Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Tableau (Wynn Las Vegas)

5 Stars Jeff June 19, 2014

This is a must visit for me for breakfast whenever in Vegas. Had a table outside overlooking the pools. Attentive service and food was perfectly prepared. Tip: if coming from another hotel ask to be dropped off or valet at Tower Suites entrance to enter directly to restaurant location.

4 Stars mike_ch February 22, 2013

Six years later, Tableau still generally looks nice (it was refreshed in 2012) and the food is still very good, even though the kitchen can't leave well enough alone with some of the traditionals. The white chocolate and orange french toast is excellent, the eggs benedict just a little too dressed up. Service is unfortunately the inattentive standard all along the Strip's mid-range restaurants, which teeters close to unacceptable for a place that's charging extra to be fancy and supposedly is meant to serve the big spenders.

5 Stars Bob August 13, 2012

Breakfast is excellent!!!

5 Stars Navin R May 09, 2012

The new decor in Tableau is part of the continued dumbing-down of Wynn, but I was pleased to find that the food remains top-notch. We went for lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed the crab salad sandwich, and my wife loved the salad with chicken. Both were outstanding, although the portions were small... I would suggest ordering an appetizer unless you're really not that hungry.

5 Stars Christophe October 10, 2011

After 5 years we will be back in April 2012 to go to have breakfast. I've been in the best hotels in Europe and never found such a breakfast served at your table like here. I already look forward to enjoy the morning smoothies and all the rest of wonderfull things to start a new Las Vegas day!

5 Stars MikeE April 23, 2010

Still my favorite breakfast spot in town. Sit outside and enjoy the braised Kobe short ribs by the pool. If the weather isnt cooperating, request to sit in the solarium. The elegant room, service, and food make it well worth the cost of what you might otherwise pay for dinner.

4 Stars donnymac66 April 13, 2010

Tableau for brunch - awesome.

We had a great table on the patio overlooking the pool. I had the most amazing sandwich ever a crab club. It was fresh toasted sourdough with sweet crab, thick sliced bacon, lemon caper aioli, lettuce and heirloom tomato. Served with homemade frites. The coffe and fresh squeezed OJ were perfect as well.

For brunch I would rank Tableau alongside Bouchon for the best brunch I have ever eaten.

5 Stars Frank December 06, 2009

Excellent. Went here on a business luncheon. Everything was delicious and nicely presented. This is the perfect restaurant to chat over business, read the newspaper, or have a cup of coffee. Highly recommended.

0 Stars mike_ch November 20, 2006

For Your Consideration: Their website says,
"Breakfast: 8:00 am - 10:30 am (Casual)
Lunch: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm (Casual)"

Do be aware of the time when you go. If you show up between 10:30 and 11:30 in the morning (i.e.: you set up an appointment at 11AM,) you may find yourself ordering from a menu a respectable size larger than a stripper calling card but not quite as big as those "Grand Canyon helicopter tour" pamphlets you can find in the lobby.

The location has a beautiful dining room with a poolside rotunda and tremendous chairs (tremendous butts rejoice!) The service mostly stays out of the way, allowing your party some room to have dining conversation and confirm privately that the oversized business card they left on your table is the menu.

Like all Wynn restaurants that I can't afford, this one advertises a chef being (mostly) present: Mark LoRusso who formerly was a big shot at Aqua/Mina at Bellagio. Since Aqua was another feeding ground for the haute couture crowd, I am not familiar with LoRusso's typical fare. But his or his apprentice/subordinate/lackey's toasted bagel was true class; warm on all sides yet with no unacceptable scorch burns. This is an incredible career leap in cuisine since I don't believe Aqua even served bagels.

If you've read this whole review and are still taking it utmost seriously, I commend you on your dedication and gullibility. While these are impressions from an actual visit, it's all tongue-in-cheek and obviously no rating is being applied. Would it even have been fair to try?

Overall, a far-above-average place to munch on flour and grains and with good company.

0 Stars User May 12, 2005

Food & service is out of sight. I never dined at Aqua but I heard great things. It's no accident this chef was chosen for their top restaurant.

I was fortunate to dine early after the resort opening and saw Harry Connick Jr, Donald Trump (who I guess was back for seconds), Barbara Walters, Don Johnson and other people who looked important but I wouldn't recognize.

It's hard to find, I guess on purpose & can be expensive, but worth it.