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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Salvatore's (Suncoast)

4 Stars Joseph Burke July 24, 2014

Normally a great place to eat with reasonably prices. We have been to this restaurant about a dozen times and was only disappointed once. That one occasion was horrific with a waiter that just did not give a damn. Surprisingly he is still there. Despite one very bad experience I would still recommend the restaurant. It is a very pleasant room with a skilled piano player and singer that comes on at 6pm.

3 Stars eric February 19, 2011

Nice room, live piano music added a nice touch. Food was just ok.Service the night we went was also just ok and it was not a busy night. My GF makes a much better veal parm.

4 Stars mike_ch January 16, 2010

Better than chain food, at better than chain prices. I've heard of service issues here, but it was fine for us. Has a piano bar, though you can't see it from outside.