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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Spice Market Buffet (Planet Hollywood)

3 Stars 360 Vegas Mark September 27, 2013

Food was fine; nothing bad, nothing stellar. I think this experience will end our Vegas buffet experiment. If there is anything better than Wicked Spoon @Cosmopolitan, I don't really care to spend the money to find out. We also never eat anything even remotely close to justify the cost so what is the point.

1 Star Sofia February 16, 2013

Food was ok - but bordering poor. Service was shocking and unfriendly. Don't waste your money.

1 Star Sk October 26, 2012

Only one star because couldn't give less. Food was terrible. Selection was worse. Went to Caesars earlier in the day. Maybe was spoiled with their food!

5 Stars Soko April 29, 2012

Buffet was so good! Such a variety of foods it was neat to try different all the different types of food. Had cold AND hot crab legs unlike arias buffet. Had a long line up but probably only 20 minute wait. Good service too for being so busy. Nice fresh food tons of variety. Loved it!

4 Stars Allison March 01, 2012

I don't know what these other people had but we had an awesome dinner here. Not as wide of a selection but almost everything I had was great. Great shrimp tempura and BBQ ribs!

2 Stars Dr Dave December 20, 2011

How the mighty have fallen. Back in the early 00s, this place was giving the Bellagio a run for its money in the "Best Buffet" department. Now it's duking it out with Monte Carlo for the bottom spot. Went for lunch after learning it was the only place at P Ho that would take my expiring food voucher. Thankfully the comp doubled as a line pass, because otherwise this would have been a total disaster. The selection was middling but the quality was terrible. It turned into a tasting menu--I'd fill up my plate, taste something, and not eat the rest because it tasted awful. You know it's bad when you make two passes with an empty plate and can't find anything to eat. Two stars just because I didn't get sick after eating here.

2 Stars Simon October 25, 2011

Very poor this visit. Boring, cold selection of foods, duplicated at each station. Compared to last year, it is 1 out of 10!

5 Stars Whitney October 07, 2011

Amazing buffet

4 Stars Anto28 September 11, 2011

Would put the Spice Market right below Wynn and Bellagio for the best buffets. A wide selection of cuisines and one of the only places I've seen Indian food at a Vegas buffet.

4 Stars Joe C July 13, 2011

Good but not the best

2 Stars Hanif June 25, 2011

Not great

3 Stars Kkenn June 19, 2011

Has gone downhill. Options have dwindled over the past year. Not the worst buffet but far from the best these days.

5 Stars Traveller March 15, 2011

One of the best

4 Stars Brad February 10, 2011

Good selection and good food. Prime rib and crab legs as advertised. Desserts were also great. Would recommend.

4 Stars Brad February 10, 2011

Good selection and good food. Prime rib and crab legs as advertised. Desserts were also great. Would recommend.

3 Stars Jason H January 24, 2011

Spice Market came highly recommended and to be honest I was a little disappointed. The line was fairly long for lunch, but no more than other buffets. The variety of food was pretty good, but much of it standard mall quality fare. Worth the time if you are after quantity over quality.

5 Stars Charles December 31, 2010

Great food! Even has some Brazilian BBQ here! Crab legs also!

5 Stars Mehrotra November 23, 2010

As we are staying here we thought we would try it. Wow! Great breakfast selection. There is so much we made ourselves sick from over eating. It did mean we didn't need to eat again until 9pm so saved money as well.

5 Stars Goon29 October 29, 2010

Awesome buffet with great variety of food. Food was top notch and well worth the $$. Service was on par for buffets.

4 Stars Michael Dutterer October 16, 2010

This buffet is a regular visit on our annual trips. Great selection, good quality, and usually good service.

5 Stars Mr&MrsCorlett September 06, 2010

As we were staying at the ph hotel we visited this buffet a few times for breakfast and lunch, huge selection, something for everyone. I had a delicious bagel with smoked salmon and whipped cream cheese. Was so hard to choose what to have though, could have eaten about ten courses!!

4 Stars Adam August 07, 2010

Came for lunch and nearly stayed till dinner time!! The only problem with the buffet is that I ate sooo much that I had to go lay down and digest for a few hours before we could go out again. My favorite part: COTTON CANDY

5 Stars Addicted to food! July 14, 2010

Best champagne brunch I ever had! Came back for round two this trip!!!

4 Stars G&J UK June 25, 2010

Went for breakfast. Everything was so much nicer than other buffets we tried and they had real hash browns. Only downside was the long line waiting to go in.

5 Stars Debbie June 06, 2010

Fantastic food and wonderful friendly service

3 Stars Darren L. June 04, 2010

Food good and service attentive. Would go back but not in same league as Aria or Wynn.

4 Stars Interstate 15 May 17, 2010

One of the better Vegas buffets. Shrimp scampi was delicious, desserts are excellent, price (lunch) was very reasonable. Classic rock playing the whole time.

5 Stars RobC May 10, 2010

One of the best in Vegas. I recommend!

1 Star anna May 10, 2010

ate dinner on Mother's day. Horrible food, complete waste of money, paris or belagio are much better choice

5 Stars Debbie May 01, 2010

Fantastic food and wonderful friendly service

1 Star Sean April 28, 2010

OM F'ing God, I do not know what all the hype is about, but this buffet sucks big time!!! I am pretty easy to please but every station here sucks. I was extremely disappinted! Stear clear of this one!!

4 Stars Michelle April 24, 2010

One of the better buffets. Great selection. My only complaint is the desserts are only ok.

5 Stars Jessica April 20, 2010

This buffet was delicious and worth every penny. My boyfriend and I came to Vegas when harrahs entertainment was having there " buffet of buffets" which was 29.99 for all buffets for 24 hrs as many time as you wAnted to go. We tries le village and the flamingo and none lived up to the hype. Finally we go to planet Hollywood and there was no comparison. We just kept coming back since we found a good thing. Great selection and variety. Best place for dessert. Looking forward to it next year.

4 Stars Darrenuk April 10, 2010

Good breakfast although they are a bit mean with the coffee.

4 Stars Fantom April 07, 2010

Best buffet on the strip.

4 Stars Erik April 01, 2010

Awesome variety, everything from cut crab legs and sushi to cotton candy! Warning that crab legs are not available for lunch. There were $5 off coupons on the web before Harrah's took them over, hope they will continue this.

4 Stars Pete March 31, 2010

One of the better buffets on the strip. Compared to the other big buffets on the strip, this one is probably priced right. Its not as fancy as Bellagio or Wynn, but it is better than Harrahs/Mirage/Flamingo. Its worth the extra couple bucks over the previously mentioned buffets. Very good setup with the stations for each type of food. May be a bit too spread out for those who have problems getting around. Last time we went, it was a Friday night around 6pm and it was actually quite dead. Not sure why, maybe we just timed it out right. Highly recommend the potstickers from the asian section and the hot crab legs. Enjoy.

3 Stars Kayng March 15, 2010

Decent buffet, we went for brunch and it had a okay variety of food. The Mexican food could use a little less salt. Nothing over the top but it did the job. We had a coupon for $5 off which made it the cheapest decent buffet we could find in Vegas. Overall ok

2 Stars Diana March 10, 2010

To be Advertised as the best buffet on the strip I was sooo dissatisfied! My buffet at the boat is waaay better! Dessert very good, food was just ok!!

4 Stars Bill Rusnock February 20, 2010

Great buffet,anything you would want. Desert bar is awesome during dinner.be sure to goto players club if u get 100pts on your card u get 2 free buffets,use them on dinner it's the most expensive.

5 Stars Jessalynn June 15, 2009

This is by far my favorite buffet on the Strip! The selection us fantastic and if you sign up for the PH players club, you'll get some good coupons to use at the buffet. Lunch here will hold you over for the rest of the day!

5 Stars Paul Dicarlo June 14, 2009

Best buffet in vegas by far. Very good lamb.

3 Stars Abed Nader March 21, 2009

Good buffet but it's not the Wynn buffet by any stretch of the imagination.

5 Stars Ref January 23, 2009

The shrimps here are fantastic just wish we could have eaten more. The best buffet in vegas.

5 Stars BossDanmark January 02, 2009

Super. The best buffet at the strip!

5 Stars Kevin Crossman November 29, 2008

Loved this buffet! All the food was really tasty and even on a crowded Thanksgiving the atmosphere was quiet and relaxing. Staff was friendly and efficient.

0 Stars Neal Wright July 11, 2008

My family and I consented a Las Vegas guide for many of our meals and the book led us here one day for lunch. The book discussed the buffets #1 LV Buffet rating and the around-the-world experience at Spice Market. I am here to say that the book did an excellent job at featuring this place because the food was great and the service was even better. The only thing that I would comment negatively upon would be the mexican station, it left a little to be desired but the seafood station which featured all-you-can-eat, steamed to order king crab legs made up for it all. My suggestion to anyone would be to come to this wonderful buffet and be sure to tip your wait staff, even at buffets, because that receipt with a $10 tip made a world of difference in the service we recieved!

0 Stars mike_ch November 12, 2006

Dropped in on Halloween. The buffet has finished it's transition into the Planet Hollywood era, which means a modest makeover with modern fixtures, colors, and upholstery. The counters and stations (including some of the unique ones like Middle Eastern) are all still there.

This buffet is one of the two best buffets that I have ever been to, and the other one isn't in Las Vegas. I haven't been to every buffet, but I have been to the other well-regarded ones and can say this one is better. However, it's not cheap. For lunch it's probably a decent price compared to eating at a cafe with an entree/drink/dessert, but compared to other buffets it's still no bargain. Better bang per buck ratio can be found downtown, but if you're hanging around mid-strip you may not want to go down there. So come here if you want a great feast and you don't care about the price, and it's STILL not the most expensive among the other nice buffets around Flamingo Rd.

The room is not as gorgeous as the one at WLV, but otherwise, better than Rio, better than Paris, better than Bellagio, even better than Wynn (although the room aesthetics couldn't hold a candle to Wynn's setup.)

Service & Food quality. The drinks come just when I needed them. The food does not taste like buffet food, even making myself a simple bean burrito was a great dish because of the superior ingredients. The poultry/beef is great, and there's even a seafood table with stuff for both seafood fans and your average guy who thinks of fish'n'chips when he thinks of seafood. Deserts are incredible.

Final notes: The American and Italian sections will actually create a custom burger or pizza for you if you fill out a paper with the toppings you want. The deserts had little edible Halloween designs on them. One worker told me Christmastime will bring some holiday desserts. It's all noteworthy if only because buffet food is intended to be as mass-produced as possible, so it's nice to see some departures, whether it's customer-ordered food or a nice seasonal touch.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 03, 2006

Some pretty good food, but over priced. I think we paid about 24 bucks per person for dinner. The buffet is downstairs from the casino entrance and it gives you a cramped, stuffy feeling in a basement with no windows. Service was friendly and fast. If you like king crab legs (we do not) then this would be the place for you. You'll be squeezing out shell fish farts for a week. But for half the price you are better off going to most any casino cafe (less Four Queens because that place is horrible) and get a decent meal for a fraction of the cost. Some good cafes are at the Luxor or Excalibur. Luxor offers a great prime rib entree for less then 15 bucks with soup, veggies and bread.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 23, 2006

One of the most expensive and overrated buffets in Las Vegas! Not worth the price and don't give us any fancy schmancy crap!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 30, 2005

I ate here once for breakfast. Best selection of any buffet I've ever been to. The service was good, but would most likely have been better if the place wasn't so busy.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 08, 2005

Great buffet,probablu the only one serving Indian Tandoory chicken,wich I personally love.Great seafood selections,great dessert selection,fresh salads and excellent chinese.What can I say? Perfect!!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 05, 2004

Best Buffet on the strip!! Tryed all 3, breakfast lunch and dinner. many food stations from pizza to seafood, carved meats and turkey, foods from different countries, made to order omlets, flamming dessers. it was all great!

0 Stars marora99 September 03, 2004

The food was pretty good. The buffet is kinda on the expensive side. Lunch was 22.00 on a Sunday. They had really really good cheese ravioli, pizza, and deserts. There potato salad was pretty good too. As a vegetarian I wasn't interested in the meat selection they had to offer

0 Stars HLDD July 13, 2004

Great buffet, wonderful variety. If you don't really care about crepes, go for the lunch versus the dinner. Seating is a little uncomfortable if you don't get a booth (and the layout is a bit confusing). Service is okay, the clear the plates fast and refill your drinks, but when it gets busy the serveres can be hard to find.

0 Stars swanboy333 February 26, 2004

The food here is great. The best buffet I have tried so far. It is a world buffet, so it has items of food from all over the world. The prime rib was moist. The sushi was very tasteful. Pizza was good. Almost all major regions are represented with food. Service was good, always had a full glass. Can't wait until my next trip to eat there again.

0 Stars johninballard November 14, 2003

I go to Las Vegas twice a year and after discovering the Spice Market I wish I went more ofter. The food is terrific because it is made in small batches, and the service is always courteous and quick. I have tried all the other buffets (except Paris) but always come back to the Aladdin. The rooms are terrific and are larger than any of the others I have stayed in.

0 Stars YoungGun August 21, 2003

Great buffet. Nice dining area and huge variety. The line is in a horrible area though, in the middle of the casino, blocking the high limit slot saloon. After you go down the escalators there is a second line. The food is really good and the variety is great. If Planet Hollywood decides to remodel the place, I'd be all for it. As it stands now there is not much of a theme. However, I hope that they keep the Middle Eastern food station. I know that one of the things they will do in the retheming is to take out Middle Eastern references. Just because there are some idiots out there that think Middle Eastern = terrorism, they should not take away the one unique thing about this buffet. The bakklava is really good. The service is great. Our server was fast and all smiles. The only caveat I have about this place is that the Champagne Brunch here is not the same as in the other big buffets. They charge more for it, but you do not get the premium items. Other places also charge more, but they add some of the dinner items to the standard mix of breakfast and lunch. My friends reported crab legs at the Paris Buffet during brunch. Also, there is a station of champagne, mimosas, screwdrivers, and bloody marys. At Bellagio the champagne is brought to you, but you only get champagne. So in the end, the Aladdin champagne brunch is a mixed bag. It is significantly cheaper than Paris and Bellagio and never as busy. If you don't want crab legs for brunch, then you shouldn't have any complaints. The actual champagne is a trade off. You get more choices, but you have to get it yourself.

0 Stars sunny729 July 30, 2003

As buffets go, the Spice Market is pretty good. They have plenty to choose from and the service was ok. It is a buffet so we were not looking for 5star eating.

0 Stars bnsf600 June 07, 2003

Excellent service. I was so pleased with the service I wrote
a positive comment and left it for the manager as my waitress
constantly made sure my glass was filled and my plate was taken
away every single time I got up to get more food. They have
one of the best buffets because they have such a wide variety
of food to choose from. Evidently, if anyone ever at Don
the Beachcomber (at the Sahara during the 80s), then be sure
to go by their Chinese food station and try their very
thick tapa-tapa/teriyaki sauce. The only middle eastern
food that they didn't have was backlava (sp?), which was
the only disappointing thing about the buffet.

0 Stars madge62 June 01, 2003

This was a fairly nice buffet, although I'd rate it under the Bellagio & Paris buffets. The food was fairly fresh, hot, varied and the service was pretty decent. I'd definitely go again.

0 Stars Turtles May 30, 2003

The service here is horrific! As I stood in line I watched a man leave a table to get another plate of food; then a woman came to clean the table and took a bag that was left on the chair and toss it behind the counter. Then the man returned to the table and sat down. The woman marched over there and yelled (and I mean YELLED) at him for sitting there. The man asked what happend to his bag and she marched off to get a manager - as if to ' tell on him ' or something. The resturant was kind of busy, but this was a weekday so I am sure it was nothing like a weekend rush. We only had to wait for about 20 mins - which isn't really bad at all. But these people were acting as if the world was going to end. They were running around very frantic - giving off a panic attitude. The food is ok. Nothing really special.. although the mexican food was very good. And even if the food was amazing, i would not go back because of the service we recieved.

0 Stars Hunter May 07, 2003

While this buffet seems popular with Vegas regulars, I have a hard time placing it in the same league as the buffets at Bellagio and the Mirage. They do offer a good range of food that you'd often find in buffets, divided into stations by cuisine. Nothing I picked up was bad, but some items seemed like they weren't totally fresh.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 05, 2002

one of the best buffets you will find in town lots of different types of food all with good taste

0 Stars RateVegas User October 16, 2002

Quite possibly the best buffet in Las Vegas - yes, including Bellagio and Paris. The Aladdin buffet is simply outstanding. I'd suggest about an hour of $10-$15 hand BJack, then get a comp to the buffet. You won't regret it.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 16, 2002

after belliago, this was our 2nd favorite buffet. food tasty with strong and definitive flavors. great s & s chicken, stromboli, hummus, mango chutney, sirloin, pizza, coconut chicken curry soup, fish and chips, shrimp. their meal times do not run into each other. don't go late. they take the lunch food down at 3 pm and supper starts at 4 pm. there is nothing in between. our waiter was good, but the gals at the cash register don't like questions. better ask them, though, because this place runs its hours differently than any other buffet. lunch was $14 and we thought it was overpriced until we experienced the big price increases throughout the strip buffets.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 08, 2002

Went to 5 different Buffet's in Vegas while there, and I thought this one was the best! HUGE variety of good quality food.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 01, 2002

I ate there twice, the first time was great, but the second time was nearly closing time , which is sharp 9.30 pm.
Dont be there later than 9.00 , because otherwise the food is kind of cold and mainly leftovers from early.
also the waiters are eager to leave and pay no attention to you.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 09, 2002

Ate lunch and breakfast there also now. Excellent. Great job people. This is the saving grace of the Alladin Hotel. I didn't care that much for the rest of the hotel.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 16, 2001

Great Food!!! Poor service.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 14, 2001

Alot of variety and one the the best lunch buffets in Vegas.
Be sure & visit for an exceptional meal.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 13, 2001

Ate dinner there. Its pricey for a buffet but the food was good overall. The lamb at the Middle Eastern station was excellent.
I would do it again. I think the Bellagio still has the edge on it though. It does rank in the top five of LV buffets in my opinion.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 30, 2001

Italian food left something to be desired. Nevertheless, this has to be one of the best buffets in town. Variety was extraordinary; the quality of the food was excellent. I've gone back for a repeat visit; I'd go back again in a hearbeat.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 18, 2001

Loved the different variety of foods! I've been to many buffets in Vegas and this was one of the better ones.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 04, 2001

Not that great. I was expecting MUCH more... The service sucked (they let a group of 18 people ahead of us because they pleaded with the line lady) and they don't serve any cocktails in the buffet (beer and wine only). The food was mediocre. Not bad but no comparison to a good buffet like the Bellagio Buffet.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 27, 2000

very nice buffet, lots of selection from various cultures

0 Stars RateVegas User August 22, 2000

Ate at the buffet for lunch on 8/18/00. Has different stations of food, including Mexican (fajitas, tamales), Middle Eastern(lamb), Seafood(sushi, big peeled shrimp, 3-4 hot dishes), Oriental(egg rolls, assorted dim sum, 3 entrees), Salad, Soup (lobster bisque), American (roast beef, turkey, mashed potatoes), Italian (thin crust pizza, pastas), Desserts (made to order crepes, ice cream/yogurt machine, and assorted pies, cakes, other small desserts. All food was quite good, and the service excellent. Lunch was $12.99, dinner is $18.99 and my server says they add King Crab and Prime Rib.