just my luck.

4 Stars MikeE April 18, 2010

A great lunch spot if you're a sea foodie. The room is beautiful and the service is on par with the excellent food. I loved the tuna melt. It is, however, a bit overpriced. There are better lunch options in town, but if you're in the area, it's a great spot.

1 Star Assface April 09, 2010

That place sucks dude! Doooood!!!!

0 Stars Kp April 02, 2010

Good sevice and food apart from the bad mussel in my fish stew, fucking disgrace

4 Stars Kevin April 02, 2010

Very attentive great service. Food was good but expect to pay around 200dollars for a meal for two. Oysters were really nice

4 Stars Doc5280 March 30, 2010

Over all this was a pretty nice place. We had a bottle of crazy milk sake 2 dinners and a dessert for under $100. The 4x4x2 ice cream was actully really cool, I do recomend trying that. I enjoyed looking into the the open kitchen, and everyone was very prefesional.

5 Stars Janelle January 29, 2010

I love this place! I didn't want the meal to end. All the seafood is sustainable- the main reason I chose to eat here. Rick Moonen participates in the Seafood Watch Program with the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Everything from the appetizer to dessert was scrumptious. I wish I could live in the restaurant.

4 Stars sageblue January 08, 2010

Had lunch here and enjoyed both my appetizer salad and catfish sloppy joe sandwich. Service was attentive without being cloying, and my entire party enjoyed their food. It is slightly overpriced, but for quality seafood, lunch would be a good option here.

5 Stars Ang October 09, 2009

Best restaurant ever!! Sushi was fresh and amazing, wine was wonderful and we agreed it was our favorite restaurant!!!

5 Stars Anonymous June 13, 2009

Love RM. Seafood is always fresh and delicious!

0 Stars Kathi Wassinger July 16, 2008

We ordered the seafood meal. They serve it cold. The lobster was outstanding. But, the rest was not quite right cold. It was $150 for cold fish. Not quite what we had in mind.

0 Stars George January 03, 2007

We had a very "mixed" experience at Restaurant rm on New Years Eve (12/31/2006). We chose to make reservations at this restaurant mostly for logistical reasons -- I wanted a very "nice" place that we could walk to , in order to avoid the crowds of partying folks outside. (We were staying at the Luxor, which connects to Mandalay Bay via a shopping mall.) But I looked at the menu online and thought we'd be happy here.

But oops, for New Years they were serving only from two 'prix fix' menus. I suppose this is common on holidays. But not only was there no hint of this when I made the reservations online, there wasn't even a sign at the restaurant itself! We'd looked over the posted menu earlier that day and already settled on some wonderful sounding dishes.

Once we arrived in the evening and were seated, we found that our choices were limited to a 4-course menu for $90/person, or a 6-course menu for (I think) $140. We chose the 4-course option, but instead we should have just left. Not only did we feel a "bait and switch", but there was literally nothing on the 'prix fix' menu I would have ordered if given the choice.

I generally don't eat beef, and yet the "main" course was -- believe it or not, at this SEAFOOD restaurant -- fillet migion and beef short rib! The first course was uncooked diver scallop (sashimi, I suppose). To those of us who generally don't eat sushi, raw scallops are WAY more disgusting even than other raw fish. The other two courses included a ridiculously over-salted lobster bisque and a beautifully presented three-bite sized piece of sturgeon.

I can't fault the restaurant for presentation or atmosphere. Everything was beautiful and, perhaps except for the bisque, was of exceptionally high quality. But we spent $230 (this included one cocktail and an iced tea) for the ONLY bad meal I've ever had in Vegas. Next time I pick a seafood restaurant, I think I'll pass on this one.

As for New Years... I ended up feeling sick after dinner, presumably from eating raw fish and beef (which my digestive system hasn't dealt with in years) and barely watched the fireworks on TV. Oops.