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Sam's Town

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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews TGI Friday's (Sam's Town)

2 Stars Russell Sauve March 28, 2010

I hate chains but the service was much better than expected. You won't be surprised by your food but I was surprised by the friendly service and how quickly the unsurprising food arrived.

3 Stars Janice W April 25, 2009

Went to TGI Friday's rest. and the hostess that seated us was very sweet and professional, I think her name was Jasmon, very different spelling, that's how I remembered her name. I over heard a conversation between, I guessing her boss, very rude man (Bob) I did get his last name. He talk to that poor girl in the most unprofessional way I'd had ever heard. Made me very unconfortable. I think he likes to be-little his employee's and hurt their feelings. I did not see her do anything wrong, and think she was new. If I were that poor girl I would have quit right then and there. I was not trying to be nosy, but he was not trying to hide or talk low or pull her aside. I think I heard something about her not having a break all day and him telling her she needed to be a team player and he did not have time to babysit her about having a break. That's just not right. ( I know that if you work over 6 hours you are entitle a break) Some one needs to speak to him of authority and belittle him so he know what it feels like. I could headly enjoy my food I was so upset. Needles to say, I will not return there and I will tell my friends not to go there either.

Thanks for listen and please try to do something about that guy. With economy being so bad these days he should not be treating people like that. I go out to eat to enjoy the atomostphere, not hear a jack ass of a boss belittling the workers. I have half of mind to report him to some kind of ethic board.


1 Star Jimmy J January 27, 2009

This place is the worst. They are so bad they even screw up breakfast. Avoid this place at all costs.