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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Table 10 (The Palazzo)

2 Stars Aaron April 15, 2012

Smoke and Mirrors, food sounds good but the real story is behind their downgrade in their aged meats and the fact they took their Lobster Pot Pie off the Menu, bottom line, they are more interested in saving money the quality they used to have.d

4 Stars Salvegas24 February 23, 2012

2nd time to Table 10. First, the food was perfect and a good price for the quality. I was very disappointed with the service. The place was packed because of a convention and they just didn't have enough staff on. Our reservation also was cancelled on our third night in Vegas due to "plumbing issues" so we returned on our 4th night. I though for sure they would offer us an app or dessert for our trouble. If it weren't for the food this would be a two-star review but ultimately you go to a restaurant for the food and this place is really good. I've been to 9 of Emeril's restaurants and only NOLA's in New Orleans is better.

5 Stars Phil January 20, 2011

For my money the best streak in Vegas. Love the low key atmosphere and the service is superb. Delmonico tends to get the rave reviews but Table 10 is far and away better.

4 Stars Salvegas24 January 09, 2011

The decor was somewhat "blah" and the service was just above average. However, the food was excellent and the portions were quite generous. I have been to 8 of Emeril's restaurants and only NOLA in New Orleans had better food.

4 Stars Bw May 05, 2010

While I agree that the decor was less than memorable, the food and service were both very good. The lamb was tender an flavorful. The white chocolate malassadas for dessert are a must do!

0 Stars Lisa McGovern December 29, 2009

We booked a table last night and was very disappointed with the meal, no atmosphere here whatsover very dark and dingy a great dissapointment, staff were very helpful but if a restaurant is not busy in Vegas it's a very good sign not to eat there lesson learnt.

4 Stars donnymac June 07, 2009

Grabbed lunch at Table 10 on a Sunday afternoon. I had the Pork Carnitas Po Boy and a Margarita. Really good food and a nice room. Will definitely return.

0 Stars Hunter May 02, 2008

I've eaten at quite a few of Emeril's restaurants in both Vegas and New Orleans - I've never been disappointed.

Well, Table 10 was another winner. The food and service were excellent. I had jambalaya which was full of chicken and shrimp - tasted great. Also, the 'cheddar beer' soup was awesome.

One thing that was a bit strange, and seems to be a trend among Palazzo restaurants - the decor was nowhere near as nice as the food or service. It seemed to be more akin to a generic mall restaurant than a high-end joint. It just seems like a mismatch.