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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Joël Robuchon at The Mansion (MGM Grand)

1 Star Harvey Jones July 05, 2014

Very poor value for money

5 Stars James April 22, 2014

Beyond fabulous in every way.

0 Stars RateVegas Editor September 08, 2013

You're right - reviews have been removed from this restaurant (and several other restaurants and activities) because they were deemed to be fraudulently submitted. By using several techniques and analyzing patterns in the content, the reviews that were removed popped up as very suspicious.

When a single iPhone submits a large number of negative reviews (with some very similar wording even) in a very short period of time using different usernames, it's very hard to believe they are legitimate.

We're loath to remove user content and the whole point of the ratings is to allow users to express themselves without interference that is so typically common in Las Vegas restaurant marketing. That said, reviews that are blatantly falsified aren't helpful to anyone so we made the decision to remove some that met that criteria. Those reviews shouldn't ever have been published in the first place and we've improved our detection systems to prevent obviously fake reviews from being allowed.

I can state categorically that no one from this restaurant has ever contacted us about their reviews, positive or negative. These decisions were purely internal. You'll also note that many positive and negative reviews still remain. We welcome all users to submit reviews of their experiences, good or bad.

Any customers that have additional questions or comments please contact us @ support@vegasmate.com or on Twitter @vegasmate - that's the best way to communicate with us vs. submitting feedback as restaurant reviews.

Hunter (VegasMate author)

0 Stars Steve baker September 08, 2013

Interesting that the many poor reports of this restaurant have been removed. Suggests that the restaurant has nobbled VegasMate. If that is the case it brings into question the usefulness of this app.

4 Stars Stuart Poyner January 05, 2013

Food ranged from the sublime to the ordinary, but mostly sublime. The portions are small if you are comparing to most 'normal' restaurants, but this is a Michelin standard gourmet restaurant: small but very rich portions so you fill up quickly. Plus they have the most amazing bread cart-a gastronomic meal in itself. The sweet treats cart is similarly worth saving space for. The only let down was the service which not up to a three star restaurant standard. A menu was left on the table for the whole meal, and for two courses they gave the wrong food out. The sommelier was very disappointing. We asked for a specific taste wine and his suggestion was nothing like what we had asked for. We sent it back. He seemed not to engage with us. Did not seem to really know his own wine list, or if he did he did not give that impression. The bill for four people was $1,500 excluding tip. Up there with the best restaurants but fell short of the admittedly high expectations. But not a disaster either.

5 Stars Scott November 17, 2012

This is the best restaurant I have ever had the pleasure of dining at. Wonderful experience!

5 Stars James July 07, 2012

Wonderful experience.

5 Stars Jim April 15, 2012

Most negative reviewers have obviously never been to France or a real French restaurant. Americans are so accustomed to their wait staff kissing their butts for tips. French waiters are SUPPOSED to be aloof! It's a unique characteristic of real French restaurants. And the food here is out of this world. Unlike heaping mounds of tasteless American slop, the plates are well though out, perfectly sized, and the tastes are unique. This is not Red Robin or the Keg. Experience the world and embrace different cultures. This is one of the best restaurants in the world! And the waiters were perfect, and got a well-deserved tip.

1 Star Ben from UK April 15, 2012

This place is too pricey and the value for money is low. Sure the surroundings are nice but the food is not very tasty and the staff look bored.

1 Star Gerry March 11, 2012

Not bad but gets a low vote from me as it should be very good.... And it is not Value for money was crap. Sorry

5 Stars David November 10, 2011

The negative reviews are by petty imbeciles. It is easily one of the best restaurants in the country.

1 Star Steve November 03, 2011

Not sure where Brad was eating. Certainly not at this joint as the food he mentioned is not served here. Did not have a good experience here. Food was mediocre and the staff were bored. Overall poor

4 Stars Brad October 06, 2011

Gnocchi was AMAZING! Pizza was very good. Decent cocktails. Crab cakes were disappointing. A little on the expensive side for what you get.

5 Stars Kim August 26, 2011

The most incredible dining experience in the country. A must go for doodies and gastronomic food lovers alike!

0 Stars don Hart June 19, 2011

Thanks for that. I will try this week. Glad you had a good meal.

4 Stars Palmer June 17, 2011

Our recent meal was great so I don't know what these crack smokers are talking about.

5 Stars Rich & Gloria June 22, 2010

Words cannot begin to describe the incredible meal we had. We did a 2 course and a 3 course meal. Once in a life time gastronomic experience

5 Stars MikeE April 21, 2010

Easily the best restaurant in Vegas. Be sure you're not staying at MGM when dining here--the complimentary limo and walk through the coveted Mansion is an experience in and of itself. If it's your first time dining here, don't settle for less than the 16 course degustation menu. The experience was well worth the total cost of about $550 after taxes, tips, and a glass of champagne. I'll be back to try some of the small prix fixe menus as well.

5 Stars Vince February 14, 2010

Muster up the money and eat here. It is once in a lifetime experience.

5 Stars sageblue January 08, 2010

Had the degustation menu of 16 courses and was blown away by both the food and the service. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If not up for the full experience, I would also recommend the other menus as more reasonable and economical options.

5 Stars Anonymous June 13, 2009

Tops The French Laundry and Per Se in every way possible. Joël Robuchon is by far the finest restaurant in the United States and an absolute pleasure to dine at.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 24, 2006

Having eaten at Per Se, Le Bernardin, every good restaurant in Las Vegas and many more around the US (and in Europe, Japan, etc), I am confident that Joel Robuchon at the Mansion is the best restaurant in the US. I recommend getting the long, seasonal tasting menu, and worry about expenses in some other area. Every dish is a triumph. The servers are happy to extend the culinary education of diners, including the best ways to enjoy their dishes.