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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Sterling Brunch (Bally's)

5 Stars Chris Moore December 10, 2014

Great experience. We ate here for my wife's birthday and it was such a great brunch. This is something we will be doing every trip to Las Vegas.

5 Stars TrevorC September 03, 2013

Consider it an event more than a brunch. Service was phenomenal with bubbly being topped off constantly. Food was exceptional. The room was wonderful. I hope this stays in the hotel even with the renos ...

4 Stars Toots June 24, 2012

Yes it's expensive but it is worth it for a special occasion. There were food I never heard from before but they were quite tasty!

1 Star RobC May 10, 2010

Ok, too pricey!

4 Stars Robin Olds May 10, 2010

Great food but very expensive. Just raised their price to $85 for adults and $29 for children. Normally I would not pay this much but it was Mothers Day. Food is good but you better come very hungry to get your moneys worth. The all you can eat lobster was nice.

4 Stars sageblue March 27, 2010

At its high price, it is probably not worth it, despite the enormous amounts of high quality food, including several lobster dishes, great meats, and fresh seafood. However, if you have discounts from coupons and/or enough Total Rewards comps to cover it, it's still a great experience with an attentive staff.

5 Stars FrenchAero March 16, 2010

Probably The best Buffet in Town!!!

1 Star James January 18, 2010

I don't understand the hype. Ugly, old decor and terrible food. Waitstaff was very friendly. Noway worth the price

4 Stars Chris November 24, 2009

Went there for the first tome in 2005 and it was the best brunch we have ever had. We returned in 2008, and it seemed to have lost something. Either due to the expanded dining space, where you have to walk into the lobby to return to your table with your food. Or the service not being as attentive. Or some other unknown quality, our meal just wasn't as special. Still good, just not as outstanding as it used to be.

5 Stars Todd November 03, 2008

Fantastic buffet. Price is $85 plus tax and tip now and increasing to $98 next year according to our server. Lobster was way overcooked (pastey) but EVERYTHING else was top notch. Filet and lamb chops particularly yummy.

0 Stars DebbieH103 August 21, 2003

whole thing was very nice, except people were loud and wore whatever they felt like. They had field greens, Caesar salad, raw oysters, raw clams, shrimp, rock lobster claws, lobster halves, caviar, sushi made to order, eggs to order w/ things like asparagus & shrimp, lots of salads, Mexican burritos, various potatoes, Belgian waffles, rack of lamb carved to your cut, carved beef tenderlion to your cut, various carved meat and vegetable stuffed pastries, champagne oysters, mussels, lobster gazpacho (didn't like it), duck, chicken, fish, European cheeses, cherries jubilee w/ ice cream, creme brulee, bowls of mixed berries w/ huge raspberries, flan, fruit tarts, pastries, lots of chocolate things, chocolate covered strawberries, tiramisu, champagne grapes, star fruit, lychee, Chinese plums, papaya, lots of your more "regular" fruits and other exotic fruits, cakes, etc. They pour Evian everytime you drink a sip, and they pour Perrier Jouet frequently. You can get teas, coffees/capaccino, etc., fresh squeezed OJ, cranberry, grapefruit, etc. They had stuff like bacon and sausage, also. I am sure I am forgetting stuff. I didn't like the breads or the gazpacho. Everything else I had was very high quality. Plan on 2 hours for a meal there to enjoy all it has to offer. I had not eaten for 24 hours when I went, and I still only managed to eat 2 lobster halves because I was enjoying the salad, fruit and creme brulee. That creme brulee was so good, I could have licked the bowl. They serve it in the steakhouse. They also had octopus. They didn't have veal picatta that I had read about and looked forward to. THey didn't have blinis, either. They also didn't have ostrich or pheasant. Perhaps they rotate some of these exotic things. I know at the salad, I put what I thought was cheese on my salad, and it turned out to be crab, so be careful if you are allergic.

This buffet cost me $66 with tax and tip. Service was impeccable, and I was served with constant personal attention. Everytime I got up, I came back to a fresh linen napkin and my glasses full and icky dishes cleared. They serve on real silver and white china.

The Perrier Jouet was poured generously, and various juices, including fresh squeezed orange juice, were poured. Hot tea and cappacinos were available, as well.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 24, 2001

Amazing. Great Food. It is a one of a kind.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 15, 2001

Reguarded by nearly everyone as THE best brunch in Vegas.