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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews SushiSamba (The Palazzo)

5 Stars Liv November 09, 2013

Great. Love it

5 Stars Papa T October 06, 2012

I absolutely love this place. Top ten restaurant experience. Great service, fun atmosphere and the food was phenomenal. Our party had a tasting menu where each course topped the previous. A great choice to start our trip.

5 Stars Maggie August 04, 2012

LOVED the food here. Boyfriend and I couldnt figure out what to get so the waitress asked us our likes and dislikes in food and if there were any dietary issues (I'm a vegetarian) she came back with a 3 course tasting menu that was perfect! The Peruvian corn was soooo good! She even brought me an avocado roll to eat while my meat eating boyfriend had tuna rolls. The Samba juice is soooo yummy!

2 Stars Soko April 29, 2012

My husband and I are from central Canada so coming to Vegas we wanted to try fancier sushi restaurants. This was one of the ones we tried and it was bland and expensive. The rolls were nothing special and we even had a couple of the special rolls and a couple of the basic. Also had a tempura rock shrimp with truffle vinaigrette which wasn't the greatest. We've had way better sushi back home for half the price better rice and FLAVOR. This place also gave us the sh-ts afterwards. I wouldn't bother with this place. When they were pouring our waters they got most of the water on the table but otherwise the service was great and friendly.

5 Stars Joshua November 25, 2011

Hands down the best sushi in Vegas
Prices are as bad as shown online
The waiters will cater to your set price
Service and flavor

4 Stars Alex July 18, 2011

Amazing food. The concept is great, the waiter ask you about your taste and make a selection of items for you including the 3 styles of the restaurant. Service is beyond what i expected. 4 courses meal was around 55$ by person. Great selection of sake, but wine is expensive, cheapest btl was 40$

5 Stars Kristen July 08, 2011

My husband and I ate here to celebrate our 30th birthdays and had a wonderful experience. Although we did not have reservations we were seated right away in a private booth. The atmosphere is romantic and relaxing, the room is quiet, and the food is absolutely worth the price. Did I mention the bisque? Amazing!

5 Stars Teresa June 04, 2011

Food was wonderful and the atmosphere was fun. Our waiter was great at explaining the menu and giving excellent suggestions.

4 Stars Corey B February 18, 2011

I thought this place was incredible. We told the waiter what we liked and he tailored dishes just for us. The sushi was great and the meat plate as well. I really love the marinated bass fish appetizer, wow! We ordered no drinks and made sure to have those before we entered the restaurant. Although, we could see the incredible selection of saki,(Best in Vegas according to our waiter) and that would have made the meal very expensive. The vibe of the restaurant is great, hip, modern and darker atmosphere. I can't wait to come back. My advice is tailor some sushi or just the meat plate, but don't get both, because between four starving guys we couldn't finish the meat plate, in fact when it arrived we were all like brace the chairs men and make some room, we have a whale to fight

3 Stars Rose February 13, 2011

Felt it could have been better for the price. Was still ok sushi not amazing.

2 Stars Darren L. December 29, 2010

Food very disappointing. Sushi was nothing special , plenty of places half the price have better. The chicken teriaki was terrible. Was boiled chicken with some BBQ sauce. Overpriced. Don't go!

4 Stars Graham December 10, 2010

Friendly service, And great food. Recommended - but you will leave with a lighter wallet

4 Stars Jon November 12, 2010

Excellent meal good friendly service. The waiter offered to create a tasting sharing meal for the 3 of us and all the food he brought was very good especially the sea bass skewers.

On the pricey side but would go back - great atmosphere.

4 Stars Mason August 14, 2010

Four stars for the service. My girlfriend and I were in a rush to catch a show, and the staff were very accommodating, rushing our food out very quickly. Food quality and portions didn't quite live up to the cost. I'd definitely recommend the Berkshire pork gyoza though.

0 Stars Never going back here July 26, 2010

Horrible snobby wait staff! Hope you enjoy the one cent tip!

5 Stars Shawn July 04, 2010

Excellent place!

5 Stars Sarah June 04, 2010

Service and sushi are both excellent.

0 Stars Mickey May 04, 2010

I eat at sushi samba at least once everytime I am in Vegas. I love the food there and the great staff they have. No idea why the hate over the food poisoning comments on here. Also those people may have gotten sick somewhere else.

5 Stars Anonymous April 09, 2010

Wonderful sushi and great location. Refined bar with great chefs. Knowledgeable and talented!

2 Stars ALSanDiego March 29, 2010

I've been here twice and it was all about loving the concept. Uh Jeez for the record, never had food poisoning here. It's the plating that looks off here more than the food. I'd skip this place and research other options.

0 Stars Mike b March 05, 2010

Ate sushi as an appetizer here. No Food Poisoning!

2 Stars The Sick Client January 12, 2010

I felt it was necessary to also write in. I can't believe that this wonderfully decorated establishment would serve up a big plate of food poisoning. It is one thing to be in Vegas for fun, but when you have meetings, vomiting your brains out not only hurts your body but it hurts your business. We had the Maya and El Topo rolls. I make it my business to NOT eat anything raw and this is the thanks that I get.

Please read other posts because this seems to be a trend with other Vegas visitors to Sushi Samba. Cross contamination is NOT COOL. Thank you Sushi Samba, for making that the worst flight and 3 days of my life!!!

0 Stars Still Sick January 11, 2010

Took my client here for lunch- the food tasted great but then 24 hours later we both got severe food poisoning and we didn't even eat any raw fish! We are still sick and it has been 3 days. Sounds like this happens frequently at Sushi Samba...why isn't the board of health in there?

5 Stars Sara January 04, 2010

Loved their sushi!

1 Star Toy December 11, 2009

I went to Sushi Samba twice in a row for lunch. I loved the Bo Bo Brazil roll and ate it each time.
Unfortunately 24 hour later I suffered violent food poisoning which lasted 12 hours. I was so week from vomiting I had little energy so I called the hotel's on-call doctor to examine me. This made me miss my flight out and I had to stay an extra day in bed. I think this has really hurt my great love for Sushi.

1 Star Nakedwayne November 16, 2009

Bad experience! Served us old sushi and two people in my party got food poisoning! Way over-priced. Bartenders were all clearly unhappy with their jobs, and knew little about the liquor on their shelves. Appetizer took a full half hour at the bar. Not worth the trip.

5 Stars Angel June 13, 2009

Best sushi yummie great staff too

4 Stars (null) December 19, 2008

The food was excellent, but it was incredibly loud (hard to even carry on a conversation). If you can handle the noise, the food and service were great.