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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews TGI Friday's (Gold Coast)

2 Stars Jane Public November 03, 2014

So I ended up taking my car for repairs close by Gold Coast Casino. TGI Fridays is probably your best option for dinning because the Subway is always packed,under staffed and they didn't carry veggie patties the day I went. This TGI Friday's I have been to before and I am not impressed with management,which was no where to be found. The lack of under staffing in this restaurant as well when we are in the middle of convention season here in Vegas is ridiculas. I ordered what was vegitian items which will not take long to cook and it literally took 45 min for the whole order to come up. The female bartender kept making excuses as to why the other orders to her 13 patrons sitting around the bar were delayed as well making a huge dramatic scene. Its not my issue your management dose not staff well for convention season but there are other dinning options I think I and as well as you should be exploring in the casino or surrounding areas. Food was average and not much a tip left.

5 Stars Ohio Erika March 22, 2011

We ended up eating here really late. Service was good. Food was also good. I heve never had poor service at a TGIFridays.

4 Stars Trevor C January 06, 2011

We were a little disappointed at the lack of a lunch menu on our latest visit. Overall what they did have was cooked well. The service was fairly decent and our bottomless pops were always kept full. Overall a very edible choice at the Gold Coast.

3 Stars Joey March 13, 2010

Cheap great happy hour prices they serve breakfest great place