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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Todd English PUB (ARIA)

4 Stars Cody July 19, 2015

Good selection of beers on tap and an excellent menu makes this place a bit more than your average pub but the bar staff make you feel right at home. Cob salad can't be beat. Highly recommend.

4 Stars @IndyJeffrey July 29, 2013

Funny thing is, we went here for the beer and was blown away by the food. Funny thing is, we went here for the beer and were underwhelmed. The selection is not as advertised for craft variety.

4 Stars Les May 13, 2013

Nice outdoor seating. A bit pricey - so look for happy hour.

5 Stars The Wyners April 15, 2013

Love this place! Great food, good service and great beer and cocktails! Try it out!!!

4 Stars Brandon March 03, 2013

Had the lobster rolls which were great as always, burgers were good, fried pickles were ok, chicken sandwich wasn't the greatest but service good.

3 Stars Desmond Shaw September 13, 2012

Service was God awfully slow for drinks and food on a busy Saturday afternoon. The refills however came quickly. Sliders were decent but not special, and their BBQ sauce is quite unique. not sure i like it but I'm willing to give this place another shot...especially since beers are free if you can pound it in under 7 seconds!

2 Stars Sam August 02, 2012

I love a good pub and was excited to try this; it was good bug not great though I did like the music selection - from Faith No More to Hendrix it delivered a cool vibe. The price however was the biggest issue!! Now I get that Vegas is not cheap - we are foodies and throw all our healthy eating habits aside when in Vegas to eat and we are happy to spend in order to get good food. The night before we had happily paid $400 for two in Delmonico's - that was worth it - this was not!! Beer was terribly overpriced - we love microbrews; we brew our own beer and we have tried a lot! Sure this place had a great selection but $11 for an IPA or $11 for the Brit cider Strongbow does not work when priced $7 tops everywhere else including the new Public House!! Lunch Ahi was good but dinner Ahi at Delmonico's was far far better yet the price difference was just $3! This place seems to take advantage of those poor souls that stay in the still relatively empty City Center where options are limited so prices can be higher! Oysters were served fried but though you got a good fresh sea taste - they were not hog enough or cold enough but a tepid middle ground! Fish and chips were good but at close to $20 not worth it!! You get better at a Fish n Chip shop in the good old UK for under $8!!! This price was priced above the time of day (lunch) and the quality of food!! I was suggest Public House which is cheaper for better food and beer!!

4 Stars Acesfullofjazz April 19, 2012

Date:3/18/2012 around 11:30am. We were seated promptly and ordered tap water with lemon when we sat down. The server kept our water glasses full throughout the meal. I ordered a Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Cask Ale to sip and enjoy the atmosphere. For food I ordered Shepherd's Pie which was beef & pork ragu, creamy corn, cheddar mashed potato. It was served in a cast iron single serving pan fresh out of the oven placed on a wood plate. It was very hot and the server warned me not to touch the cast iron. The potatoes were creamy and cheesy and complimented the flavors of the beef and pork ragu. This was delightful comfort food. My wife ordered the New England Fish & Chips which was beer battered fish, English style chips, malt vinegar aioli, house made tartar sauce and a unique slaw with peas. She said it was better than the fish and chips at Nine Fine Irishmen at NYNY. We've eaten here on three different Vegas trips and continue to do so because it is good. The gastropub atmosphere is fun and beer and food selections like this are just not available back home. If you are looking for quick, cheap eats, you will be disappointed. The food takes time to prepare but is worth the wait. Sipping an awesome cask conditioned ale during the wait was not a hardship in the least. We waited 20 minutes after ordering our meal before we were served which gave us time to enjoy the pub atmosphere, take some pictures and people watch. We will return on future trips.

1 Star Bobbi S February 21, 2012

Not such a great place unless you just want a beer. They have an extensive selection although they ran out of the one my husband ordered. They food was just ok- salty, greasy and heavy. The rolls on the sliders were way to thick and very dry for the small meat patty. Service was so slow and music too loud for conversation. Overpriced too! We won't be going back.

4 Stars Brandon January 25, 2012

I had the lobster rolls this last visit and they were great. But I also had the chicken wings and they were soggy. They remove them from the bill without much fuss which was nice.

4 Stars Dan January 06, 2012

Good selection of beers and a great menu of traditional pub foods. Definitely a place you will return to.

5 Stars Dodie November 03, 2011

Very good! Try the dirty nachos. Omg!! Portions are huge.

4 Stars Bob October 30, 2011

Nice friendly place with really good food. Loud, but fun.

5 Stars Beastwalla August 16, 2011

How do you say delish in English? Everything was great and the beer selection was superb! I recomend the Delerium Tremins! Yum!

1 Star Hanif June 25, 2011

Very average- food over priced- service slow- would not seat us because the kitchen couldn't handle it and they wanted us to have a good experience- didn't happen

4 Stars Mike April 15, 2011

I had the shepard's pie and it was one of the most delicious meals I had while in Vegas. Very classy and well done.

4 Stars Effy March 30, 2011

Want to feel like badass? Eat here at night or get drinks at the bar in the evening. Todd English is a genius. Great food, music and incredibly sexy atmosphere. Hit it up if you know what's good for you.

3 Stars Brad March 11, 2011

FYI, the nickel PBR's are after 9pm on Tuesdays. Regular price for one is an outrageous $9.

1 Star Jane Public March 08, 2011

Menu was not given to me when seated,they wanted me to wait longer for booth when place was only a quarter full,service was exstreamly slow and only 2 servers on floor, mafia manager was in my face, food was good, drinks were over priced,raised table was very dirty and crusty, floor was unclean and needed to be swept,no salt or pepper on table and I thought this was a pub?

1 Star Ben Goodman January 09, 2011

As an older fellow I felt unsafe beside all those young Turks. They were swilling beer like no tomorrow, if they are the future God in sweet heaven save us. They were loud and abusive to each other, using vulgar terms, I thought at one point they were going to have sex right in the booth in front of us. Impose an age limit, 55 and up, that's young enough! The food was good.

4 Stars Brandon December 31, 2010

Great place for meat. The wings were decent Cool environment. The 7 second beer challenge is pretty funny. Good location.

5 Stars TBONE December 22, 2010

Great pub, had the Sunday ticket the food was awesome. Carved chicken with horseradish was tasty. Oyster shooters were also very good and the staff was friendly...

4 Stars Sarah Louise December 07, 2010

Gorgeous carvery, super helpful staff and a great location. This was just fab!

4 Stars Peter November 26, 2010

Nov 2010. Great selection of beers, fun atmosphere and very good service. Loved the Sliders, and the Dirty Chips, and the Wheat Flight. A future regular stop for quality refuelling.

3 Stars Andrew October 08, 2010

Being from the UK I was maybe expecting too much. An interesting mix between a New York neighbourhood bar and an English pub. Food good, table service excellent, beers a bit pricey but the girls at the door showing people to their seats?! relax a bit, be a little more friendly.

3 Stars Andrew October 08, 2010

Being from the UK I was maybe expecting too much. An interesting mix between a New York neighbourhood bar and an English pub. Food good, table service excellent, beers a bit pricey but the girls at the door showing people to their seats?! relax a bit, be a little more friendly.

4 Stars Simon September 28, 2010

Great hamburger, maybe best in Vegas.

5 Stars Josh August 18, 2010

The best pub anywhere, from an even more incredible chef!

4 Stars Mr Pizza Box Man August 13, 2010

I really loved this place. The atmosphere is great, although can be a bit loud making it difficult to communicate with the servers. The beer selection is decent and the raw bar is good. I would particularly recommend the Chicken Pot Pie & Shepherds Pie which were both delicious.

1 Star Double Down August 09, 2010

Had the fish and chips in July and was very disappointed. All the food choices our party had were below average quality. Good beer selection and would return for drinks but not dinner.

3 Stars middleclassbuzz August 08, 2010

Wandered in during a couple of World Cup matches looking for a light snack and a cold beer. Departed completely stuffed for under $50. Was it worth it? I'd say it was.

The beer selection was great, and the food was on point. Had the foot-long Kobe beef hot dog and the Bangers and Mash, two things I wouldn't normally order in a restaurant- but knowing that Todd English put his name on the building, I figured he'd do these dishes justice. He came through.

The meat was of the highest quality, and the truffle-butter mashed potatoes served with the sausage were incredible. Rich, but incredible.

I'd recommend giving Todd English's P.U.B. a shot, especially if you are looking for value among City Center's pricier offerings.

And two final, insider's tips: on certain nights they do nickel-PBR's, which the bar promptly runs out of. When that happens, the bartender will often pour any other beer on draft for a nickel (he told us that "it isn't his fault that the bar doesn't order enough Pabst"). Awesome.

You also drink for free if you can finish your beer in under 7 seconds. We weren't brave enough to give it a shot, but were told that Guiness is the easiest because of its lack of effervescence. Apparently, on a busy weekend the restaurant will give away many thousands of dollars in free beer. Bottoms up!

5 Stars Scott J June 14, 2010

Excellent beer selection, fun atmosphere, and the food was very good too. I've been here four times and had a good experience at each. Expensive, but so is everything else at City Center.

5 Stars Keel June 04, 2010

Had a great experience here, unlike a couple of other reviews. Solid service, English pub food, I got shepherds pie, my wife got fish and chips. Both meals excellent. Good root beer too.

5 Stars Jean June 03, 2010

Todd English does it right!

5 Stars Jean June 03, 2010

Todd English does it right!

0 Stars Michael April 23, 2010

Crap! Service slow. Bun soggy.

5 Stars Samantha April 18, 2010

This is THE best pub!

3 Stars Rev Ross April 16, 2010

Not the most impressive meal for your money want beers and burgers go pub at Monte carlo

1 Star Mikec April 16, 2010

High price low quality food. Boasted about having 40 beers on tap. My 5 choices they didn't have even though the were on the menu! Ordered pastrami and turkey. Both were served sliced about half inch slices too thick for a sandwich. Ordered kaiser roll and they brought what looked like muffins that were burned and black.