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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Roxy's Diner (The Stratosphere)

3 Stars Andrew From Australia March 20, 2012

I really liked my server. Pointed me in the right direction. food was fine. Got the sliders.

5 Stars Trev November 12, 2011

Great breakfast. Good atmosphere, Quick polite service. Loved it

5 Stars Baz November 12, 2011

Best breakfast in town loved it, staff polite and helpful good atmosphere

4 Stars Matt September 07, 2011

Good food but a bit overpriced for what you get.

4 Stars Howard July 31, 2011

Good food. Huge portions service was generally good. Seem to have cut back on the amount of "live music" though which is a shame.

3 Stars John May 09, 2011

Food was outstanding, but the service was just terrible like most in Vegas.

4 Stars Big daddy January 18, 2011

Buffalo burger was fantastic

5 Stars Dax January 15, 2011

Try the 4 cheese turkey sandwich. Might be the best dinner food I have ever had. The banana split is huge.

3 Stars Mark January 15, 2011

A fun place. Not fast because servers also perform, most of whom are good. A little crowded but not bad for the money. A good break to relax and to get away from buffets.

3 Stars Howard July 20, 2010

Roxys has temporarily (I assume) moved into the unit previously known as Luckys. It looks like some work is being done on the "old" Roxys site to update/expand the restaurant. It does not have quite the same impact in it's new home as there are large pillars which effectively seal off sections of the dining room restricting views for customers. Half of the charm of Roxys is the entertainment/music provided by the staff which at the moment and depending on where you are seated you cannot really see. One the food side - dinner was very good but breakfast was poor - I have a sneaking suspicion some of the breakfast was taken from the buffet in the Hotel.

4 Stars G&J UK June 25, 2010

Great atmosphere with the singing and dancing staff. Great burgers. If you sign up to the hotels ace play club you get burger fries and coke for 7.99. That's a bargain.

3 Stars Salsa June 07, 2010

Massive portions!! I ordered pork chops, it came with 3 huge chops, veg and chips. Could have fed 3 people easily! Staff really good fun!

3 Stars Austin April 27, 2010

Yes, Roxy's is pretty standard for your typically 50's-themed diners. However, the servers who work there regularly perform era-appropriate songs throughout the restaurant. When I was there two months ago, I saw two women sing a duet of the Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody" that made everyone in the diner pause and listen.

Quite the achievement when there are slot machines a mere 10 steps from the restaurant.

Food isn't bad. Neither is the price. But the entertainment is worth the trip.

3 Stars Cody March 11, 2010

Great food, entertaining staff who were very fun to watch and listen to, and loved the milkshake container in the shape of the tower!!

4 Stars John o. January 08, 2010

Surprisingly great sandwhich (mile high stack), however I agree about the french fries.... Kinda enh. Everything else was great, funny entertainment watching the staff sing and best of all fairly cheap...

5 Stars Bluto October 29, 2009

To quote Travolta in Pulp Fiction .... This place has a pulse. It's the kind off place you can go when no one knows what they want to eat and everyone will leave happy.

4 Stars Sam March 06, 2009

Wow! This place was great. I had a burger that was more then ordinary and my fiancé had a chili cheese dog that was longer then the plate. The only part of the meal that we didn't think was that great were the fries other then that everything was great and the service was quick. The staff can really sing I think it adds to the atmosphere. We payed 23.51 for two plates that were overflowing with food. You definatly get your moneys worth here!

4 Stars BossDanmark December 09, 2008

Love this place. The food is ok and the staff is super. The music is fun

4 Stars Mike November 17, 2008

Very good burgers, fried onions and live music.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 03, 2005

Food is average, but worth going to eat there for the entertainment value of the singing employees.

0 Stars alohafri February 16, 2005

Roxy's gives you huge portions, quickly and inexpensively. On our latest trip, we had lunch at Roxy's at about 12:30 and didn't feel like we needed dinner until after 9:00 that night!

The floor show with the singing staff is a riot. Some very good singers out there!

0 Stars bnsf600 June 10, 2003

Huge helpings of food. I can't remember what I ordered, but I
do remember not being able to eat everything on my plate.
My cousins who I dined with also could not finish their food.
The cool thing about Roxy's Diner is that the waiters and
waitresses sing and dance every now and then, which provides
for a fun atmosphere. I suggest eating here if you happen
to be at the Stratosphere and are hungry. It is located
right by the valet, which is something I highly suggest you
use at the Strat (bad area).