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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews STACK (The Mirage)

4 Stars Cody January 31, 2014

Since I had eaten at Samba the evening before I was not in the mood for steak so I had the salmon instead. Excellent!!! Service was great and the entire feel of the place was modern fused with traditional. Enjoyed, highly recommend, and will return.

5 Stars Niki August 29, 2013

Best steak I have ever had- literally melted in your mouth. Pricey but food is stellar that it's worth shelling out the dough. Service was top notch as well. Wine and cocktail selection gets a thumbs up. Will definitely come back!

4 Stars Vegas Mate User August 22, 2013

Great food and a lovely steak and wipped potatoes would go there again

5 Stars Kelly July 27, 2013

Every time I'm in Vegas I eat at STACK twice. Great steakhouse and the menu has something for everyone. The Kobe burger is the best burger I've ever had. The staff is amazing and knowledgeable about everything on the menu. Great place!!!

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark March 22, 2013

Still undefeated. Love those wings and hot rocks.

1 Star Michael Simonds December 31, 2012

After hearing so many good things being said, I was surprisingly disappointed by this place. Upon arrival, the place was pretty quiet, but had a DJ playing music and it was pretty loud. I was a solo traveler this time around so I opted to sit at the bar. I sat for a good ten minutes before a bartender finally approached me. Once I asked for a menu, the bartender says, "Let me see if the kitchen is still open..." and disappears for another ten minutes. The time was just before 10:00 pm and it was listed as being open until 11:00 pm. Upon return he gives me a menu, and I ask, "What time does the kitchen close?" His response is, "Whenever the chef decides to close I up." So I order a beer and he disappears again. After finally taking my order, I decided to order off off the "small plates" menu, with the thought that I will just have some appetizers. I order the mini gyros and for the price, these were the smallest, and most expensive gyros ever; a bite and a half at best EACH, and there is only three of them. Very far from being the least bit satisfied, I ordered the hot rocks. I soon noticed that Stack seems to share many of the same menu items as its neighbor restaurants, and in this case, Japanois. I have had the hot rocks at the neighboring Japanese resturaunt before and it is very good. However this time, every time I would eat a piece of beef, I would get little chunks of rock in my mouth! I am sad to report that I had both a bad food and service experience at Stack.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark June 01, 2012

Always top notch but expensive. I can't recommend the buffalo lollipop chicken wings. I miss the Kobe hot rocks. Sirloin just isn't as good.

5 Stars KK February 09, 2012

Great food! Very impressed and surprised! Jelly donuts for desert were unreal! My only issue is when preparing that smoky appetizer at the tables, the entire restaurant seems like its on fire.

4 Stars Hunter December 08, 2011

My steak was well cooked and the baked potato was awesome. Service was ok but not stellar. Everyone in our party of eight enjoyed it.

5 Stars Ryan June 20, 2011

Ate here for my 21st bday can't express how incredible it was the petite filet was hands down the best steak I've ever had the hot rocks were cool haf of my party's food got to the table about 15 mins late but they went above and beyond to make up for it I got dessert and 2 shots for free cool atmosphere

5 Stars Sarah February 17, 2011


5 Stars Jill February 10, 2011

Best meal in Vegas, possibly best meal ever. The menu is very modern and unique. Steak with king crab and bernaise sauce was amazing as was the Chilean sea bass with lobster risotto. Prices are however higher than the $$ rating here. We will go back next time.

4 Stars Lori December 09, 2010

We had a very good dinner. The cocktails are expensive but they are 8 oz. and delicious. We had the adult tater tots which are tater tots with brie and bacon inside. Genius! I had the steak and my boyfriend had the seabass. We were both very happy with our meal. It is pricy as are most places in Vegas. I believe they have a happy hour in the bar if you want to check it out without investing in a dinner.

4 Stars Reviewer July 22, 2010

Good food high prices. They play really really loud music.

5 Stars MikeE April 22, 2010

Probably my favorite restaurant at Mirage. The food is creative and delicious. The room is open to the casino and they play rather loud music so it might not be the beat choice for a romantic evening though it is still every bit fine dining. Come here with a group of friends, order some hot rocks, and enjoy.

4 Stars Tosh April 03, 2010

Yum. Wow. Lots of flavor and super cool atmosphere. Highly recommend the lobster tacos.

4 Stars Gene February 11, 2010

Very nice steak. Great place to side into after Love. The bar was very active with an older crowd. Service was great.

5 Stars Vegasbab October 18, 2009

Surprised by the great meal I had here. Coming from the East Coast, it's tough to find a GREAT fish dish in Vegas. But, STACK pulled it off. Great Sea Bass & risotto

2 Stars Tori September 24, 2009

This was an ok place - expensive - much better places to eat in Vegas - don't bother!

1 Star Jonathan Phillips - Danbury - Essex - UK September 02, 2009

Stack.....over priced, no atmosphere, if you like eating in the dark, this may be for you. I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole! Stack, more like Crap!

5 Stars Mark W from Chicago June 14, 2009

The best restaurant I have ever eaten at in my life. I am normally not a fan of high end dining. My wife, however, is. So I try to indulge sometimes. This food is amazing...and I didn't get past the appetizers. You should try this. You won't regret it.

2 Stars Mary Vegas January 24, 2009

Love the Mirage, but not this steak house. There r much better places in vegas if u like steak. Too loud. It's more loungy in it's vibe than restaurant. Food isn't bad but didn't wow me.

0 Stars Jeff November 03, 2007

Great food and decent service. Definitely recommended.

0 Stars carol a. roman August 28, 2007

my question is...we visited your resturant back in july...let me say it was the best.back to my question...i had your dish with the hot rocks..with sirloin...i need to know where or if i can purchase the rocks that you served it on or the name of the compant where you got them..it was the best dish i have ever had.please email me back with an anwser.i would really appreciate it

thank you
carol roman

0 Stars kiki November 22, 2006

I really liked this place, although I am not usually inclided to stay anywhere too trendy for long. The food was good - although pricey - and it has a really nice loungy atmosphere. Slightly pretentious, but not too over the top. Very busy place, and I like the fact that it is right off of the casino. I think that this is the one thing that the MGM co. has done right in the renovated Mirage.

0 Stars Hunter September 14, 2006

We really enjoyed STACK. Despite being a very busy Friday night, they were able to seat our party of six within about 20 minutes.

I had some seabass that was awesome - very well prepared. Checking with others at the table, everyone was really happy.

The restaurant is loud but if you like the whole 'party vibe', it's perfect. It is much more mellow on weeknights.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 19, 2006

We normally don't eat late, but went to a show at the Wynn and decided to wait until after the show. We went through Treasure Island and were told that most of the restaurants close at 10:00. We then decided to head back to the Mirage where we were staying. We walking by STACK and thought we would give it a try. It was really good. Had a Kobe burger for the first time. It was really good, but I'm not sure any burger is worth $19. My side was something they called an "Adult Tater Tot". They had put bacon and cheese in it. Really Good. Hope to go back sometime. the wait staff was constantly checking on us. Good service.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 01, 2006

We had a reservation but confusion at the front desk caused our table to be given away. We did get seated fairly quickly after. Service was very slow and again seemed confused. The food did not arrive as ordered. Several items missing. The music was too loud, wine list is limited and expensive, menu is short and uninspired. I had a steak on a plate and mashed potato. Too many other really good choices to bother with this place.