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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Samba Brazilian (The Mirage)

1 Star Steve August 29, 2014

Didn't even eat. We went for happy hour bar food, picked 3 items we wanted off the menu, and the waitress said "we don't have those anymore". Same answer when I tried to order one of their beer specials off of the menu. We got up and walked out.

4 Stars Cody January 31, 2014

Very good food and LOTS of it. Service was excellent. Visited the Mirage several times overt the last few years and have always wanted to go in but unable till this visit. Will make a point to return.

2 Stars @IndyJeffrey July 29, 2013

Spend a couple extra bucks and go to another Brazilian steak joint. The variety of meats served are fine, just a bit low quality. No premium stuff served here. Service was slow and slow to bring the cuts we requested.

4 Stars Eric June 27, 2013

Excellent. Great food, great service. Place can be a little small and a little noisy because it is open to the casino. But, the ambience is great and you the noise is barely noticeable after you get into the great atmosphere and food.Perfect for the guys on the town who love meat.

5 Stars BordFan September 04, 2012

Service was really good. We had a group of 5, each ordered a different cocktail from the drink menu and they were all really good. The appy wings are fantastic, would go back just for those. Rest of the meal was really good as well. Pricey, but then what isn't in Vegas.

5 Stars Anthony September 15, 2011

I went on a Saturday night with a party of 7. We had made the Reservations that afternoon and got in at 8:00 with no problem. I ordered the all you can eat RODIZIO and it was amazing. Some of the samples included Turkey wrapped in bacon, roasted chicken leg, and lamb. It also included a couple sides and a really fresh salad, all for only $40. I really recomend this place if you enjoy ALOT of meat.

4 Stars MS April 16, 2011

My wife liked this place so much that she made us go a second night in a row. If you like steak and robust flavors, then this is your place. James was an excellent waiter, and made us feel more important than we really are. The side dishes and salad are very good as well. I did not feel like I was in the middle of the casino as I expected, but if you were in the right spot you do have some good people watching opportunities. I will definitely eat here again.

2 Stars Mark March 14, 2011

Bad atmosphere; slow service; food is marginal.

4 Stars Los Zorros March 02, 2011

Always enjoyed this place. A real meatfest. Only downsides can be you feel like you are in the middle of the casino. Service can be patchy. Overall worth a visit. We really enjoy it.

4 Stars Jill February 10, 2011

Lots of tasty meats will end up on your plate. I counted 8 different types along side about 6 side dishes. The plantain side dish is tasty as is the creamed spinach. This was the only place in vegas that did not have good wheelchair access.

4 Stars Goon29 October 29, 2010

You will most certainly leave this place with the meat sweats. Phew! Fantastic food and service but definitely prepare to be stationary for a couple hours after you eat here. The meats keep coming, and coming.....

3 Stars Royce July 30, 2010

The Rodizio was good, but not up to the standards of Fago de Chau, although the price was similar. No salad bar, but the prepared salad was good. Service was good and made excellent recommendations. Called ahead for a reservation and had no wait.

0 Stars KJ July 30, 2010

The all you can eat BBQ was good. Bring an appetite. The steaks were well cooked and flavorful. Not a bad price per person either.

5 Stars Shawn July 04, 2010

Excellent churrascaria. Will certainly return.

5 Stars Sarah June 08, 2010

Excellent steakhouse. Very tender and large variety.

1 Star John.K April 20, 2010

Service was poor having long wait times. Selection of meat and side dishes limited. Poor tasting food. Do not recommed.

5 Stars Susan March 04, 2010

Awesome steaks!

2 Stars Trudy nevland October 26, 2009

Not that good. Food is cold and not a good flavor or taste.

4 Stars Bill Crumbaker August 28, 2009

A little noisy as the location is next to the slot machines.My steak was very good.I really liked the Brazilian salad.the portions of food were greater than we could eat.

4 Stars Dave B. April 29, 2009

Solid! Reasonably priced, you won't leave without getting totally satisfied if you're a meat lover! Good service, a little too close to the slots if you're looking for a little romance.

5 Stars Mike April 17, 2009

Brilliant, flavorful food! Can't wait to return!

4 Stars Jaime November 07, 2008

I was here with my boyfriend last April and the food was amazing. The service was great, as well. We did the tasting menu so all of the dishes served were amazing as well as the starter salad. It is also has a beautiful and colorful atmosphere.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 06, 2005

I was here with a large group and our service was wonderful - as was the food. The drinks were to die for as well!

0 Stars montecristokid February 25, 2004

Excellent service, food was very tasty with some choices better than others. Agree that the fish left to be desired. Overall very good value for the money. No salad bar like some of the other brazilian steakhouses, the salad was served at the table, and was very good. The beef and chicken options seemed to be the most enjoyed at the table.

0 Stars doctor_al July 22, 2003

The best part was the grilled red meats, but the fish was bland and the ribs amazingly dry and overcooked. The sides were interesting and good. Bring your appetite, there is a lot of everything. The decor is kind of Alice-in-Wonderland, bizarre shapes, fabrics and colors. The restaurant is half open to the casino but it didn't intrude, instead great samba music played in the background.

0 Stars Linda M July 14, 2003

We read alot of comments on other sites about this place, so decided to try it.
We went for their "experience" meal, it cost just about $29.00 per person...I would highly recommend this meal, it was alot of fun to sample all the different kinds of meats, chicken and sausage offerings, we enjoyed the different ways they were prepared or marinaded. They allow you to have all you want. The breads were also good, and so was the salad. The plantation bananas were especially delicious!
My husband and I were both glad we went, we didn't make a dinner reservation on a Thurs. night, so we got there fairly late, 8:30 and had to wait half and hour.
Service was very good, dress was casual, go and enjoy!

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

This place serves Brazilian BBQ... That means lots of meat of various types, brought and served right from the spit. Really tasty. Looking forward to going back.