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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Studio B Buffet (M Resort)

5 Stars MarkFTL September 20, 2013

Best off strip buffet hands down. I think it even beats most on strip. Huge selection, cool decor and beer and wine.

4 Stars Kire October 23, 2012

Stopped here for lunch. Great variety of food. No crab legs or cold prawns. But many other good dishes. Good buffet if you are in the area but not worth the looong drive from the strip to just see this. Table limits were quite high for middle of the day also.

4 Stars Cody December 14, 2011

Fast line and excellent service. Selection great and all of it tasty. Went to the brunch seating. Good American fare with an ample selection of entrees and a surprisingly nice array of oriental food as well. Good carving stations and loved the dessert table. Highly recommend and will return.

5 Stars Monte March 28, 2011

I tried plenty of buffets while in Vegas and between my experience and the locals advice, I can say that this is the best buffet in town. They were great at keeping the pans fresh and ditching any food that came even close to sitting long. We did have to wait in line about 30 minutes both times we went and you should expect the same but it's worth it! Nothing tasted bland, and you can't beat that the wine and beer is included in price.

5 Stars Darren L. December 25, 2010

Awesome. Legendary. The food quality is the best of any buffet in Vegas. The variety is

5 Stars Darren L. December 25, 2010

The variety is out of this world. Such a shame not on the strip. Only complaint is ate too much as so good!

4 Stars susan December 04, 2010

This is the best buffet in town, the food is excellent, and spiced just right, they really know how to do a buffet, the wine or beer makes for an enjoyable meal, the desserts are delicious especially the creme brulee, the staff are friendly & polite. I have been with a handicapped person and did not have to stand in line, that's great, it is worth the wait if it's busy. I highly recommend this place over most hotels, you will not be disappointed.

5 Stars Don B September 21, 2010

Could not be faulted. Quality of food was top notch and matched by great service.
Beer and wine included. And for dessert you can enjoy a latte and Baileys also included in the price.

5 Stars Butterbean August 06, 2010

Now this is what I expected for a Vegas buffet. It's well worth the drive out to the M Resort to indulge in this huge spread. We ventured out there since it was featured on Top Chef Las Vegas and we weren't disappointed.

We went on a Sunday and had no problem being seated right away. The buffet....huge and includes everything imaginable...plus all you drink beer and wine. Unheard of on the strip and so much more affordable. Everything we had was fresh and the service was very good. Plates were removed promptly and water refilled consistently.

4 Stars JK July 21, 2010

Now the best buffet for the money in Vegas. So many great choices, you'll have a tough time sampling it all. Almost as good as Belaggio at half the price.

0 Stars Dee w May 26, 2010

Awesome.my new favorite. I am gluten intolerant & there were lots I could eat here. The meats were seasoned only with salt & pepper. They were excellent. All the wine u could drink was terrific. Loved the sorbet. The serving staff was knowledgeable. Cost was really inexpensive for the quanity of food & wine offered. Don' t miss eating here. The hotel is cool too. Only 5 miles from strip.Yummmmy!!

4 Stars ballarddave April 20, 2010

We Had a great buffet here.Were the lines long (not really).
Selections were as good as almost
anywhere on the strip.Desserts were excellent.
And best of all the wine,craft beer and
cider were free with the meal.

4 Stars MikeE April 18, 2010

Great as far as buffets go, which means the selection is phenomenal, but it's still buffet food. The room is attractive, though they never seem to seat anybody near the windows where the space truly shines. Free beer and wine is a plus. Too bad I can't overindulge because I inevitably wind up having a long drive ahead of me.

5 Stars MrEinSantaCruz August 30, 2009

Took my Mom here for the seafood buffet the run on the weekends. The line was long (45 mins) at 7:30 pm, but it was worth it. The food was great, many stations without duplicates AND all of it as good or better then what you can find on the Strip. Also it comes with all you can drink beer and wine ! There is a ticket system if you want to gamble instead of waiting inline (found out about it after we ate) - just ask at the Desk. AND they allow Handicaped patrons and up to two others to use the VIP line rather then wait with everyone else so that's no longer an issue.

4 Stars Mike_Ch June 24, 2009

An attractive buffet, most notable for the discount presently offered to players club members. They like to pull food and flush the room out as much as possible between meals, so don't expexct to pay for lunch and get dinner.

5 Stars truth June 17, 2009

Stop telling a tall tales!!! I've been there 10 times already, no lines, no waiting and what "ticket" you're talking about???!!! It's ridiculous how people can screw up the nice things...Studio B is the best buffet in Vegas for now. Does staple Bellagio buffet offer so many stations and food variety as it does M???
By the way, I just returned from Vegas, and let me tell you, all others buffets ( on Strip & beyond) are cutting back on numbers of stations and amount of food you're paid for...:((
So, next time @ M Resort, try actually enter inside the buffet, eat there and when write your comments!
And please don't lie to people, don't be a whopper!:)

0 Stars steve April 12, 2009

I will never go back to the m resort, we attempted to go the the buffet and it was a joke. First we had to wait in line for 30 min to get a number on when to return to the line to get in. Which sounded like a good idea. they said for us to come back at 9pm, when we did the line was long, after waiting 40 min they had a fire alarm, it went off for 5 min or so and then they said we had to evacuate. when we left the line and started to head out everyone went back and we lost our spot in line. they did not attempt to let us know what was going on and after waiting a few more minutes longer we left due to the line not moving.

I felft they were not very organized and need to do something different if they are going to deal with that volume of people.

0 Stars Beth Williams April 05, 2009

As an elderly person in a wheelchair, I was disappointed that there is no longer a handicapped line for the buffet. There used to be one but it has been discontinued (Sunday,Apr.5). We drove many miles just to eat there but had to leave the casino with no intention of ever returning. If it is not illegal, it is certainly inconvenient not to have easy access for people in wheelchairs. Aren't our lives difficult enough? Are there other handicapped people who agree? Shame on M.