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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Spago (Caesars Palace)

3 Stars April June 29, 2012

Service was good. The food was good.

3 Stars Joe K November 13, 2011

Decent food, but slow service and a bit overpriced.

5 Stars Michelle March 27, 2011

Had filet mignon and husband had Kobe ribeye. Best steaks we've ever eaten. I tried his, its a must have!!! Won't regret it people

5 Stars Michelle March 26, 2011

We loved the food here. I remember the fresh breads that came out first. We ordered whatever the waiter recommended with great results. Staff was friendly and attentive. :)

4 Stars atdleft December 08, 2010

For ab fab, gourmet California style pizza, reworked Vegas style! I had to stop at Spago yesterday for a lunch break during my "Black Friday" shopping, and I just had to order my fave mushroom pizza. It's obviously still my favorite!

I also tried the pumpkin bread pudding for dessert, and I was amazed by the complex pumpkin and spice flavors, the rich custard interacting so well with the hearty bread, and the delectable vanilla creme anglaise and house made ice cream that went so perfectly with the pudding.

All in all, another great lunch at what may be my favorite lunch spot on The Strip!

4 Stars Mario And Dorothy From Canada July 11, 2010

Great food! Price was what we expected considering the location. Our server was from Romania and she was very polite and knowledgeable. Only problem we saw was the decor...boring.
My kid could of picked better color combos...

Mens washroom was dirty....

But we will be back next trip for sure.

4 Stars lucythesplainer April 08, 2010

Great food, good service and wine/drink selections. Not snotty about casually dressed customers. A good value in an upscale place, good people watching out in the mall.

5 Stars Stacy April 04, 2010

Absolutely fabulous! Don Cheadle was even here having lunch.

3 Stars ALSanDiego March 25, 2010

Down with OPP? Over Priced Pizza... it didn't feel that way 12 years ago when this joint first opened, but it's not hard to find good wood fire style california pizza anymore. Salad offerings have dwindled to just the basics, but the chopped is still on the menu. You're here to chill and people watch, the food is fine, its just not the same unique lunch experience it used to be. People next to us were raving about the meatloaf. Great people watching.

5 Stars Dr. Dukes March 10, 2010

Great service. Wonderful ambiance. Super lunch on a busy Saturday. We shared the steak quesadillas and the Thai chicken salad. Both were WOW but the Thai chicken salad is a Must-Do double wow.

5 Stars Todd January 04, 2010

Excellent modern American concept in a high profile location. Highly recommended! Food was wonderful.

4 Stars Heath November 15, 2009

Good place. We've eaten here many times. Nice spot to sit and watch the people move past. Food is excellent. Try one of the pizzas. The pepperoni is pretty greasy though. Puck sure knows what he's doing. I guess that's not exactly news to anyone at this point. Give it a try for lunch...

4 Stars Michael & Mike March 10, 2009

I really enjoyed this restaurant! The mango iced tea was very good. The selection of bread was varied - the Parmesan was my favorite. I had a smoked pork loin sandwich, similar to a rueben. It was tasty, with two side salads. My mom had the pasta, or about half of the huge portion. I had the rest and loved it. Mike had a chopped veggie salad and liked it enough to finish the leftovers a little later that night. Our server was attentive and accurate, and the patio seating was beautiful. Prices were high for our hometown, but upper average for most cities I have visited. I would suggest this to a friend!

2 Stars Hope March 04, 2009

Ok. Nothing great, really expensive and mediocre food.

0 Stars Teresa October 24, 2006

The roasted beet salad was to die for, the service was fair, however when our dinner was served I relized that it was not what we ordered! By the time I pointed this out to my date he had already began to pick at the free range chicken before him, unfortunately what he picked into was a very long red hair! I told my our waitress and she took our plates and apologized for the mix up. However she took the plates to the kitchen turned around and placed them at the correct table where the woman who had ordered the free range chicken began dining on the long red hair! I was so surprised! I wont eat there again.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 17, 2006

How bad the food and the service can be at this place??No word to described it.It was a really,really bad place to eat at.