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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews STK (Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

5 Stars Alecia November 20, 2014

Went here for a birthday dinner, and couldn't have made a better choice. Great food, service, and atmosphere! Definitely worth trying.

5 Stars Scott J August 22, 2012

Love the DJ here. Lots of songs from the 80s and 90s. Food good too.

5 Stars Tim December 07, 2011

Unreal dinner. The steak was like butter and the lobster was perfect. The atmosphere was a dining experience like I've never had before and the staff were knowledgable and friendly. Pricey bit worth every penny in my opinion.

5 Stars MarcPW September 29, 2011

My wife and I loved this place. Low lighting and very buzzy atmosphere (reminiscent of Lavo over at Palazzo) generated by the DJ. Delicious mini loaf served with blue cheese and pesto sauces (thankfully, they ask how u feel about blue cheese before pouring it all over the bread - ours was on the side as it's not really my taste) comes as standard. The entree food was great and the service efficient and friendly. Highly recommended.

5 Stars K Wojtowicz August 25, 2011

This was our 2nd time to STK and it did not disappoint. We were seated quickly, wait staff was friendly and prompt. I loved the rolls with melted blue cheese on top, but my dining friends are not fans of blue cheese, so a 2nd order sans cheese was brought out immediately. We all had filets - one was too rare and had to be sent back, but was brought back quickly and in good shape! I like med-well, which is tough to do with a thick filet. Most places ask if they can butterfly the filet, but mine came out in one piece and cooked to perfection. Not as stuffy as your usual steakhouse, but food is as good.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark August 25, 2011

Fuckin' amazing! Mac & Cheese, creamy yucatan potatoes & the best 7oz filet mignon I've ever had in my life. Service was fantastic too, much better than last time.

5 Stars Rick August 08, 2011

My wife and I ate here with another couple, and there are not words to explain how killer of a time we had!!!!!!! If you want to have a great time, have great food, with DJ kickin the jams go here!!!!! To give you a clue in how crazy this dinner was the chef invited us to the kitchen and showed us how to saber a champagne bottle!!!!

2 Stars Scott July 26, 2011

Sat 30 minutes past our reservation time, the table we were sat at was ready and empty for at least 15 minutes before I went back to the hostess stand-even though they obviously forgot about us no apology. Food was mediocre to decent, but not great. Waiter was very good. Place was loud and crowded but that's what we expected. Bar/lounge significantly bleeds over into the seated dining area which would be annoying if you're trying to enjoy your meal and standing bar patrons are right up against your table. Overall I would say this place is all style, no substance and there are too many other outstanding places to eat in Vegas for me to want to go back here.

5 Stars Abby April 06, 2011

Our experience at STK was Amazing! The food was excellent and the DJ made it the most rocking dinner I have ever had. It was like a really hip lounge and a great meal all in one place. I can't wait to go back to STK.

5 Stars Audrey Jeane March 23, 2011

Fantastic food and service. Well worth making a reservation or even eating dinner at the bar. Best part is a live DJ playing a variety of styles of music. Definitely not your standard steakhouse in all the best ways.

4 Stars Sean March 09, 2011

Food and service were both excellent, my bone-in ribeye came out more medium than medium rare and when I told the server he got me a new one so fast I couldn't believe it. I will definitely be back.