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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Tao (The Venetian)

5 Stars Marc March 16, 2015

Fifth visit was last Friday, 13 March. I had my favorite dish, Drunken Lobster Pad Thai. Superb as always.

5 Stars Marc February 05, 2014

Second review in 5 months. Returned last Friday, Jan 31 & this is still food worthy of the most selective purveyor of Asian cuisine. I tried the Singapore Mei Fun noodles & I wanted to order a second helping. Also dined on delectable shrimp tempura and various appetizers with my friends and family. There is one mushroom appetizer but I can't remember the name of it. Will return again & again. Will always be a given visit on all Vegas trips!!!

5 Stars Kristopher January 24, 2014

F*ckin incredible. Had the best experience at Tao. From appetizer to dinner to dessert holy sh*t it was amazing. Definitely get the donut dessert. One of a kind. But do it fast cause they are changing the menu soon we heard

5 Stars Marc October 05, 2013

Remarkable. Party of 4 enjoyed sushi & great dishes. I only remember what I got - the best Pad Thai I've ever eaten. Great selection of Asian beers, too!

4 Stars Chance April 28, 2012

Reservations for 7:30, was sat immediately. Food and service was outstanding, and extremely fast. Sushi wasn't great, and overpriced. Cooked entrees were excellent.

1 Star Musser9 September 23, 2011

Had table booked for 9:15, told to wait at bar when we turned up at 9, then at 9:40 got told table would be 5 mins, at 10:00 got told table would be 15 mins and finally got seated at 10:20!! Service was ok at best inside the restaurant and the food was the only plus in an otherwise poor experience. We also wanted to get into the club and after drinking in their bar and restaurant got told we had to go downstairs wait in a mega line to check our ID, safe to say we told them where to go!

5 Stars LaylaB August 07, 2011

Great food and phenomenal atmosphere!! Must try the Sea bass, it is wonderful!! I suggest reservations because the wait can be very long!!

5 Stars Joe C July 11, 2011

Great service, great food, great atmosphere, go on a Thursday and get into the club for free with a stamp!

5 Stars Casey April 29, 2011

Outstanding Food, Service and Atmosphere!

1 Star New Years Eve Wait December 31, 2010

We bought our tickets online and had to wait over an hour just to pick them up!!! I hope tonight is worth the wait! Totally disappointed so far!!!!

5 Stars Marc September 26, 2010

We made reservations through open table and were promptly greeted by the host and sat immediately in a cozy booth. Our waitress introduced herself and explained the menu in full detail along with her recommendations. We had the Thai crab cakes and lobster wontons as an appetizer and they were both excellent. The crab cakes were fried but not too greasy and not a lot of breading. I had the velvet soup with the crab stick. The portion is small but very tasty. I really enjoyed the crab stick. For entrees we had the filet with udon noodles and a sushi roll with crab,asparagus and spicy shrimp. The meals were prepared in 2 different areas so there was a few minutes in between the delivery of the entrees but nothing to complain about. The filet was prepared with black pepper but not too spicy and the meat was very tender. The roll was ok and pretty small in size. For dessert we had the chocolate cake with coconut ice cream. The molten cake was warm and went well with the ice cream. We each had 1 cocktail and the bill was about 150 before tip. Our server was very friendly and attentive. Our water glasses were always filled and the ambiance was great.

4 Stars Losiris August 10, 2010

Ambiance in here is excellent, a bit of background noise, but nothing you can't comfortably talk over, and it is very dim, which is good if you want your date to think you're better looking than you actually are. Cooked dishes were well made Asian fusion, and the menu is completely a la carte, which really encourages getting a few different dishes and sharing. Server was very knowledgeable and service was adequate, although not amazing.

5 Stars Nancy June 11, 2010

Great sushi, great service. My husband and I split an appetizer (tempura rock shrimp, it was a special not on reg menu) and the medium sized chefs choice sushi/sashimi platter. It was plenty for the two of us. The chefs choice platters are a much better deal than ordering by the piece.

4 Stars MC951 April 26, 2010

Food and service was 5 star, host was plesent. Ate tempura, fried rice, and ribs. Really goodand club enterance was free. Would come back with no problem

4 Stars Rev Ross April 01, 2010

Visited with friends after our wedding. Food was amazing with service to match and reasonably priced along with a free comp to club after. We will be back

3 Stars Vegasbab March 27, 2010

Food is good, albeit a bit salty. Service good. The only thing I don't like is it's very loud. Nightclub like music & volume make it a hard place to hold a conversation. Eating here, I'd stick with the hot plates. There are better places for sushi

0 Stars Jim D March 13, 2010

Lighting was too dim, music was too loud! Food was great!

3 Stars Jon March 01, 2010

Overpriced for average food. Temperature was very cold. Helpful service was the only redeeming feature

3 Stars Babygirl January 17, 2010

Average food... I've had better for a lot less money. Surly staff at the entance but once inside nice atmosphere. Having said that, would not go again unless someone else were paying ...

5 Stars Jess October 21, 2009

Loved it here!! Interior was beautiful and the food was great with the staff being fun and easy to talk to with great recommendations. Try the spicy tuna roll or the lobster fried rice! Will definitely go again.

4 Stars Christina April 26, 2009

Loved it!!! The interior is beautiful and the service and food amazing. You're definately going to want to make a reservation otherwise be prepared to wait a long time.

3 Stars Herblpnai January 15, 2009

The venue was gorgeous! Great music! Multiple rooms but yet it's always busy. Bottle service was waaay too over priced! LOL didn't realize u had to pay just to sit down.

4 Stars BigJ December 21, 2008

Sushi was unbelievable as expected. Topped off the sushi start with a bowl of pad Thai that was fairly bland and friend had fried rice and fried dumplings. I expected a little more spice to a Thai dish but it is partly my fault for assuming the waiter would inquire as to my desired spice level. Fried dumplings were supposably really good but be said the fried rice was nothing more special than some carryout place. Added a few mixed drinks and total with tip was $200 for two people. Waiter was sub par but it probably had a lot to do with the 8 person table next to us racking up quite the tab. If I go back it will be for the sushi

0 Stars Lisa R February 28, 2008

One of the very few asian style places that I can go to and say I'm in love with it every time I'm in town. Phenominal menu selection with a few twists and the wait staff is very knowledgable... I can't find a server anywhere whom can tell me every ingredient in a dish down to the garnish. What's even better is that it doubles as a nightclub upstairs, making for an entire evening under one roof. Less walking in heels for us ladies, how can we complain? Even if you're not the clubbing type, they have a beautiful glowing bar in the lounge which is a personal favorite for a glass of wine or cocktail. Make sure to add this place to your checklist, definately one to remember!

0 Stars CarlyBaby February 25, 2008

so me and my girls decided to go to tao on saturday to get our drink on. we got escorted in right away and hit up the dance floor. the dj was pumpin out our jams so we got our freak on. some guys asked us to join them at their table and we got treated like vip. free drinks all night! hellz yeah baby! definitely going back again..

0 Stars Daisy Duke February 17, 2008

If your looking for a good time, deffinitly check out Tao. From start to finish, PERFECTION! The environment is a craving desire. I tend to adapt to this club only because i know when i walk in, there is always a massive variety of beautiful people. The DJ always makes me feel at home, because he is always playing the hottest hits! I'm always a girl looking for a "drink" so the dance floor is my favorite place because they have their tables lined up right on the dance floor. Those VIP tables are always filled with money makers. And i'm a gold digger in the making. Where ever im getting "taking care of" .. i will be back!! This will deffinitly be a club i take advantage of.

0 Stars alisa monroy January 25, 2008

If you love asian, Chinese,and sushi. You are going to love this restaurant for sure. They have the greatest foods the prices is not the best. But they treat you like your a star.The Nightclub afterwards was amazing. The atmasphere was wounderfull and peacefull. Know wounder Orlando Bloom loves to visite that country. It's like i'm there. They were playing all my jam's. I sure had a good work out. Overall great! C=

0 Stars ChrisB September 07, 2007

Very good food. I have eaten here once and I had a great time. All of my party enjoyed their food and the surroundings. I am a huge fan of sushi and I did enjoy the sushi they provided me at this place. Of course, it was a bit pricey (seriously should this be a factor anymore when you are looking at a major resort on the strip…. Just assume they are going to try make you hemorrhage money!!! However… aside of the cost… this is a great eatery with a fantastic atmosphere.

0 Stars Joni June 27, 2007

This resturant was such a letdown!! I took my friend here for her birthday and the food was terrible!! The service is pretty good and the overall decor of the place is not bad but definitely would not go there again. Not only is the food bad but the prices are ridiculous. I could go to Chinatown and get the same food but it would actually taste good, be authentic and cheap! I haven't been to the nightclub but if its anything like their food I wouldn't bother.

0 Stars Andrew January 03, 2007

Well let me begin by saying that this is our second visit to TAo. that says alot - as we normally try not to re-vists places (as ther are so many choices in Vegas).

The highlight is the Dessert...yes I said Dessert. The Fortune Cookie is AMAZING.

Imagine a 6 inch fortune cookie, stuffed with vanilla and chocalte cremes...wow...wow...wow

Also, we have had the best waiters in Vegas, each one actually sounds as though they have eaten everything on the menu...they are the best we have had (and that is about 50 visits to vegas and over 200 restaurants)

Also, a nice feature is the opening time, 5pm...not 5:30pm like most dinner places in Vegas. This makes for a nice no-rush dinner, before seeing PHANTOM (only the BEST show in Vegas, right now).

I strong recommend a evening of Tao, Phantom and Gambling...