Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Senor Frog's (Treasure Island)

4 Stars Chad July 20, 2015

One word: Melting. America of course is known as the worlds melting pot. Our great nation is blessed with cultures from across the globe, but perhaps none closer than Mexican. So it was one such afternoon I found myself craving both lunch and culture, and Señor Frogs at TI seemed like a natural fit. I ordered the steak quesadila. It came stuffed with melting (theres that word again!) cheese and steak. The cheese was melting and smooth, and the steak was cut thicker than the cock on a fucking Tijuana donkey. I also had a Corona lite. I don't remember what the bill was, but the food was good and it felt nice to get away from the constant "America" of the strip for awhile. Four stars for the shitty mexican music though.

3 Stars Cody June 18, 2013

Went in for lunch. Great atmosphere. Loved the space and decor. Staff was ok but few and between for a Sunday afternoon. Also the brown tables by the bar really need to have servers rather than bar. I must have waited at least 20mins for some busy bartender to "recognize" me then wait impatiently while i read the menu because I was never offered a menu when I walked in. That aside the food was good, drinks were great and the place was fun. Views of the strip are limited but great place to watch the Siren show. Would return.

4 Stars Wendy June 06, 2013

Sat outside and watched the sirens show. Good lively atmosphere, food was very nice, service was excellent. Really enjoyed the evening there

2 Stars 360 Vegas Mark July 31, 2012

First off, this isn't a Mexican restaurant. Don't be confused by the name. This is a TGIFriday's. The restaurant is wacky, the food was forgettable and the prices were ridiculously expensive. Sit outside so you can at least say you paid for the view. I would eat here again if I had no other option.

1 Star NoDeuces June 20, 2012

What happened to Ti? This place, unlike Gilley's, does not advertise swimsuit model waitresses and deliver "meh" it just delivers ugly. Not to be mean spirited but the people working here not only lacked decent customer service skills but were unpleasant to look at. The food was also less than inspiring as was the lackluster souvenir stand. It's not the Señor Frogs you know and love from the Bahamas. Full disclosure, I went on a Tuesday afternoon. Maybe the b-team called in sick and had to be replaced with Clark County prisoners.