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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews T&T (Tacos & Tequila) (Luxor)

4 Stars Timm August 15, 2014

Great food. Been here twice and both times was very satisfied.

4 Stars Wendy June 06, 2013

Good food, lovely margaritas and good service. Reasonable prices

4 Stars Donnymac May 04, 2013

We have lunch here almost every trip. Great margaritas and guacamole. Service can be hit or miss, mostly miss but the food is great, especially the carnitas

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark March 22, 2013

Top quality mexican food in Vegas. The best I've had so far, yet to disappoint.

2 Stars Scott Wolff February 19, 2013

Feb 17, 2013. 9:00 pm. Table for 2 wait time 1/2 hr. free chips and salsa at the beginning (good) should have specified that I wanted the side of queso dip for this portion of the meal. My bad. We shared a plate of steak nachos and each had a soda pop. $25.00. Nachos were good. Excellent if you are into spicy hot stuff. The table next to us had the 3 enchilada plate. 1 beef, 1 chicken and 1 cheese. With rice and beans it did look amazing. I will try that next time. Waiter was weird- looked like a hunched backed Jim Carrey with attitude. paid cash didn't trust him with my credit card info!!! Overall experience not bad. Would have gotten a 👍 if we would have had a decent waiter.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark September 07, 2012

The best Mexican food I've had in Vegas. Delicious. Love the beef enchiladas.

5 Stars kurt June 27, 2012

good, good, good, had the burrito it was totally awesome would recommend place was good, service was also really good!

4 Stars Jared May 16, 2012

very good food. carne asada was fantastic! our party enjoyed it alot.

3 Stars donnymac April 30, 2012

Last visit here the food was very good. This trip just average, not even on par with Gonzalez y Gonzalez or DIablo's. Hopefully ti was an off day. The highlights were the guacamole and the carnitas and $5 Dos Equis Amber

5 Stars Jeff January 28, 2012

Best Mexican food in Vegas.

4 Stars G$ December 29, 2011

Happy hour food was outstanding! Would definately go back.

1 Star Candy C December 18, 2011

Way overpriced margaritas in tiny glasses. Our bartender (female) had absolutely no personality! Skip it.

4 Stars Rich September 05, 2011

Loved the ambiance and the food was awesome. They advertise the best taco's in Vegas and they did not disappoint.

2 Stars William March 25, 2011

Not very good at all. Asked for queso dip & the waiter looked at us like we were from Mars. Decent food. Over priced like everything in Vegas!!

5 Stars Michael February 20, 2011

Excellent food. A little expensive, but fun atmosphere.

2 Stars Mike December 11, 2010

Chips ok. Food was small and nothing special. Waiter was dumb and not very good.

3 Stars JG November 14, 2010

Tortilla soup very good. Beef burrito very good. Chicken tamale...very BAD. Nice waitress who didn't charge us for the tamales.

4 Stars Cody September 01, 2010

Loved the bar area!!! Had several shots, bartender makes excellent mojitos. Decor was great. Loved the color and artwork. Music cranking but not overwhelming. And of course the food. Had the combo plate and all can say is AWSOME!!!! actually stayed longer than planned I was having such great time. Defiantly worth a try. Will return.

5 Stars Marc August 30, 2010

NEVER fails to impress. The Tacos Alambre are simply flawless. Everyone enjoyed their meal & I even got a free Tequila shot for my birthday!

5 Stars Danny August 06, 2010

Tacos and tequila was GREAT! Food was delicious....service was fast and very friendly. Will definitely eat there again!

5 Stars Sarah June 04, 2010

The bar is amazing!

5 Stars Shell May 25, 2010

Ate here twice in a week! Great service and food! Was my boyfriends fav place to eat.

2 Stars Luke April 08, 2010

Food was good. They did put sour cream on everything and it didn't say they would on the menu so if you don't like make sure you say something. Our server though was awful. He clearly forgot to put our order in but kept blaming it on everything else. There are better places to eat.

4 Stars Stazi April 04, 2010

Fun, and eclectic!

4 Stars Erik April 01, 2010

Great food great drinks, not one of the cheaper places to eat but definetly tasty!! Would go back again.

2 Stars Eric from FVegas March 29, 2010

Went with a group. Not my thing. I prefer authentic Mexican food. If you're looking for good Mexican food, look somewhere else. It's not that it's bad, it's just not good, and with other options within walking distance I'd say keep walking.

5 Stars Vegasbab October 18, 2009

Far and away my favorite Mexican place on the Strip. Chips & dip are awesome. Shrimp quesedilla is mouth watering. Service can be slow at times, but if you tell them you're in a hurry, they'll deliver.

3 Stars TabberNak September 11, 2009

High quality food.
Small portions.
High price.
Average service.

5 Stars Steven209 August 17, 2009

I thought this place was a great place to eat. I would reccommend this place to anybody who is in Vegas. I had the beef burrito and it was massive. It tasted awsome. My girlfriend had the fish tacos and she enjoyed them. The price was kinda high but the food was worth it.

1 Star Mstazzle August 12, 2009

Avoid!! Gave me food poisoning. Overpriced as well!

4 Stars AWELLS July 31, 2009

Food and atmosphere are excellent. A very cool place to grab lunch. Bar staff great, very good at their job. I would have gave this place a 5 but the hostess must have been having a bad day. I felt like I was bothering her when we came into eat. Overall still worth a try.

3 Stars Lisaloo May 08, 2009

Emmm, not the best place but nothing really bad to say about it. It was just ok!

1 Star Kgod April 22, 2009

Worst place ever! Ordered a pepsi, got a flat soda, sent it back and the waiter tried to give me another drink that I did not order. After the forth time he brought me the wrong drink without even apologizing for his mistake we finally had to walk out, horrible service!

5 Stars Hoffert Nicolas January 13, 2009

Super bonne cuisine a très bon prix et bonne quantitées...rare a vegas ! Très bonnes margharita's et de très jolies serveuses

4 Stars Hunter December 08, 2008

Solid Mexican food, which The Strip does not have enough of. A lot of taco choices - mine even had bacon in there. I would go back for sure. A very solid addition to Luxor.