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Red Rock Resort

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Red Rock Resort

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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews T-Bones (Red Rock Resort)

1 Star Big daddy April 26, 2012

Pretty shitty if you ask me

5 Stars Dixon Keller August 15, 2009

Excellent steak; however one of the highest priced steakhouses in town

0 Stars Steak Lover October 31, 2006

What a waste of time and money! It seems like they spent all this time making the resaurant look nice, they really should have spent way more time on the food. The steak that I had was very small and expensive, which would have not mattered so much if it wasn't stone cold in the middle. This is a result of "sandbagging" in the kitchen...a sure sign that the chef has no idea what he is doing. I saw the chef walk into the restaurant and honestly I lost my appetite right there. My girlfriend responded "oh no, I hope he is not cooking out food, what a dirtbag" The service was terrible, it seems like they have no training at all and the manager, Robert did not help us at all when we were unhappy with the food. He should be fired!!! Only go to this restaurant is you want to lose your money faster than at the slot machines.