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5 Stars Hunter February 14, 2015

The veal was insanely good, as was the truffle pasta. Love this place. My dining companion didn't feel so great afterwards but I felt fine so I'm not sure what's up with that.

5 Stars Big Tone August 31, 2014

Have an earlier review on here and am pleased to say that standards haven't dropped an inch at Sinatra's.

Dined with 8 friends and service was still exceptional as ever. Had a special appetiser of truffle fettuccine which was the finest pasta dish I have ever eaten, anywhere.

Other diners with me ate chicken parmigiana, and the filet mostly, my wife had a selection of side dishes only and some of them were good enough to have been entrees/apps elsewhere. One dessert ordered which was 'the hat' made of chocolate and it was apparently very good indeed.

I have forgotten the name of our server but she was excellent and very patient with such a relatively large party.

Sommelier was exactly as you would expect from a Wynn property and recommended an awesome alternative when the wine we wanted was out of stock.

If you are a fan of fine food or Frank - you need to eat here, the food is exceptional and the atmosphere is wonderfully Sinatra without being too in your face, or in any way tacky.

5 Stars dan negron January 09, 2014

Phenomenal !!!

4 Stars Chris, UK August 28, 2013

Sinatra is one of our favourites, but having eaten there once or twice a year since it opened, I have to say CHANGE THE MENU! The food is great quality and well cooked, but the menu doesn't have a great variety and even the specials seem to always be the same. Having said that, the service is fantastic and I keep going back...

5 Stars Navin R October 11, 2012

Returned to Sinatra early on a Sunday. The restaurant was pretty quiet and mellow. Our server was fantastic--professional and friendly. The food was superb--tasty salads and main dishes. We had the tomato salad and the beet salad, followed by the butternut squash agnolotti and chicken parm. Of course music by Frank was on the sound system. A very comforting meal in an easy-going yet upscale environment.

4 Stars Navin R May 09, 2012

The restaurant offers a very comforting feel--upscale and nice, yet not stuffy. The food followed with that sentiment. It isn't the best, or the most authentic, or the most inventive Italian you can find, but I don't think it's supposed to be. As Steve Wynn has said, Frank himself would probably feel at home here. They do Italian well. Maybe if you're expecting a transforming experience, you'll be disappointed. But, it was a very good dinner overall.

1 Star Al From San Diego February 20, 2012

Party foul!!!! Just checked into Encore at 9:30, had our bags sent up so we could rush to Sinatra and order a Smash. Quick smashed us! ;( basically avoided the middling, the shaking, and the vanilla simple syrup. He was really concerned when I told him these weren't like the other 40 I've ordered in the past. Here's what he did, asked if we liked scotch and poured us a couple comp shots, GlenVillet I think. I know it was closing time, but disappointed he tried to fake it. Have to hit this place, one of my favorites, with a fail buzzer. On this occasion they deserve the one star

5 Stars Al From San Diego February 14, 2012

Ate at the bar and enjoyed several Sinatra Smashes before enjoying apps of prosciutto and pear, and a small cheese plate. The sausage ragu over beautiful penne pasta was superb. Highly recommended for the solo diner. Sitting at the bar is entertaining and the service is without any flaw.

4 Stars DoubleD September 27, 2011

Ate there with my wife in early September, where we tried two of Sinatra's most raved about dishes - the Osso Buco "My Way" and the Veal Milanese. Both were very, very good, but not over-the-top great. The ambiance is pretty cool, and the service was very good. We also enjoyed two Sinatra Smashes (@ $15.00 a pop). Bottom line: If you are only interested in the food (and not the totality of the experience) you will find this place overpriced.

5 Stars Josh March 28, 2011

Wow! what a delicious and classy restaurant! We ordered the meatballs as an appetizer as well as the lasagna for our entrees and both were perfect!

5 Stars Colin February 09, 2011

What can you say about this place that hasn't already been said? Perfect meal, stunning ambiance, top level service. Wow. Just wow! I will look forward to returning to Sinatra every time I'm back in Vegas -- if only for the Sinatra Smash (Best. Cocktail. Ever.)

0 Stars Johnny Sciffo January 03, 2011

Upon checking in, my wife and I were directed to a waiting area adjacent to the bar. There we sat with a party of three, younger people, clearly enthused, anticipating a great evening. Our 2 groups were seated closely. Appetizers were unspectacular. Entrees were served a full 45 minutes after our plates were taken away from the first course! The server explained that a group of 35 people were the cause of the delay. When our food finally arrived, shockingly poor, can best descibe it. My wife's pasta dish simply bland. The person who prepared it felt the need to compensate for lack of taste by loading an amount onto the plate that would satisfy a ravenous swine. My pork chop also failed to impress. It was breaded with what appeared to be sand from a nearby parking lot. The group of 3 beside us all refused to accept the bribe of free drinks from the manager as compensation for their dismall experience, and instead chose to escape the garish gaze of who I assume to be Steve Wynn on a lifesized photo on the wall. Soon after, we to left, forgoing dessert and coffee and feeling bitterly disappointed with Sinatra.

0 Stars Goon29 October 29, 2010

Stopped through for the signature "Sinatra Smash". Expensive but well worth it!! Very friendly bar staff and great atmosphere.

3 Stars Dean October 03, 2010

A very nicely and stylishly appointed eatery, the Oscar, Emmy and Grammy at the entrance add a nice touch. The food however leaves a little to be desired.
My party of 5 were in agreement that the salads and desserts were outstanding, but the main entrees were lacking, in both flavor, preparation and value.

4 Stars Vegasbab September 05, 2010

Great meal here. The lobster risotto was devine. Dessert was unique and yummy. Service was top notch

5 Stars Corey B July 25, 2010

Well what can I say but Outstanding! Sinatra Smash is smashing, the rib eye was one of the best ever, and the service is fantastic. I ate alone and the staff made me feel right at home by offering me a book to read about Sinatra's life. It was really cool. Lots of great photos and easy to read when you have a buzz. The only thing I would say is, "expensive!", but hey this, or a hundred twenty on craps, you figure out what the better deal is.

5 Stars E May 18, 2010

Forgot to rate it.

0 Stars E May 18, 2010

Had dinner here 5/15/10 with 2 other buds. Had the famous osso buco my way. Definetly lives up to the hype. Thoroughly enjoyed the meal and highly recommend this dish.

5 Stars Steve Farrar April 27, 2010

I dined alone and was treated excellently. I was concerned that being a solo I would be resented by the servers for "greener pastures". The food was outstanding and the table at the rail at the lake was fantastic.

4 Stars MikeE April 24, 2010

A pretty good experience overall. Food is exceptional. Service was slow in my opinion. This especially was the case as we saw Steve Wynn's party depart. How quickly the standards change. In any case, those were opening night glitches and I suspect that Sinatra has hit its stride. It's not my first choice in the Wynncore complex, but I'd gladly return.

5 Stars BordFan April 09, 2010

WOW, our server Deena was the best we've had in Vegas in four trips and numerous restaurants. Food was absolutely wonderful. You have to have the Sinatra Smash and try the raspberry limoncello drop martini. Prices are comparable to all other establishments in this quality range but the Taste of Wynn menu is a real deal.

5 Stars Vegasbab April 03, 2010

All around great experience. Had the mozzeralla, meatballs (my least fave, but loved the polenta) and crab salad-esque thing (favorite app). Lobster risotto was perfect. Caneoli cheesecake was unique and delicious. Great service. I'd go back, but for Italian, Lavo is still my favorite

0 Stars Lisa January 28, 2010

Had dinner here last Friday night. Great atmosphere but disappointed in food. I had chicken Marsala. Was okay not great. The hubby had seafood boullabaise. Said he's had better. He even sent his martini back. Said it tasted funny. Service was good.

5 Stars Hunter July 08, 2009

Loved our most recent meal here. Even something simple like chicken really pops. I'd come back here anytime.

5 Stars AnthonyF April 18, 2009

Had dinner with six friends, one of the best dining experiences in Vegas I have had. Attentive wait staff but not overly so, only had to pour wine ourselves when all staff were busy with several tables leaving all at once. Several of us had an off menu filet mignon which was second to none, I could have cut it with a spoon. The parmigiana was a massive serving, consider sharing. Looking forward to going back in slightly better weather and trying out the terrace, looks great. Slight crticism-Sinatra has a back catalogue of hundreds of songs, I didn't expect to here NYNY three times even tho we were there a while. Memorabilia is at exactly the right level too-not too HRC, but exclusive enough to raise an eyebrow or two. Awesome.

4 Stars PK January 27, 2009

Had dinner at Sinatra Saturday evening after Mystere. Arrived just a few minutes prior to the reservations and were seating promptly. We found the service of our particular waiter to be off relative to our other dining experiences at Okada and Tableau. After being seated, our drink order was no taken until 10-15 minutes thereafter. Menus were dropped off and another 15 minutes had slowly passed as he took our order. We shared the polpettine and the special sald of the night which consisted of Lobster and other nice delights. Both were very nicely prepared - for our entree, the lady had the Ravioli which had a nice Almaretto froth on top. She found it to be a little on the 'sweet' side but good at the same time. I was fixed on trying the Agnello, rack of lamb. It was prepared to perfection (medium rare). After the meal, we sat and waited a good 10 minutes until our patience ran out and flagged down who looked to be their sommalier. Total with a glass of Chianti came out to $150ish. I would definately give it another go but I too find this place to be new and going through some growing pains. Overall, we had higher expectations, but did appreciate Sinatra for what it is and what it is supposed to be.

4 Stars Phinzup January 13, 2009

Food was excellent. Try the lobster tail with risotto with a butter sauce. Portions are not large but entrees are filling. Staff is still trying to find their way, but the restaurant is new so give them time. They do have outside dining in front of a fireplace in a garden setting which looks very nice. Wine list is Very good.

5 Stars Hunter December 24, 2008

Great meal at Sinatra - certainly one of the best Italian joints in Las Vegas now.

Tried the parmesan risotto, lobster ravioli and the sea scallop appetizer - all were basically perfectly prepared.

Service was attentive but not over the top.

Sinatra is not cheap - entrees typically range between $30 and $50.