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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Tender steak & seafood (Luxor)

3 Stars mike_ch August 19, 2015

Good service and pricey food that focuses more on presentation than taste. Quite a wine selection.

Lounge opens up to the casino and is relaxing, not quiet but not too noisy.

5 Stars Tony S April 03, 2014

Great steakhouse that's under-appreciated. Used a MyVegas $75 voucher off a minimum $150 bill, but alcohol counts toward the bill! My wife & I both had the filet--amazing cut of meat. The prices are a few dollars cheaper than other steakhouses you'll find at places like Mandalay Bay or Bellagio...yet service & food quality were just as good, hence the reason I say this place is underrated. Same meal would have run closer to $300 elsewhere, we got out of there for $225 before our voucher. If you're looking for a quality steakhouse, give this place serious consideration.

5 Stars toastcmu October 29, 2013

My friends and I ate at Tender during VIMFP - we all thought that the steaks and lamb were great! The dry-aged ribeye was 20oz and hardly had any bone in it, making it a huge steak. We all ordered a side, which was more than adequate to share - with drinks and salads, we each all spent around $60 a person for steak on the strip, which is a good value!

4 Stars Salvegas24 August 11, 2013


I cashed in some of myVegas comps for a $75 gift certificate toTender. I really liked this place. We had the Caprese Salad and the Mediterranean Vegetarian Mezza which were both fantastic apps. We both had steaks for our entrees. My wife's filet was perfect but my bone-in ribeye wasn't as good as other steaks I've had. Overall, Tender is a great value with a nice atmosphere with very good but not great food. I would recommend it if you're looking for a nice dinner that's just a step short, and slightly more affordable, than Craftsteak, The Palm or Delmonico.

3 Stars Bob April 22, 2013

This has always been one of our favorites. The last two visits, service was quite slow and steaks were only lukewarm. A companion had to send her steak back twice. They charged for a sauce that was not ordered. Rest of the food was excellent though. They still have the hard sell "photo ops", which I could do without..

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark March 22, 2013

Love the wine & cheese happy hour as well as the meat & crackers appetizer. Seats in the lounge are epic.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark May 23, 2012

Just went to the bar to enjoy some specialty drinks. "Heat of the moment" cocktail is the most unique, best tasting cocktail I've ever had in my life. I fully expect to have dreams about it in the future. Wife loved her cucumber essences as well.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark May 23, 2012

Just went to the bar to enjoy some specialty drinks. "Heat of the moment" cocktail is the most unique, best tasting cocktail I've ever had in my life. I fully expect to have dreams about it in the future. Wife loved her cucumber essences as well.

4 Stars KerenMark May 23, 2012

Started with the wine & cheese sampler in the bar. Very tasty, great choices and reasonably priced. Would be a great snack if you have late dinner plans. Then we went in for dinner. I ordered the heirloom tomato & buffalo mozzarella salad special - it was huge (enough to share) and very good! It's a special for the summer. Shared the Surf & Turf special with the hubby - 8oz filet & 4 shrimp. We like medium well, which is tough for some places - it was cooked perfect. Not the most flavorful steak I've ever had, but juicy & the bernaise (sp?) sauce helped. Wine was awesome. The wait staff was top notch. The restaurant photog thought she was funny, but was actually over the top annoying. Worth the $'s and I'd definitely go back!

4 Stars 360 Vegas Mark May 23, 2012

Very good, not the best but not far from it. Went for the wine and cheese tasting and fuckin loved that! Lots of fun with tasty choices. We will definitely do that again. I highly recommend you do too. Started with the deli meat sampler as an appetizer and again was impressed. A unique offering of wild boar sausage, hot coppa, duck ham, antelope pastrami with crispy parmasean crackers and various mustards. Really enjoyed. Shared an 8 ounce fillet with the wife, medium well and cooked to perfection. Quite tasty & juicy. Really enjoyed the space as well. Super comfortable high back leather chairs, lots of dark colors, very well done. One huge problem, the glamour shots photographer is so fuckin annoying and chatty, posing us like we were taking yearbook photos. I hated it. Seriously, I wanted to leave i was so bothered by the while thing. Just knowing a photographer is lurking there could prevent me from going back but I'm neurotic about things like that. Tender is a must try, hopefully I'll forget about the photographer and go again. Everything else earned a return trip.

5 Stars Cody December 12, 2011

Very nice place they have here. Atmosphere to spare, selections are elegantly presented and delicious. Staff friendly and helpful and go out of their way to make you feel special. A gem in the Luxor crown. Very glad I stopped in.

4 Stars Bob October 30, 2011

Really excellent food and good, pleasant service. Big and somewhat crowded. Worth a trip , though.

5 Stars Mel July 10, 2011

Great find in a terrible venue. Luxor has lost all its appeal for me & I have had nothing but terrible culinary experiences in this "resort." So when a relative suggested we go to Tender for dinner I went expected it to be crap. Boy was I wrong! This was one of the best meals I'd had during my week long stay in Vegas & let me tell you, when I'm in Vegas, I am all about the food. The service was great & everything we had was scrumptious. Give it a go!

5 Stars Tres September 13, 2010

Incredible food, great prices, wonderful atmosphere. The scallops were perfectly cooked and seasoned, the cheese platter appetizer was amazing, and the asparagus was amazing. I usually don't care for the photographers taking souvenir photos, but the photo package was beautiful and reasonably priced.

4 Stars Danny August 06, 2010

Food and service was top notch but to be expected for the price. A little overpriced if you ask me. I come from cattle country and a steak certainly shouldn't cost $45 plus pay for all the sides! That ticked me a bit......but good food none the less.

5 Stars Anthony Sterpin August 01, 2010

I have eaten here many times and frankly the service is great and engaging (especially chuck and his crew) and food quality is fresh and excellent. Food is pricey but it's really fine dining so your not at a suburban grille and should expect that. Highly recommend their kobe waygu fillet mignon and almost all the sides. Healthy stock of nice caviar and a pretty good wine list.

4 Stars Tito May 06, 2010

Nothing under $25, but the food was good. Service was polite, efficient, and accommodating. Expect to see a few bridal parties and couples. Not a great place to take kids (especially younger ones), but you can pull it off if they are well behaved. The mac-n-cheese was a little too "fancy" for our son, so beware if you have a finicky eater.

5 Stars Luke April 08, 2010

DELICIOUS! Service was great. Server was very social and gave us some great suggestions on stuff on the strip. And the steak was AMAZING! Loved it.

5 Stars ed Greenberg March 06, 2010

Outstanding food and service. Conventional high end steak house menu.

3 Stars Sopher January 08, 2010

Made a reservation for 13 during a bachelor party weekend. Got nice digs in a back room. Service was wonderful. We're all jersey boys in our mid 30s, so we were looking for ambiance more than food quality. We goth both at Tender. Try the three soup sampler; just lovely. Got plety of wine, steaks, and sides, for about $100 each, incl. tip. No pressure to leave; was there for 3+ hours.

3 Stars Ellis December 19, 2009

The food is too expensive and of poor quaility.

Cheddars restaurant has superior food
at 1/4 the price.

My fries were greasy, the surfand turf was too salty and overcooked.

I do mot recommend the Tender.
The Tender does not deserve to be in the
Luxor - it's a detrament to the Luxor's image

The More.
The food at the More buffet is much better. $64 for two for all day.

My wife and I were not impressed with the Tender.

I will dispute by bill due to inferior
quality and not service/food as advertised.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 17, 2006

The service was good but the food average. I had the prime rib: good portion, but a bit tough; no better than Outback or Longhorn. My wife's requested "well-done" and it was not only not well, it was not medium-well, medium, or medium-rare. Even "rare" would be kind. For 40 bucks I expect perfection. The soda was flat as was the replacement when we complained. No baked potato is worth 7 bucks.

0 Stars TooTara May 06, 2004

I was very impressed by the Steakhouse. We spent our 8th year anniversary there. Yes, it was pricey. Yes, the food was fantastic. Yes, the service was amazing. I kept trying to remind myself to let them do it all from wiping your crumbs off your table to pouring your own bottled water. Save room for desert. It was fantastic. We left there with our stomachs full and our pockets a little empty. If you want a place where you feel your are a king/queen go there. It definately made our anniversary memorable.... among other things. :o)

0 Stars RateVegas User January 24, 2002

My husband and I visited Las Vegas for the first time in Nov 2000 as our two freinds were getting married.
We arrived at 21.00pm and got checked in straight away.
We went down to the steakhouse about 9.30ish and were seen to straight away - no reservations were made.
The food was exquisit, bit pricey but you definitley get what you pay for.
We had crab for starter and boy was it a crab, I don't think I have ever seen one that big!
Excellent, we will be returning in April 2002 for another of those fantastic New York steaks!

0 Stars RateVegas User November 21, 2000

Pricey but excellent food. The kind of place where you can go and order a bottle of wine and spend a few hours. It's always a shock leaving because you forget you're in the middle of a casino! Service is very professional. Good wine list, ample portions, and very nice ambience.